Little Children
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Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Jennifer Connelly and Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-nominee Kate Winslet star with Golden Globe and Emmy Award-nominee Patrick Wilson in this big-screen adaptation of Tom Perotta's best-selling novel that exposes the turbulent emotional landscape primed to explode just beneath the surface of a quiet suburban neighborhood. A darkly comic, revealing journey through a world both familiar and foreign, this story of marriage, children, desire and infidelity bristles with the keen writing of its acclaimed author and the direction of Academy Award-nominee Todd Field. Also starring Noah Emmerich, Trini Alvarado and Jackie Earle Haley who earned an Academy Award nomination for his haunting portrayal as Ronnie J. McGorvey. Kate Winslet was also nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe for her performance.

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User Reviews
Semnick01 2019-07-21
Problem here were two things: script and directing. The use of a narrator makes you wonder if you're watching a doc or a movie. The pacing was another issue with this movie: somewhat confused. Although it is indeed an "adult movie", it felt like if done by a teenager.

Can't find a non-taken nickname 2019-02-18
It's not the typical Hollywood fare, which is refreshing. An "adult" film, despite the title. It started light and got much darker as it progressed. SPOILER: I was amused by the premise of the narrator, as if the film were a nature documentary.

X1B 2013-08-19
I purposely avoided this movie because it looked too painful to watch, it was not. A completely engrossing film for which I thank everyone involved. Fully worth the time and fully worth the money.

Heather Lynne- Marie 2012-09-22
I have not seen this movie yet. But im buying it now because i have loved Kate for years. shes brillant and beautiful and an amazing actress so u know any movie she does will be absoultely amzing because she is. Im really looking foward to watching her and this is going to a amazing movie just like the preveiw is. <3 Kate

Barrelracer12009 2010-12-25
Great romance but it shows u that u can get away with cheating which you can't

WorldsForgottenBoy 2010-09-16
Loved this movie that almost never sucuumbed to easy Hollywood plot twists and unrealistic character development. Whacky and tender subjects fill the vision of director, Todd Field's subtle (not) masterpiece. Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connely and more give performances worthy of notice and acclaim. This one just snuck up and grabbed me. It lives on my hard drive now for ATV!

JimboSwimmer 2010-09-03
This film has such a sad creepy quality to it. I must admit I loved the film. There is a certain sadness that lingers in suburban life in America. This film captured it perfectly. In addition to the sadness for "what could have been" or "is that all there is?" the film captures the dangers that lurk behind the perfectly cut bushes and freshly painted fences of the suburbs. The irony is layered. Winslet's character is difficult to relate to at first. But as she shares her thoughts and feelings with the book club, I got to see her reasoning for being silly and for being selfish. Winslet is the most gifted actress of our time. She can say so many things with a simple look or a smile. Winslet wears her character well which must have been challanging to play as the character lacked many maternal qualitiies that I'd bet Winslet herself possesses.

reviewsrme 2010-08-19
maybe the original story was interesting but somewhere along the line this went astray...slow, predictable, secondary story lines that were incoherent at best and overall painful to watch