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ESPN Films’ Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning 30 for 30 is an unprecedented documentary series, engaging some of today’s finest storytellers to tell incredible stories that capture the core of how sports inspire and entertain.

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User Reviews
therealpokered 2019-07-13
If we pay for the whole season, then why are these episodes missing? At least put a "note" or something explaining why. Thank you!

City - The Woods 2018-09-01
E-6 The Legend of Jimmy the Greek E-14 Straight Outta L.A. E-20 One Night In Vegas

Abarca’s Tunes 2013-02-14
Where is Escobar on Escobar?

pigskin palooka 2012-12-31
Why no "The U". My personal favorite !

Lucky Cow is the best 2012-12-15
Finally added The U

lwms135 2012-12-08
Love the whole series, but the Marcus Dupree story is my favorite!! Boomer Sooner!!!!

Michael Poirier II 2012-10-30
Thank you for adding The U. I know a lot of people, myself included, have been complaining about its absence, as well as the other four original episodes from your list. It was worth the wait! Thanks again for adding this great episode!

luke trusty 2012-10-09
Where is The U and The Two Escobars

bjst31 2012-10-04
The storyline of each one is terrific and moving. Once Brothers always makes me teary. Always.

Triumph1134 2012-08-16
The four best episodes in my opinion are 1) The 2 Escobars 2) The 16th man 3) The U 4) Once Brothers. Well, there are only 2 of these. 50% is a failing grade.

Jakerz015 2012-07-28
Why is there no explanation for the missing episodes? Has anyone read anywhere the reasons? It's not like we wouldn't pay to watch them.

Augusttttt 2012-07-07
I love them all, the price is high but its worth it. I love four days in October, go red sox!

Wilmore86 2012-06-17
I've purchased several episodes and don't mind the price, but you have to admit you're missing some of the best ones. The U (Billy Corben) Straight Outta LA (Ice Cube) June 17th, 1994 (Brett Morgen) One Night in Vegas (Reggie Rock Bythewood) The Two Escobars (Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist) Add them or at least explain yourselves.

qwt36 2012-05-25
Please don't ever stop. There are so many stories to tell and so many storytellers. Whether the chosen narrative style or the narrator, there is a story here which will entreat you. Yes, sports is about winners and losers, but the path is also just as important. 30 for 30 reminds us so... Great job.

SlickNick24 2012-05-22
The best episode in the whole series was "the U". Please add to iTunes.

H8obama 2012-05-19
Every documentary is amazing. Keep up the great work.

nicknamenickistaken 2012-05-05
The Muhammad and Larry documentary is one of the most atrocious efforts ever. It takes a concerted effort to make a documentary about a charismatic personality like Ali dull. The premise that Ali was ill and slow and should not have been allowed to fight. This is repeated over and over again for 45 minutes. If you are drawn to this episode because of Ali, don't waste your time or money.

anomynous007 2012-04-21
Of course, out of thirty, there's 24, and the one i want, the U, is not here. until then this gets one star.

delpotro 2012-04-16
This is a great series ESPN has done, these short films are really well done. However, one of the best episodes by one of the most notable producers (in my opinion), The U by Billy Corben, producer of Cocaine Cowboys, is missing from the list of single episodes for sale and that is truly disappointing. Overall, worth the watch maybe not the purchase.

Ommjballer 2012-04-08
No the U=No money

DOC HUGHESIV 2012-03-21
I find disappointing to see that the documentary about the University of Miami Hurricanes is not avaible to purchase! Can anyone tell me why?

BDOE8 2012-02-26
I love every single episode and paid the price happily but there is still 6 episodes missing what is the point of calling it 30 for 30 then?

appledude3 2012-02-26
I guess they dident feel like putting the u on there.

T-Swagz 2012-01-14
Where is the video, "The U." I saw it and really want to buy it. But, I guess you don't want my money, so whatever.

Horibble 2012-01-01
It's a pity that ESPN/iTunes has yet to include it in the set.

Lex Blacktree 2011-12-31
Please can you guys add The U.. Thank You

JayInMia 2011-12-30
Yo iTunes, it's all about the U, so make it that way and put it up for us. You'd think that this many ppl wanting would class as demand, but I guess not.

The "U" For Life 2011-12-28
Why is the "U" episode not on here? Put it on here!!!!

Ben from NJ 2011-12-21
Where is roll tide bald eagle???

earlier episodes 2011-12-14
I see that Itunes still hasn't put "The U" episode on here still...

THE U 123 2011-12-06
We want "The U".

Debolobo 2011-11-12
Probably the best one in this series is missing. In addition, overpriced but the shows are good if you have not seen them.

FanofTheU 2011-11-03
Where is The U???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

jfiggy24 2011-10-27
Where is the episode "Straight Outta LA"? Why is it that not all of the episodes are available in Itunes?

Pete5150 2011-10-25
After all this time, still no "U"... Really? Do they read the reviews? Do they not want our money?

DKV23 2011-10-22
Please add Catching Hell

Rdg_ 2011-10-18
What about "THE U"..???? C'mon man..!

X Planet 2011-10-16
Please add catching hell an the U

Mike305302 2011-10-10
Please get it the u 2011-09-14
please advise

SocCer Kids 2011-09-06
Where is the "Escobar Brothers," I think it's the best one.......................................

pbsports 2011-08-28
Good series, but the story on the Hurricanes is missing.

Devilstang 2011-08-24
I love the 30 for 30 movies but the best one is The Best That Never Was. I watch it over and over again but they are all good.

urbankayaker 2011-08-20
It's all about The U. Now where is it?!?

Vikram Amritraj 2011-08-02
Where's "The Two Escobars" and "The U"??'s hard enough that this amazing series isn't available anywhere else, I though iTunes and ESPN of all companies would know their customers well enough to give us some sort of deal here. You guys did it right with The Beatles Collection. We got great quality and quantity content with that deal so I would expect nothing less here. I don't think anyone is going to pay $120 and not even receive a full season of a series. I want to see some movement on this ASAP..But most of all I want to buy this series without defaulting on my car payment...get it together guys!

bigpretty62 2011-07-14
The U??

Ldjskzp 2011-07-08
The rest of the episodes are good, but by far the U is the best 30 for 30. Where is it?

DaREALRCB 2011-06-20
The ESPN 30 For 30 Episode that showed the parity between Mike Tyson and Tupac was a classic!!! That is the one I was looking for. But I agree, the prices are too high for these. Will look on EBay!!!

nine9six 2011-06-15
Add it if you want my money.

mmarrero75 2011-06-12
Love the Pony Excess, but wheres The U? By far thee best one...