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The insanity continues for skateboarding legend and business mogul, Rob Dyrdek, inside the walls of his continually evolving canvas of creativity known as The Fantasy Factory. In the most ridiculous season yet, Rob has created even more possibilities for absurd times and incredible skate sessions by building more ramps and obstacles to what was already a skateboarder’s paradise. Some of this season’s highlights include the invention of the world’s first skateboarding car, jumping out of a five-story building, attempting to get towed onto a big wave in Kauai with the help of Laird Hamilton, and attempting to make the world's most expensive grilled cheese. Rob continues his tradition of discovering new alter egos, adding to his personality repertoire an infomercial-fitness-expert named Barry Bright, and a stylish eighty-year-old man named, Stan. Faithfully along for another chapter in the journey is Rob's young cousin and protégé, Chris "Drama" Pfaff, who now finds himself perched atop the concrete skate plaza in a sleek new office alongside Rob. Also returning this season are Rob's painfully awkward skate tech, Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff, the cute, rapping receptionist, Chanel, and Rob's constantly cautious manager, Jeremy. With special guest appearances by Chad Ochocinco, Travis Barker, Laird Hamilton, Danny Way, Ryan Sheckler, The Game, Pharrell, Paul Rodriguez, world champion drifter, Vaughn Gittin, Jr., and pro-skater Torey Pudwill, Season 3 is no doubt an instant classic.

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User Reviews
G4tvguy101 2012-03-06
Few years ago,two parents went out to a dinner.few hours later,The babysitter called to see if she could cover the clown statue in the kids room.the father said"get the kids out of the house.we'll call the cops,we don't have a clown statue."the"clown statue" Was a killer that escaped from jail.if you don't post this on 10 videos tonight the clown will be in your bed at 3:00 am with a chainsaw.sorry don't want this to happen to me.

Andihundred 2011-04-18
Rob is a risky dude

Zackdog123 2011-04-12
I want to make my own skate brand

Emily?? 2011-01-13
Rob is my inspiration

Nik-o-man 2011-01-08
It was the best show in the history of shows but like everyone else said ya gotta bring big black back.

3britt3 2011-01-07
I <3 fantasy factory best show on MTV!!!!

Jimdigg99 2010-11-28
It's like the best show ever I hope it never ends!!!

Beastoman4 2010-11-15
When i watch it makes me wanna skate for as long as possible :D,so anyway I luv this show and I pray they don't stop

Stephen Bainbridge 2010-11-14
i loved rob and big and i love fantasy factory except i am so disappointed that it is over...i hope there will be a season 4 and if there isnt i am gonna be pissed

Rccarpro147 2010-10-18

Doremifa Solatido 2010-09-26
This just keeps getting crazier and crazier and wickeder and wickeder and funnier and funnier. I already can't wait for season 4. (They gotta bring out Big Black for it, even if for just one episode.)

daddysnyper99 2010-08-31
it is the greates show to ever ared on mtv

F4ntasy 2010-08-29
Three words A-MAZ-ING

CASTELLVI 2010-08-27

coxbab 2010-08-23
this is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Sword Impulse 2010-08-20
This season has been incredible so far, so many hilarious moments. My favorites so far are the cat car and the the Barry Bright info-mercial.

pirate=airsoft=the game 2010-08-20
rob is hilarious man yo he dose the crazyest stuff dogg keep the film rollin rob this is worth money bro

SkyRoss 2010-08-16
I love watching what rob is going to do next cause you never know what might happen i hope they bring back Big Black as a guest that would be Amazing and Awesome!

The Wolf of Ball Street 2010-08-13
One of the best shows on TV right now. I watch old episodes and they still crack me up.

fgvuykfuyol 2010-08-12
this season is awsome rob dyrdek rules

Zack Temple 2010-08-04
season 3 has been a downer for me, thought it was gonna be better, season 2 actually makes me laugh

blackhawksrock8819 2010-08-04
this is the best show ever i hope theres gonna be more free episodes

Schxzo 2010-07-29
Cheese Ballers! just debuted on TV a few days ago, and that makes 3 episodes down out of the 22 that Drama confirmed a while back on his Twitter. Best season EVER!?!? I think so! All the episodes are worth buying, so don't just buy one or two, but them all!!!!!

Zaleski is my bro 2010-07-29
i watch fantasy factory every day with my brother Rob keep doing what ur doing we love it

Robby d is great 2010-07-29
Best season and show I have ever seen

5455546ds465f4sd65a4f6as 2010-07-27
Best show funny and it cracs me up wen me and my sister are out of school rob drdek funny

Javier from houston 2010-07-25
Rob idk if u read these but bro u make me see that life has opportunity but sometimes u have to create ur own. I'm 19 and I owe u the credit of my decision to try and start an entrepreneurship. Thanks for your inspiration and I hope u the best with all of your endeavors. Keep up the sick work with the show. Don't have satellite anymore so I gotta see on my itouch. Again, thanks.

Becahh. 2010-07-25
I luv dis show its funny & u never get bored!! Keep up the amazen work Rob!!!!

Dan273 2010-07-24
Great show great guy he is talented smart and funny I don't mean to brag but I might be one of his biggest fans (I am not a stalker)

Ftdshhhfdvghg 2010-07-23
He has the best imagination ever!!!!and big black moved to texas to raise his kid.

ty3456 2010-07-23
this season has been awesome

:-) DC 2010-07-23
U the best keep doing ur shows

Bigestt fan 4life 2010-07-22
This is the best show on earth all they need to do is bring Christopher "big black" boykins back on the show :)

Jakass17 2010-07-22
Best show ever!!!!!

jett5024 2010-07-22
I'm only twelve and I love the fantasy factory I have a series recording on it since 1st season I LOVE THE FANTASY FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my bro say rob is a beast and FYI were not gay

Powner487 2010-07-22
I love big cats office because it's a cage and the factrey

Brio3785 2010-07-21
I love the show but why, in the skateboarding car episode, is the music different in the iTunes episode than what is shown on tv. "the opposite of adults" was the perfect match for the skate sesh and honestly my favorite part of the episode and was really disappointed to hear a different track playing. If this was changed it'd be perfect. And HD episodes would be nice

Pknits 2010-07-21
Best show on tv! I wish Big Black would make an appearence though!

ma88888 2010-07-21
Don't watch this show in the airport with hundreds of people around...they will stair at you cause your laughing at the top of your lungs!! TRUST-ME! Great show...

Oscar14A 2010-07-21
This show is amazing. I wish I had the factory. Whenever I watch this show it makes me want to go out side and start skating. It's the perfect show. Super funny.

Marley15 2010-07-20
OMG I Luv that show sooo much. I a have scene Every Single Episode of Fantasty Factory And Rob and you can see Imma big fan of Rob and Christopher Drama Pfaff!!! Hummm, I really wanna shoot Jeremy(robs manager)with the tennis ball gun right jk but it would be funnie;)

Rivas 82 2010-07-20
I seen robs fanisy factory I drove passed it and I think I seen drama out in the front but the shows are so cool I can't wait till next sesion

Asianotter 2010-07-19
I love the Fantasy Factory! Come lose yourself in the world of Rob Dyrdek. Damn entertaining!

Stgjjctvzd4;8?&? 2010-07-19
You are the master of skatebording In my fantansy I see my sellf in the fantansy factory :)

O.A.R. is the #1 band! 2010-07-19

Fatherjudge 2010-07-19
This is the best show on MTV....and those white n blue shoes look sick

Zombie Kill of the week!!! 2010-07-18
This show is the best! Nuff said!

grizzlybearonfire 2010-07-18
Loved the first episode, can't wait for the next! New episodes Mondays at 9:30 on MTV!

Mr.Black267 2010-07-18
I remember when this show, along with Nitro Circus, came out on MTV. I love this show. It has to be one of the most popular shows on television

Cutelilthickthang 2010-07-17
I just love Rob.