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The fantasy continues for skateboarding legend Rob Dyrdek and his crew as they return for another quirky season of chaos and laughter at the Fantasy Factory. Packed with guest stars and even more action, Season 2 is the Fantasy Factory at a whole new level. Along with Rob for the insane journeys are his cousin Drama, his naysaying manager Jeremy, the "rapping receptionist" Chanel, and Rob’s awkward, injury-prone skate coach, Big Cat. This season, the ridiculousness reaches new levels as Rob purchases and then jockeys his own racehorse, teams up with musician John Mayer to write an apology song for Rob's Mom, races alongside Ken Block in a miniature rally car, and triumphantly returns to the stage as Bobby Light with a little help from Travis Barker at a Blink-182 show. As always, the biggest and most obscure dreams become reality from within his headquarters — a fully skate-able, 25,000-square-foot warehouse in downtown Los Angeles known as "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory."

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User Reviews
G4tvguy101 2012-03-06
Few years ago,two parents went out to a dinner.few hours later,The babysitter called to see if she could cover the clown statue in the kids room.the father said"get the kids out of the house.we'll call the cops,we don't have a clown statue."the"clown statue" Was a killer that escaped from jail.if you don't post this on 10 videos tonight the clown will be in your bed at 3:00 am with a chainsaw.sorry don't want this to happen to me.

Soph F. Is in the house 2012-01-30
This show is sick . It is so funny.i think rob is awesome

CPurnsley 2011-10-14
Rob is the mos awsome person I know

Jshd23 2011-03-27
This episode is definitely worth buying it has you laughing the whole time

tammy1968 2011-02-27
This show is awesome. And Chanel (the blonde girl) is super sexy.

daddysnyper99 2010-08-31
rob is my hero some day i wish to have a factory just like the fantasy factory

ME 357 2010-08-05
watch the show if u haven't seen it yet its aesome

El Loco Uno 2010-07-26
They should totally sell the song making moves

Marley15 2010-07-23

Kk368 2010-07-18
I love rob he is so funny I love him:)

Ubigestfan 2010-07-08
That's the coolest show in the world

mike hey 2010-06-15
this show is funny.....

Random Person :| 2010-06-11
Rob is hilarious and atleast Drama isn't as much of a punching bag for him now.Love the bulldogs. Can't wait for another season.

CloxClosure 2010-06-02
I luv Drama.......hahhhahaha :)

Pieskinator 2010-05-26
This is the beast and most beast show i have seen in a long time i rocemend buying!!!!!!!

apardo 24 2010-05-17
This show is the best show in the world its so crazy so funny and so awsome. If I had all the money he has. I would do everthing he has done and more I would watch this for hours and hours if I could its awsome and you should definetly buy every season.

CristinaTalavera(: 2010-05-15
the john mayer episode ist pretty hilarious (:

Awsome____ness#4 2010-05-04
Bought the entire season. Really funny Drama is the best. If you like this show you would probally like Nitro Circus.

puddledancer17 2010-03-05
Great episode but what is the name of the song about the cologne makin moves? Cuz I have to have it.. It's pretty sick

chris the legend sk8er 2010-02-16
when ever i watch an episode it disapered on my ipod!!!!!!! But the eposodes are still funny

anthony11 2010-02-02
This is one of my favorite shows to watch, but the one thing i wanted to know is what the name of the theme song is. I really like that song and would like to know who plays it.

Nate_E1991 2010-01-24
I haven't found Rob to be very funny and as far as the skating part is concerned, the berrics is leagues better than this.

aroblesss. 2010-01-17
this is absolutely hilarious! I loveeee this show!

Saul22 2010-01-17
This show is beast

1 fan in da world 2010-01-16
Best show place person in the damn world

GlamourKillsGirli 2010-01-04
I love this show since I saw the first episode of Rob & Big I was hooked n it's hilarious!!! BUT WHEN DOES THE NEW SEASON COME OUT?! n if there's not gonna b one I will be devastated!

Hockey Player 21 2009-12-31
This show really is where its at. Ive watched robs shows ever since season 1 of rob & big. I love em! I hope there are more soon.

doufuas 2009-12-31
this show really rocks soooooooooooooooo buy it

KrispyTG 2009-12-28
I love watching this show it's so freaking cool

kaytielynn 2009-12-26
This is absolutely my favorite show. It always makes me laugh and it's the only show that I get exited about watching re-runs. Rob is a creative person, with a funny and enjoyable personality. You will definetly have fun watching this show. :)

thuggy c 2009-12-01
read title

smithseven 2009-12-01
Best show ever!

muzikjunkie16 2009-12-01
Holy crap..this show is sooo funy..gotta love it

Timma b 2009-11-22
This is the best show ever but wut happen to big black?

tkjerezano 2009-11-18
this is my favorite show rob is so funny!!! i love it:)

O.A.R. is the #1 band! 2009-10-31
This is my favorite TV show ever. I have about 10 shows on my ipod and I continue to get more. If you love this show click yes.

~$@!&E?~ 2009-10-28

Punkfan22 2009-10-25
This show is amazing. The Season Finale was a great episode. Season 1 was great too! The Season Finale's of each season have been the best episodes. This is my favorite show in the worl and I am even watching it right now! It's great! The one thing is that I wish Season 2 was longer, but it was a great season.

monster , dc , rouge status 2009-10-24
best show ever . hope there is a season three keep em coming rob dont stop

Cordisco's Songs 2009-10-08
is there any way to find the rob's mom song on itunes?

naturalbornballer 2009-09-24
Natual Born Gymkhana-er!!! haha. Best show in the world!!!

maxizlegit 2009-09-19
This show is amazing and If I ever had enough money I would do the same thing. Rob dyrdek

sabrina_yellets 2009-09-18
This show is freaking hilarous!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, I watch it every sunday at 9 pm

curlybear725 2009-09-16
one word FUNNY

P4uL IVI 2009-09-09
how many shows are there gonna be this season! and def. a must get

Slay Slay 2009-09-06
Best show ever!!!!

CplMSO 2009-09-05
i love rob dyrdeks fantasy factory and natural born gymkhana-er, nd cars and watching people burn rubber! rob is the bomb! and always will be! good job rob! i love ya shows alot!

Emu27 2009-09-04
Awesome show. How do u get season one Wtf

where fantasys run deep 2009-09-01
this season is already great + i am the 9th review.

VanDerVliet's 2009-09-01
Great show can't wait for all the episodes to come out