Hairspray (2007)
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It's 1962, and change is in the air in Baltimore. Tracy Turnblad, a big girl with big hair and an even bigger heart, has only one passion--to dance. She wins a spot on the local TV dance program, "The Corny Collins Show" and is transformed overnight from outsider to irrepressible teen celebrity. But can the trendsetting Tracy win the heart of teen-dream Link Larkin and stand up for what she believes in, despite the program's scheming stage manager? All she needs is her best friend Penny, a toe- tappin' beat - and a little HAIRSPRAY!

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User Reviews
monicasoria 2021-06-10
Great plot, songs , definitely worth watching

Love you dove 2020-12-27
New fav movie

Ms. Blackheart 2020-05-06
My daughter and I never get tired of watching Hairspray. Wonderful music, dancing, and powerful messages about standing up for what you believe in and making change for the better good. Will always be a favorite.

mariomonrod 2020-04-21

kyla221619 2020-03-27
this movie is the best beginning to end

JoeCoolRunnings 2020-03-05
When I first viewed HAIRSPRAY (2007), I thought it was one of the those musical flicks you could lose yourself in. The energy, the characters, the message(s). But as time went on, and I looked at the trailer to the original 1988 John Waters film--and the original film itself--I found that...well, you know the adage: NOTHING BEATS THE ORIGINAL! I mean, I think about it. Tracy Turnblad went from unafraid though constrained rebel against the "Breakfast Club" chapter (through Ricki Lake) to a ditzy, clueless self-congratulating romantic (via Nikki Blonsky). Penny Pingleton may have been the leading lady's best friend, but at least she was more vocal, and had her own incentive go against the 'black-vs-white' societal grain. In 2007, she just blindly goes along for the ride. [Lay/additional terms: Lesley Ann Powers showed more range and authenticity than Amanda Bynes.] Regarding Edna Turnblad and Wilbur Turnblad...bad boys John Travolta and Christopher Walken had more to do while "getting shorty" in crowning the "king of New York". Waters made Edna 'Divine' and gave Wilbur a strong will in spite of being a Stiller. Shankman lived up to his name, and shanked them--and the others--like raw meat. Motormouth Maybelle knew where she had been because Ruth Brown had been there herself; Queen Latifah came rather late. Amber von Tussell got the highest ratings for the lowest doings because she had "Vitamin C" in her diet--as did Colleen Fitzpatrick. In 2007, down came Brittany's snow and killed the growing, sustainable food. Speaking of snowball effects, rolling stones may gather no moss, but only a Prince called Clayton truly gathers much Seaweed. No beach walks nor shore-searching for Mr. Kelley. Not to mention, The Corny Collins Show was hosted by a progressive, no-nonsense, anti-bullying frontliner (Shawn Thompson), NOT by some grinning, passive doormat (James Marsden). Back to the Von Tussells, Velma often touches to scratch, viciously, with husband Franklin alongside. Thank Sonny and Debbie. Ironically, the best big-screen Catwoman--in my book-- failed to show up claws at the ready. Either that or she had been de-clawed, willingly. Finally, in contrast to St. Gerard, Mr. Getchaheadinthegame proved to be, indeed, the weakest "Link". Goodbye! By the way, you bid Good Morning to Baltimore while IN Baltimore. Not on a Burbank soundstage. It is true: You can't stop the beat; but you CAN stop the piece from going off-key. So let's not dance, eh, Tracy?

eMojiman28 2019-11-23
I love this movie so much I really want a second

sgjcvhfgh 2019-04-12
I love it so much hope it works well with the free download it will have you to your home 🏡 night and night night and have a good night love you 😍 was your good night love you hope you have a good night 😴.

time to dace 2019-03-04
Call me at 956-369-2721

Stdneyawesome 2019-02-17
This is the best movie I have EVER seen in my LIFE❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!

samm.me_ 2019-02-15
This movie is one of my favorite movies EVER! I’ve watched this movie since I was little and can’t stop it’s a great movie if your bored, alone, sick, and even with friends and family.

LOL LOL😉 2018-08-27
Thank you Zac Effron ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

tiana_bella 2018-06-16
I always loved hairspray it is the simply the best

cholomac 2018-04-14
I have been watching this movie since I can remember and now I can watch it whenever I want

Abbi cookie girl 2018-04-03
I'm a shake and shimmy around around the commotion in the ocean haha loved that song

KbCheetah 2017-01-23
This movie is great, fun, and awesome. I love this movie so much. I love all of the characters in this movie. I love Zac Efron as Link in this movie. He is really cute. I like the girl who plays Tracy. I like how she stands up for herself. I love all of the music in this movie. It is one of my all time favorite movies ever.

GetTheMemo 2016-12-08
Such a good cast ! 💕

Saltypizza 2016-08-03
You will not waste your money on this awesome movie!!! I repeat, you will NOT waste your money!! This is my favorite movie and it will be yours!!! I have watched it so many times!!👍👍👍👍👯💃🏼Definitely the best movie in the world🌎🌍🌏

Fathoming fs 2015-12-25
Good movie ,love it.

Jfjfjfjrjrkdjfnfn 2015-06-21
Omg people must have to love this movie it my fav

Claire Elisabeth 2015-05-26
I paid for renting it, it billed me but didn't give me the movie!😡I really wanted to watch it😨and my money was just taken from me!!!

......345 2015-04-26
The movie is great so I wanted to rent it and I paid and everything but u never got the movie now there making me download it again by me paying it

Amazingmaya8 2015-03-08
Amazing movie r

Hungergamesxbigfan 2015-02-16
This movie is one of my favorite movies ever it teaches tolerance and that everyone can fit in I love it so much and if you haven't seen this movie then u are really missing out I love it so much

Hairspray addicted 2015-01-09
OMG I watch this EVERY day. I love it! Hairspray is a comedy/musical with a little bit of a twist at the end. Watch it!!👍

alyssaaa_riggi 2014-11-26
This is one of my favorite musicals. SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE!!

M.J. and Tiny 12 2014-09-19
I love this movie I've watched it for years we r doing it as a play at my school this year love it. I think it's us so amazing and just all around perfect!!!!!!!👍

A MUST MUST HAVE!!!!! 2014-08-02

Hate it worst thing ever 2014-07-30
Its awesome

Shyla:) 2014-07-29
I like it it was cool and funny how Jon travolta is playing as the mom and it is funny because well you just have to watch it I like it and it is a fun,funny,good movie

Madz45 2014-07-22
Best movie in the history if ever!!! How could you say bad things about this movie?!? It's awesome!!!😄😄😄 to all the peeps who like this movie 😡😡😡 to all who don't.

Smell your fart 2014-06-02
Since the first time I saw hairspray I was totally obsessed with it and I can't stop thinking about the awesome and catchy songs. If you see it once you will know you are going to watch it at least twenty more times. This movie is my favorite movie in the whole world so it is worth it to buy the best movie ever. I hope you get it and like it as much as I do.

Wubbywubbyr 2014-05-11
I got hairspray and wanted to watch it but it takes about 5 days to load and my rental only lasted me thirty minutes into the movie! I am so mad!!! REFUND!

Nya DA DANCER 2014-04-07

Jonesgirl007 2014-02-16
The best movie ever

kidzrock3 2014-02-15
i think this movie is great for kids

MObrien516 2014-02-04
This is one of my favorite movie but was VERY disappointed to find there’s no captioning for this movie- in either SD or HD format, and whether I rented or buy the movie. The older version- 1988- is in caption. Just doesn’t make sense!!

MrCan'tGrowAMustache 2014-01-05
This is my favorite musical of all, but I'm going to give an honest review of it. I love both this movie and the musical, I watch this movie at least once a week! But I think some things could be different. I was kind of disappointed that "Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now" and "The Big Dollhouse" were not in this movie! The storyline was a bit different than the musical, even though it didn't have those songs, I still really enjoyed it! And the new songs, "Ladies Choice" and "The New Girl In Town" are two of my favorites! But one thing I always seem to dislike about both the musical and the movie seem to have the best songs in the first half of the movie and the least liked in the second half (except for You Can't Stop The Beat. That's my favorite!), but for instance, I LOVE "Good Morning Baltimore", "Nicest Kids In Town", "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now", "Ladies Choice", "Miss Baltimore Crabs", "New Girl In Town", "I Can Hear The Bells", "Welcome To The Sixties"...those ones are great in my opinion! But I didn't like "Run And Tell That", "Big Blond And Beautiful", "Timeless to Me", "I Know Where I've Been", "Big Dollhouse", "Without Love", or "It's Hairspray" near as much as the songs in the first half. That's just my opinion though, I don't know if anyone else feels the same way about those, I mean I still like those other songs, but I don't get as into them as I do the ones in the first half. I feel they should've been more mixed up, but then again, that isnt really possible with the story line! But it's still a really great movie and will always be one of my favorites! I've always kind of wanted to direct my own production of Hairspray!

1dlover237 2013-12-31
This movie has everything that I want in a musical: great songs, amazing choreography, and it also teaches younger viewers about racism.

DeeKayyBee 2013-11-05
I'm into every type of movie that exists...but I love musicals more than anything. This movie is nothing short of excellent and I would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to see it.

Emosense 2013-09-24
i could not stop laughing

Pneft 2013-08-14
This movie is just amazing! It shows how life was before the I have a dream speech in 1963. It uses music to help tell the story which makes it more appealing to younger viewers! This movie does you the terms that were used back in 1962 for African American people but they aren't the bad ones. This movie is great to watch with anybody and I think that everybody should watch it!

Ms.awesome 😏 2013-06-10
I love the movie one of my favorites I love Tracy and all there singing,and dancing one thing I think needs to be changed is the two bad words but that is ok love it

Kitty Couture 2013-04-26
Love it A+++++++++!!!!!!!!! Your fashionista, Kitty Couture

Dirt rock choclote 2013-04-21

Russtera 2013-04-05
this is the best movie ever!!!

Vlong101 2013-04-02
I've never seen the original but this is a amazing movie. I love it

Sltjdhfvkcbs 2013-04-01
i love the movie hair spray it is my favorite movie I want to watch it over and over

lifter82 2013-03-30
You walk away with a good feeling. The songs are great and the cast is perfect. Amanda Bynes is amazing.

Oddie77 2013-03-26
Great movie on a great creation