A Christmas Carol (1984)
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Christmas elicits nothing more than "bah, humbug!" from Ebenezer Scrooge (George Scott), a miser whose sole pursuit of financial success has left him a bitter and lonely old man. But a Christmas Eve visit from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future ultimately teaches him to open his heart to the spirit of Christmas and to the joys of friends and family.

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User Reviews
Boogiewithstu2 2023-08-24
Best adaption of a Christmas Carol with a great cast who really did a wonderful job! George C. Scott is perfect as the Scrooge! Roger Rees, David Warner, Susanna York, Frank Finley, Edward Woodward, all do a great job! Sadly they’re all moved on into the spirit world but they left us with this gem ! This is the best story ever written in my opinion because it sends such a wonderful message that the world needs!

WhiteOak.061061 2021-12-21
Wonderful… in virtually every respect

Chrysalism 2021-11-26
My favorite “A Christmas Carol” movie to watch on Christmas! ✨✨✨

ToddXEdge 2019-12-15
Loved it since childhood.

Contrahour 2018-12-24
Far and away the best verison of "A Christmas Carol"

Noah528491 2018-12-04
The best interpretation of A Christmas Carol ever made. Sticks closest to the original work and still takes you through all the emotions. Manages to be funny and heartbreaking all at different times throughout. For a TV movie this is exceptionally well done. Watch it during the holidays, it is more than worth it.

drjetb1958 2018-11-30
I’ve been watching this version of the Christmas classic since the year it came out. It’s the absolute best interpretation out there. My husband and I are delighted to own it and not have to rely on finding it in the busy seasonal schedule.

a5n8g8e2l4a 2016-12-25
This is my favorite for two reasons. The first is George C Scott's AMAZING performance as Scrooge. He really epitomizes the role in a way that I feel other actors have not. The supporting cast is also good, but let's face it, we're here for Scrooge. The second is nostalgia. I was in 6th grade, and the teacher was trying to show us this video. Sadly, my classmates were total brats, and misbehaved. Meanwhile, all I wanted to do was watch the movie. My teacher, who liked how well-behaved I was lent the video to my mom and I over the weekend so I could watch the rest. And I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice! Everytime I see this on cable, I sit down and watch, and now that I've found it on iTunes, I'm buying it. That way, I never have to be without this gem of a Christmas movie, and gem of a performance again!

Prophet Amos 2016-12-21
I love this version of A Christmas Carol. Mr. George C. Scott is incredible in this role. A must buy.

Jessebo8247 2016-12-02
the movie is a 5 star movie, but the fact that it's in a 4:3 aspect ratio is disappointing. this movie deserves a 16:9 aspect ratio.

haysle 2015-12-19
Absolutely best movie version of “A Christmas Carol” that I have ever seen. Such wonderful acting!

Tmantell 2015-12-12
The Best Christmas Carol of all time. Really I can watch it anytime of the year.

Khfdyjhsdgvgj 2015-10-02
I thin this is one of the best movies ever

Thee Truth Seeker 2015-01-08
A once a year event at our house that predates me. George C Scott gives an excellent performance as does Edward Woodward and others. Since we started watching this version in the late eighties (it was released in '84) I can't go back and watch the Alastair Sim rendition.

Warlock Scout 2014-12-26
It has been a toss up as to which version is the best for me. I find that I enjoy both the George C. Scott version of the story and the Patrick Stewart version.

W88S 2014-12-24
Our kids grew up watching this every Christmas and it became a holiday tradition. As they grew older they didn't want to watch it anymore. Predictable reaction. Now that they are in their late twenties they want to see it again and the family tradition is alive and well. And the movie is such a classic.

Re of Sunshine 2014-12-24
George C. Scott is fantastic as Scrooge, the casting overall is excellent, the settings, costumes, music all combine to paint a quintessential holiday picture. If you haven't seen this one, give it a chance!

Disappointed iTunes customer 2014-11-19
It's a shame Apple offers movie downloads but they don't work. Emailed customer care two days ago, but no response .

Gzerilli 2013-12-24
The best out there. George c Scott is awesome. We watch this classic every Christmas Eve.

orthocat 2013-11-26
George c Scott is the best Scrooge. Followed by Michael Caine with the Muppets ; )

Metlrabbit 2013-11-23
Definitely this is a good version, but I really wish iTunes would also offer the older, and in my opinion better, version that stars Alistair Sim.

Real Music-Not Rap 2013-08-16
Even though George C. Scott makes no attempt at a British accent, it really doesn't take away from the fact that he makes a great Ebenezer Scrooge. The film is well-acted and the setting looks authentic to the era. The music is also memorable. With a supporting cast like David Warner, Susannah York, Roger Rees and Edward Woodward you can't go wrong with this version of "A Christmas Carol."

Shockaree 2012-12-15
By far my favorite interpretation of Charles Dickens' classic, "A Christmas Carol". George C. Scott does a remarkable job recreating Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. I watch this movie several times during the holidays to get into the spirit of Christmas. Excellent movie. Great acting and great direction.

Alex B-E 2012-11-22
My absolute favorite version. George C. Scott is a superb actor! This version captures the spirit of the story more accurately than other renditions.

Stills Fan 01 2012-11-10
I am thrilled to see that so many people consider this their favorite version of this tale. Every year I read the book and every year I watch this. In my opinion this telling captures the feeling of the book better than any other I have seen. I feel sorry for kids that say that this is boring. There is so much in this story both on the surface and under the surface. And who in the world can't use a story about redemption. This is the orriginal feel good story.

Code Classified 2011-12-24
This is my family's go to version. George C. Scott really makes the movie. It's an old movie and the third ghost still scares me.

dustin719 2011-12-04
I don't know about those other kids, but I watched during school and really enjoyed it! I now watch it every year. It really gets one in the Christmas spirt.

PC4Yates 2011-11-27
This version is fantastic and George C. Scott is terrific.

Bcwcardz 2011-11-11
kids are morons now and days.if u grew up with this movie you love it.it used to show every christmas eve.I actually saw the original showing.Im also showing it to my kids so they dont end up mindless like some of the reviewers!

Melchristen 2010-12-25
we also saw this movie before winter break in school. Pretty boring.

opinionater1198657 2010-12-24
So I watched this movie in school and I got to admit it could be better it wasn't anything special just another version of the original christmas carol i wouldnt really call it a classic but it wasn't that bad... I guess and the 3rd ghost is really scaryyy oh and what is up with the old dudes having side burns but whatever

i am amazing and u no it!! 2010-12-23
good movie!!

demas1996 2010-12-16
Im watching this in school and it is a very boring movie definetly not a classic to me its a horrible film no one should remember

Who Sez 2010-12-12
The Georce C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol is outstanding. Great script, great acting, a great interpretation of the story, done well in every respect. With this and the Allistair Sim version you've pretty much got Christmas covered.

Annemargo 2010-11-27
George C. Scott is amazing in this, and the supporting cast are no slouches themselves. In every way, this is an awesome version of Dicken's classic.

AMS1Vicky 2010-11-24
This is my favorite version of A Christmas Carol. I have watched it every year since 1984.

WINGS 99 2010-11-18
This version of the dickens classic is wonderful. A must see 5*****