Twister (1996)
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Don't Breathe! Don't Look Back! Just run for your life when a destructive force of nature comes

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Don't Breathe! Don't Look Back! Just run for your life when a destructive force of nature comes howling straight toward you, destroying everything in its path--when you're running from a Twister. Academy Award winner Helen Hunt stars as Dr. Jo Thornton-Harding, who as a small girl watched her father sucked to his death from her family's storm cellar by a massive tornado. Now a storm chaser, a scientist who risks her life to study the dark side of nature by taking her data-transmitting instruments directly into the path of a deadly storm, Jo chases the largest tornado to ever strike Oklahoma as her marriage implodes and rival scientists will stop at nothing to steal her breakthrough.

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User Reviews
yea rite 2024-05-15
One of the great twister movie. Guess Hollywood cannot come up with anything new that they had to redo this movie. 5 star for this movie 1 star or less for trying to copy this again. Think Hollywood cannot make a movie with making it politically correct.

yellowfox3,960 2024-05-12
Sorry. I didn’t like it, it was predictable and so fake. There are a lot of good reviews, so it might just be me? It ends weird and the characters I just never liked or related to, wouldn’t recommend, unless… idk. Not my type of movie. I’m still confused why this is a hit. Although, the plot is decent and the acting is pretty good so 2 stars fits this. Hope this is helpful…. Don’t buy! I guess it might be worth renting though. If I were to do scribe this movie in four words it would be—- tornados, violent, odd, and interesting. So yeah, that’s what I think 🙂🙃

Christmas man9l9 2023-07-23
This is an amazing movie, with lots of action! I love this movie!

FrankCioffi 2021-08-15
How is this movie not in 4K yet and beetle juice is? This is one of my top 10 movies.

Tyttrdfhgdsdtujhgfdssdghjnh 2021-01-31
Dusty rest in piece

Twinkie cutie112 2020-06-17
Always a good movie to watch

THe Earth And THe Sun 2020-06-14
There are at least 20 things I could find wrong with this movie - particularly the scientific flaws, scene inconsistencies, and the dialogue. But I doubt that anybody who watches this movie cares about any of that. It's just a fun movie, plain and simple. The critics can go pout in their corners, as far as I'm concerned.

Ryi1988 2020-06-01
This is the best tornado movie in my opinion. The acting was great. The special effects were great in that era. The action parts with the chases were great. What a rush to do that in real life. I would definitely recommend this movie. It is older but still a great movie to watch.

Nyx Princess 2020-05-10
As my friends say, I have a problem. I've watched this movie 6 times in the past 2 weeks. It is, by no means, a perfect movie. But it's the ideal way to get out of your head and just chase tornadoes for a while. The acting is pretty great, the special effects are good for their time, and you really do get sucked into the story. I've been watching this movie for years and it never fails to be a hit.

WillaWriting 2020-03-13
I NOT JOKING!! I am one of those people who grew up on this and it holds a special place in my heart. I’d never forget it. The acting is great, the comedy never gets old, and the CGI is really good for the time period. I’d watch this over Titanic, Grease, or anything that people say should be the movies you watch growing up! If you ask me this has better morals than those even WITH the slight cussing. Love this movie, go watch it and see what I mean. 🌪

Surferboi2005 2019-08-02
My favorite movie. I love the cast and the music

18holliday92 2019-05-18
This movie is so awesome, that I have it in 3 forms. When I must buy a movie on VHS, DVD and iTunes, it simply means the critics are wrong - the movie is AMAZING. This movie is worth the time and it is just as good the first, second and fiftieth time it is viewed. I love it.

css44 2019-01-22
Sure there are a ton of disaster movies but none quite like Twister it’s is action packed the whole way and the cast and special effects are right on par I would tell anyone who loves a good disaster movie to watch this movie

OmarFig1989 2019-01-21

123karlitos 2019-01-20
This’s really awesome i love this movie

tiana_bella 2018-06-30
It’s very good

foxlover14 2018-04-16
It’s just plain amazing

bunk'd all the way 2017-10-14
I watched this at my grandparents house supper awesome movie people don't watch because its a older movie but like u have ti see this

gb0923 2017-02-26
We went to see this in the 90s and it was one of the movies to see that summer and we loved it. The movie had a lot of chills and emotions to send the viewer along and it was a classic show. I hope they discount it in honor of Bill Paxton or something.

Jjhhhhh 2015-08-22
I love it! Such a classic! There's a little bit of everything in this movie. So glad it came to itunes!!

Roland Kennedy 2015-06-15
The best and the funniest.

Bubba290724 2015-04-23
I have always liked this movie ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to go chase tornadoes.

Lexi lever 2015-03-08
I've been watching this movie since I was 7 and I still love it ❤️

Southern boy 88 2015-02-23
Twister is a really awesome action packed movie and I would recommend anyone who is a natural disaster movie lover to buy this movie and watch it. Paramedic- we will keep her over night just to be safe Meg- overnight forget it I'm alright Joe- meg your going to the hospital Meg- alright but I am going to drive myself Rabbit- um honey your car is in a tree around the corner Meg owwwww

Webs08 2015-02-01
I was actually raised not to far from the house where the final scene of Twister was filmed. It was a super big deal for my little hometown for part of the movie to be filmed there. The movie itself is great, Bill Paxton did a great job.

Avery baskin 2014-10-29
So I was watching it with my grandmother and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

kyle1996mega 2014-08-07
Awesome but price is immature pls less price on this

Dhbeaver 2014-07-26
I grew up with this movie. I cant tell ya how many times I've watched it. But this movie is the reason I love second generation Dodge pickups and Jeep pickups. And tornadoes, for that matter. 5/5 stars easily. The plot is well laid out and it keeps you suspended - even after dozens of views. 👏 Bravo

westconf 2014-05-11
Well..the acting was mediocre , the lines,as has been mentioned numerous times already by other reviewers = cheesy, the cinematography was very good, the special effects good, did I mention that most of the acting was mediocre? Still…I must have watched this movie at least half a dozen times or more and like an addict I keep on going back for more. Why? Well, in spite of all the negatives I mentioned…I still loved the movie. You can leave your brains at the door and just sit back and enjoy this (by now) cultic movie. I am sure that most of the now well known actors are a little embarrassed about their involvement in it…or may be not. I guess I am an idiot as well for enjoying the movie - so many times. Sit back and re….well may be not relax because the first time you see it you will be on the edge of your seat with excitement…I know I sound like I am mercurial or bio-polar with this review but….it is entertaining at the very least. I still love this movie….

ol dirty chkn 2014-02-14
I watch this goofy movie every nite, it puts me to sleep. My wife hates it. Lol. I don't know why I like this movie, maybe because I'm from Oklahoma. The weather gets super crazy here. I love it. It can be scary but that's the rush, for me at least. Mr Hoffman you are the man In this movie. I will throw a bottle of Jack into a tornado while naked. With a pic of u in it. It will never touch the ground. R.I.P.

Fhfjydofygttd 2013-10-05
Love this movie

Blueyes86x 2013-09-30
I loved this movie ever since I was young. I can watch it over & over & never get sick of it : )

Raeray2000 2013-09-16
This is the most awesome movie I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!! The tornadoes look so realistic.. I know all of the songs and the words: "This thing Is useless!!" "Sorry, Joe" "Alright belter, that's good give me a reading." "Ok bossy, hope your works." "Which way do you want it?" "Looks like the dry line is stalled, give me a sector scan west north west looking mid levels for rotation and increase the PRS." One of my favorite scenes.... The bad words make it funnier.... I'm only 12 but my parents let me watch it... WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! It made me interested into becoming a meteorologist... Great job!!! One of the best movies ever made in human history!!!! :D!!! "We're gone!!!" -Dusty

Ilyvapps 2013-07-31
Pretty Scary that that really happens in real life.

Sparhawk24 2013-06-02
To enjoy this movie, you have to understand what you are watching. This movie is not The Godfather. It isn't Star Trek. It isn't Pulp Fiction. If you're looking for deep ruminations, subtlety, stellar acting, compelling dialogue, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for a goofy, fun, special effects driven movie, that's what this movie is. It's a light, escapist jaunt. Take a lot of spectacular CG work, some fun and eccentric but otherwise cardboard-cutout characters, and some great sky cinematography, throw them all together, that's this film. Go grab some popcorn and watch some tornadoes for a couple of hours.

WX0CAS 2013-05-09
I remember way back when I first saw this, it was in 2002 and I had been interested in weather for 2 years at that time. I saw this movie and fell in love with it. Every time I saw a thunderstorm I would say "There goes a Cow.... There goes Another one" and every time I would say that everyone would laugh. Now here we are in 2013, with my own weather crew to chase tornadoes (Not as crazy I hope) we have all decided this year to kick off our chase season with this movie. I hope that many others will love this movie as much as I do. This movie will always be apart of my life, no matter how crazy life gets!!!!!

Sami<3 13 2013-03-05
This is the best movie ever with the actors Helen hunt and bill Paxton it makes this movie OUTSTANDING! I personally love this movie it has a little bit if bad laug. But other than that its it pretty sweet! Please watch this and I hope u enjoy it!

Cael r. 2013-03-04
This movie was my favorite since I was 5! My mom laughed so hard when the (Bob's Road) part came. I did too.AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayleigh💰💰👑👑👑💎💎💎 2013-01-27
This movie was what got me into storm chasing! THANK YOU!!!!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE movie ever!!!!!!!!👍

ngjsb 2013-01-24
i have v.1.0.2 ipod and this won't play on iy can any 1 help and its a great movie

Storm Chaser in training!!! 2013-01-14
BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!! Has been my favorite movie since i was 5! It's what got me into storm chasing!!! I wish there were more of these types of movies!!! Love it!!!

double digit 2012-11-13
This movie is great if you like tornados like me. This is a great classic for fans of tornados. Watch it.

Logan Roehr 2012-10-24
Love it since I was's one of those thing you have to grow up with to like..I watch it at the very least one time a week..I just live it;)

PROJECTDELTA50 2012-10-22
Was my favorite movie when I was a little kid and still is my favorite today

bleedingkyo 2012-08-10
This movie should be terrible. There are tons of inaccuracies, cheesy and effortless plot. Its really just kinda stupid. Tons of things wrong with the tornadoes scientifically speaking. The only thing for it is the special effects which are good for 97. However I like it anyway and end up watching it quite often. I don't know why I like it despite all of the problems, so I guess there is something to it. I gave it 3 stars because even if I like the movie, it's not a well done movie. However, it is one of the only tornado fiction films that is even remotely watchable.

Person of Few Words 2012-07-14
Normally when the monster is mother nature, the movie is anything but exciting. This isn't the case. If you have ever dreamed of being a storm chaser then this movie is for you.

Mark Wohlers 2012-06-01
The movie is real great and fun to watch and I in joy the movie

Igamer06 2012-05-22
If you like storms you'll will like this!

El begro 2012-05-18
Quisiera ver esta película por que no le e visto sebe que esta buena

Luv2FigureSkate8 2012-05-10
I love this movie so much! My family always watches it after we have a thunderstorm!!!