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From dressing up like girls to sneak into a party, to staging a fake robbery at the surf shop, to venturing into the dating world, best buds, Bucket and Skinner never have a dull moment!

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User Reviews
Uibhidenuienicenjo 2013-11-11

abfinnie17 2013-01-04
I know it wasn't the best show nor was it the worst compared to some of Disney Channels crappy shows! But if Nick gave it the chance with promotion & reruns it might have survived enough to get a 2nd season. I know the show wasn't all that funny but for kids it could have been and I don't think it was trying to mock Drake & Josh at all!

MarieErica 2012-07-22
Nick didn't give this show a chance nor did people! It was actually entertaining & funny. Too bad it was cancelled! Not every show needs musicians or singers as the leads! (No disrespect to those shows because I love them too!)

uber fail 2012-06-24
What are tv shows coming to these days?

KaitlynO143 2012-03-18
People don't understand that this show is for KIDS. Kids like these kinds of shows! I think it is very funny and I have no idea why people think it is copying off of other shows, it's its own. In a way, every show copies off of others- sometimes because the same people write it! If the kids on this show couldn't act, they wouldn't be on it. Simple as that. It's also good to introduce some new kids into the acting world and I know they worked hard to get where they are. Most people can't do what they do. Everyones entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. Also the shows NOT canceled.

silly 12 2012-01-29
This show is not very exciting, everything about it has been done before and the guys can't act very well and it's not that funny, Drake and Josh is 100 times better! Who thought this show was canceled even though I don't think it is?! They haven't even played this show on Nick for the last couple months! Now that's telling you something....IT Stinks!!! :-P

thatswhatbarneysaid 2012-01-13
This show is terrible. Thank goodness they kinda stopped it and made less episodes.

Ffhcfbk 2011-12-17

The-1st-Noel 2011-08-17
I love this show. It's one of those shows that is kinda like, stupid I guess, but that is what makes it hilarious!!!! I love skinner, he's awesome!!! :) :) :) :) And Aloe is hilarious too :) :) :)

Maleah Diggs 2011-08-14
This show is fantabulous & funny! I watch every episode! I luv Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventure!

Za za za 99 2011-08-09
Funny but the first episode sucked .... Other than that.... it's awesome !

Btrrockssocks13 2011-08-08
This show is hilarious! If only I was 16 or 17 I would be buckets girlfriend! He so hot!

Future police man 2011-08-07
How much is it

Heymesayhi101 2011-08-04
Is this suppose to replace drake and Josh?! The previews made it look funny but first show was :(

WhenTheMayRainComes 2011-08-04
Why Nick?

tvfanatic18 2011-08-02
From what I have seen so far..It is just awful these other reviewers must be girls who have crushes on the leads. But what people keep on forgetting is good looking people does not make a good TV show. Good writing, and interesting stories do, and most importantly good actors. I feel like the writers to this show are bringing back old jokes just for the heck of it. The lines are not funny they are just un-funny on so many levels, The stories are incredibly cliche and the acting is so overly acted its hard to watch. Except for Ashley who plays Kelly, she's very good. I try not to hate on TV shows but i did give this one a chance and so far i'm not impressed. This just shows how kids TV shows are just going down hill by the minute...

QueenEl23 2011-07-23
I think it's a great show. Dillon lane (skinner) is a very good actor and major cute ;) Both boys are very talented and I can't get enough of it. And I think if u don't like it don't watch it or comment on it. Find something better to do then write mean comments cuz I bet if u tried out for those parts youd fail so Kay thnx and ba-bye :) ps Dillon lane is amazing!!! <3

Jared Hunter 9 2011-07-20
Nickelodeon has finally succumb to the awful comedy of the Disney Chanel. Aside from corny jokes and miserable acting, the plot lines are horribly cliche. It's hard to believe this monstrosity came from the same network as gems like icarly and victorious.

Val Bieber 2011-07-16
All Haters just don't write comments on this. And I know the uncle guy in real life my dad dated his sister in college. I give it 5  and and I also thought it would be stupid then I watched it and I was like:.........Ohmigosh!! Wow

Daniel Rodriguez-Padilla 2011-07-16
When I first saw the previews for this show, I thought that Nickelodeon has ran out of ideas and it was going to be a stupid show. When I saw the first couple of episodes though, I could not stop laughing, especially on the second episode, when Piper was dressed up as the grudge. OMG I just love the show now and I haven't missed a single episode since then. A+++

ashleykathryn8 2011-07-15
I want a refund! They charged me for this free episode!!!!!!!

Gstats 2011-07-15
This show is the funniest show ever and before all the hatters who write bad reviews should watch the preview bang

Lan Lan 97 2011-07-14
This is the dumbest show ever!!!!!!!!! I'd rather listen to a replay of spongebob laughing over and over again!!!!!!!!! I'd rate this negative 10000000000000 stars.

music-lover-96 2011-07-14
THERE CAN'T EVER BE A TV SHOW THAT REPLACES DRAKE & JOSH!!!! NOOOO. thumbs waayy down to this show.

Mikeyj598 2011-07-14
Great show

Garland280 2011-07-13
Bucket & Skinner are like Drake & Josh with a hint of Zack & Cody (Suite Life on Deck). The show is fun to watch.

Awhhdvjtef 2011-07-13
It just copied Bill and Teds exellent adventure. What junk. This is crap. Anyone who watches this or Fanboy and Chum chum need to find a real show. I didn't smile once.Rip off of BATEA. This show is: Stupid crap, pointless ,stupid,dumb,uncreative,awful,unfunny, fanboy and chumm chumm bad, and just plain horrible.

Jebbie30987 2011-07-13
I bought the fourth episode and it says"Download error."I want a refund!

Game king1042 2011-07-10
I think that your show is beter then all other shows on tv

LoudMouthGirl13 2011-07-09
Random break dancing,bleu cheese,and musical entrances. Sounds pretty epic to me.

mercym68 2011-07-08
this show is actually really good & one of the first good new shows from this genre....i stopped watching disney channel because they were taking off all of their good shows and adding on shows that are just getting for younger audiences. i know they are pointed towards young kids but since this show is on 'teen nick' i feel teens should like it. i'm a teenager & i love this show. ever since drake & josh ended i've only turned on the t.v. for SNL & scrubs. i was babysitting & this show came on & i can't get enough of it. turns out icarly & other shows on teen nick are pretty good. i'm in high school & i can say truthfully i love teen nick. i say good for nickelodeon and maybe disney can learn a thing or two.

julll 2011-07-07
This is rip off from drake and Josh but it's way less funnier D&J was awesome this isn't they should make another drake and Josh movie y did they make this?!?!?!?!?

Btr fan grl 2011-07-07
People stop hating if you don't like it then don't watch it it's not like anybody is forcing you to watch this I honestly love this show it's really funny i don't know why people hate so much

Bk42 2011-07-06
Seems like a worse version of the suite life on deck with plenty of lame humor and cheap messages with bad acting. Don't we have enough junk on the networks already? Should children really have an option to use their free time watching this?

vibrose 2011-07-06
Love it so much it's funny and for u haters out there DON'T LIKE IT DON'T COMMENT OR WATCH IT THEN!!! you have arms use your remote to change it thanks!!

emmam4rie 2011-07-05
it has some funny parts but if i see it on i will probably find something else to watch

POE456 2011-07-04
Its uber cheesy! I feel like im losing brain cells when i watch it.

sonicdude01 2011-07-04
what ever happend to the good shows like invader zim,ren and stimpy,el tigre,teenage robot,rugrats,all grown up,hey arnold!,and the other great shows

Teacher0143 2011-07-03
This show isn't that bad. I actually think it's kinda funny lol!! ;)

Popstar 101 2011-07-03
I can't stand the frickin stupidness of the characters and the boys r such bad actors

1247994?::952693/(:$;369). 2011-07-03
This show will make you laugh and you will like the plot lines! I loved the show and it is for the family!!!

sprscwbys09 2011-07-02
Bucket and Skinner has this Seinfeld-like quality to it about focusing on nothing of importance. Unfortunately, the writing is lazy and the acting is mostly bad. It's an all around extremely predictable show. They ripped off Drake & Josh and Hannah Montana by having this evil little kid character: she's like a mix of Megan and Rico. They ripped off That 70s Show with the execution of the random daydream sequences. Dillon Lane is the only talented actor on this show; "Skinner" is one of the sweetest and most charming TV characters I've ever seen. It has potential but so far it's a must-skip.

smellygirl23 2011-07-02
i love adventures!!!!! and this is the perfect one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Yellow Fox 2011-07-01
Not bad. Nick seems to be stepping out of the fame mobile for a minute and challenging itself to revamp their older works and tweak them a little. While Victorious and iCarly are centered on becoming famous and the pressures that come with it, this show leans towards keeping a healthy companionship and having a good time. Note that there are many obstacles to overcome to achieve having an excellent party and maintaining friendships. In the course of this show, Bucket and Skinner are more relaxed on the moral and value issues that even Disney has restricted on itself with Zeke and Luther. Plus, what makes this show stand out is the professionalism of the filmmakers' choices over Zeke and Luther. Overall, this series is destined to gain fans through its characters' misadventures done right. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Helizabethbunny 2011-06-29
As a kid I remember Bill and Ted too. Never gets old. I like the physical comedy of this show. Especially the Uncle. My young sons are captivated by the bully portrayal of "Aloe." As kids who have witnessed a bully be disciplined in their elementary school, they want to see what happens to him next!

ohmarjorie 2011-06-29
The show looks promising. May I mention the theme is quite catchy. I'm sure when we get farther into the series it gets more funnier and less cheesy kind of like iCarly it's first few seasons. I definitely got a big laugh in the first 6 minutes shown. I can't wait to see and hear more from this show.

ArnieSifuentes 2011-06-28
This is the new Drake and Josh!!!!

Gwen6765435676543 2011-06-28
This seems like a knock-off of Bill & Tedd's Excellent Adventure. Granted, that movie was sort of a joke (and amazing)...but still. They're just copying B&TEA.

BostonTerrierLover 2011-06-28
Reminds me of drake and Josh! In a good way!

irish purple lego form new england with a hat and a feather that is still attached to the bird!!! 2011-06-28
not great but not bad