Chick Magnet
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When Jen tosses her freeloader husband (Phil) out of her life, he crashes with two college buddies. Then the unbelievable happens; he and his friends come upon a life changing discovery – a magic shirt that guarantees them sex with all the women they can handle. While Phil’s friends pursue a daily diet of Maxim models and close encounters with Hollywood’s hottest (Rosario Dawson, Kristen Bell & Kristy Swanson), Phil schemes to use the shirt to win Jen back. Chick Magnet is an edgy comedy about truth, justice, and the American lay.

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User Reviews
dreamofdeanie 2013-08-04
I loved this independent movie... Soooooooooo funny!!!

Jr3153 2011-11-06
While this movie's subject tells a person up front that the idea is way out there, the movie is even worse. Even the gratuitous T&A does not help. While there are some funny moments, this movie is just not good. Plan and simple. I regret renting it