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American Horror Story revolves around The Harmons, a family of three who moved from Boston to Los Angeles as a means to reconcile past anguish. From executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (Nip Tuck) and Dante Di Loreto (Temple Grandin).

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User Reviews
Justfloat 2021-07-26
Homosexuality, do you realize only 6% of Americans choose this for themselves, yet to include it in your storytelling as if that percentage was much higher is tiresome and sad. Excepting it, respecting those that are homosexuals is one thing, to ask the rest of us to celebrate it, is a different thing. Including it in a program that many have grown to enjoy, at ridiculous levels is sad! It’s obviously its not needed to further the story, and for the much much larger percentage of people who would rather not join in on this sort of entertainment have had enough. Again its sad, and getting very very old. We all have “sins”, addictions, messed up thinking, and messed up lives, to ask us to celebrate yours as if this makes you a better person is, sad, very sad!

Nick Shane 2020-05-23
This First Season Of American Horror Story Was Amazing. Although It Will Never Be As Good As The Other Seasons, It Was A Blast. Each Episode Was More Different Then The Last. The Story Is All Together A Great Concept. I Love How Each Season Is More And More Different, But In The End, It All Just Pieces Together Like A Stephen King Book. I Think That American Horror Story Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult, Apocalypse, And 1984 Is All Just A Fun Ride Together. I For Sure Would Recommend This Whole Show, All Nine Seasons And All To A Close Friend. Just Beware That If You Have A Weak Stomach, Do Not Watch This Show. If With The Main Word In The Title, American HORROR Story, It Is A Very Bloody TV Show, But Made From Two Great Minds! ~Nick Shane~

Brandonn831 2019-11-14
great way to introduce this series

~Oinkfish~ 2019-10-13
Season 1 is the best!

MyownmE 2018-12-26
My Fav. seasons of AHS are: S5 (Hotel) S1 (Murder House) S8 (Apocalypse). they really fulfil my expectations, not like the rest of seasons.

ahndrrew 2018-11-12
i'm not usually a horror fan, but after watching this season i'm sooo glad i started it!! such a good mix of horror, mystery and a lil' bit of romance! definitely recommend this show!!!

Somesuk 2018-11-05
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Mtkrug1 2018-09-20

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#1Jackster 2018-08-13
Despite tiresome characters and muddled plot threads, Murder House was unique and macabre thanks to its enticing direction, campy tone, and atmospheric tension.

Ryi1988 2018-07-05
This season was the best one. I watched the whole season. Then I started season two and lost interest in it. It didn’t hold my attention enough. The first one was great. Bad in my opinion in went downhill fast in season two.

Reginald Shoe 2017-11-26
No horror writing here, just mimicry of the world today. It's like watching the news.

Usté 2017-11-17
Watched it 27 times since 2015

Secret Paycho 2017-10-27
I love this season so much! Although Tate is a psycho he is still one of the hottest characters ever. He is perfect in every way!

double digit 2017-10-08
This was the best season in my opinion. It just went downhill from there. Season 1 is my favorite. I stopped watching it around Season 2. Halfway through or something like that. In my opinion it would be hard to beat Season 1.

Critic 13 2017-09-06
I ignored this show for a long time and never gave it the chance it deserves. This is not a horrifying show in the sense most people identify horror today. This show has a disturbing foreboding tone throughout, and if you haven't seen it yet. I would bet a large sum of money that you can't predict the ending, which the entirety of the final episode is one of the most compelling and complete endings I've seen in a tv show for a while. Breaking bad season 5 is the only other show I can think of that ends in the most perfect of ways. Giving this show a chance is not the worst decision you could make. And if your looking for a chilling atmospheric creep show then this is definitely a show you shouldn't miss.

Eblach2004 2016-11-27
AHS is one of the best tv shows I've every watch. Evan Peters is a really good actor in this one. It's creepy, weird, and romantic all at the same time. My favourite character is Tate. I would 100% recommend it. In my opinion episode 6 piggy, piggy it the best episode👍🏼.

@KLuca143 2016-10-04
My favorite season of AHS. Stylish, addicting & Terrifying. The whole entire cast was phenomenal, the emotion they bring out in every character is just amazing. If you haven't seen this season your missing out on a wild ride!!!

Risingtrackstarkatie 2016-01-24
I have been waiting for years to watch this. I seen multiple previews & reviews, I just knew I would love it. Everything was well put together & played, just amazing movie to watch.

cherry_bibi 2016-01-12
The murder house is the best one outta all these seasons.

Moonlightchloe 2015-12-27
American Horror Story is my favorite show! If you want a show with shock value this is the show for you!

kisertn 2015-11-16
If you have not seen this before, beware. I am 100% good with horror. But most horror leaves something for the imagination, so that you can mentally fill in the details to the degree you are comfortable. This show does that as well, but it leaves a LOT less to the imagination. As a result, I had a very hard time watching this. I watched it in 5-10 minute spurts until I couldn’t bear it any longer. As a result, it is slow and go for me. I do find myself interested, but it is THAT intense (for me). So, be wary, maybe purchase a show or two before committing to a season, because this is not for everyone. Absolutely no way a child should see this (and I'm very liberal in that area at my house, but no way for this show). So kudos to the show for a unique and daring experience, but not a show to jump in the deep end with: enter through the shallow end of the pool... and slowly. :-)

toriiiiie 2015-10-29
this is my favorite show ever and this is my favorite season

Calypso8566 2015-08-23
I watched all three seasons for a fraction of the price on Netflix.

DominiqueLover 2015-07-28
murder house is my season. all of the seasons are gr8 but murder house just kinda had that eeriness to it ya know? i just cant wait to see hotel!!

Taylor167 2015-06-25
Out of all the seasons so far this was the best! The actors were fabulous and the story line was great! For that I give it 5 stars! I'm absolutely in love with this show and very excited for season 5 to come out.

Kennedyl0ve 2015-02-18
I love this show so much especially this season I ship violet and Tate so much 💜

User4844 2015-02-15
I could watch it over and over and not get board from it I love this show its amazing

Tyler Jamison 2015-01-07
Best season ever!!!

itsscloey_ 2015-01-04
Evan Peters is bae.

Laylahhermann 2014-12-30
I watched all the seasons so far season 1,2,3 & 4 we'll all the episodes aired on season 4 by far this one is the best I loved Evan Peters in it it was amazing! Great job on this! It is definitely worth the money! 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Babylovestar15 2014-12-03
Now this show is awesome now this season gave a twist but it's really good for those out there who never saw it!

Ozzie929 2014-11-26
Great season. Not too scary, very thrilling, and incredibly intriguing.

MayGen Cole 2014-11-07
I have heard about this show on and off for a little while now and was not interested in watching it at all because of the title. It's true what they say .. Don't judge a book by its cover. When I started watching this, I fell in love with it. Season One, Murder House, in my opinion, is by far the best. It was confusing and clarifying. Kept me on my toes and I kept coming back episode after episode obsessing over it and needing to watch more. The actors portraying the characters did such a great job. They were all perfect for their roles. I am now currently watching Asylum and anxiously patient for Coven to be released to watch as well. Definitely looking forward to that season. This show is definitely a mature show, but for the mature audience, it's a must see! Just not with the kids around. This is an amazing show on TV. And I love it.

Bam Bam 77 smit 2014-11-05
Best season love this TV show I love this sooo much

Josxiee 2014-10-26
I loved it. it's seriously the BEST SERIE I've ever seen, I would watch it ever and ever again and I also loved the other seasons

WOM💕 2014-10-23
Even though Tate is the darkness basically, I still love him! He's so gentle and all he wants is love. He was so sweet when he wasn't killing people or rapping peoples moms...he was just misguided...Tate Langdon😍

MacGeek94 2014-10-11
BY FAR THE BEST SEASON!!!! this show is AMAZING, scary and just great!! And rewathching this season i can’t believe I missed all the clues that lead to the second season there were so many!!! like for one Vivian getting sent to an asylum DUH!!!

Averykline 2014-09-20

strangemaryjane 2014-09-16
this is just the best.

rvtuazon 2014-07-21
really nice story and ending 👍

Karenmm 2014-07-16
BEST SHOW IVE EVER SEEN!! #tateandviolet

Rino The Bouncer 2014-02-27
After hearing a lot from people about this series, I was urged to buy and watch all 3 seasons and I can say that I couldn’t be more grateful to all those people who recommended it. I’m not a fan of TV nor series in general but this one along with The Walking Dead are my first 2 series and they were beyond my expectations. This season may at first sound like a typical haunted house story. Well, it could be for the first glance but one thing about this series as a whole and this season is that it makes you love the characters so much that you feel connected to them and want to know what will happen to them more than the story of the house itself. Each set of a characters has their own atmosphere and you get to see a flashback about one of the residents of the house, in the past and then continue the present day story and see the relevance between present day and the flashbacks. I can call the genre Psychological Horror / Thriller as well as a bit of Drama. You get to explore the lives of the residents of the house and you go through their worst fears, their dark side all mixed with plot twists and a Silent Hill type of horror where each character sees the horrors differently than others do. I highly recommend that you get this season and the other 2 as well. Each one has a unique taste of horror and thriller in addition to a great characters.

plltvdlover 2014-02-13
I wish Murder House had more seasons, personally this is by far my favorite. You get so attached to the characters, so only having one season with them isn't enough. It leaves you hanging, literally. I think they should do a season based off Michael, they really ended that quickly. That plot could of gotten them a lot of views. This show is filled with suspense, drama, horror(hence the name of the show), sex, hatred, and so much more. You wont regret buying it.

aafong 2014-02-07
There should be a warning sign for this series that states that it's highly addictive. Say goodbye to your social life for next couple of weeks while you watch season 1,2, and 3 of American horror story! Season 1 is great and left me speechless and hopefully will do the same to you! Give it a try, you won't regret it!

StaciNy 2014-02-03
Addicted to this...wished the murder house had more seasons. Best ever!

maddie_cind 2014-02-03
This season... where do I begin? Really creepy, but SO GOOD! I also thought it was really sad. I recommend this to anyone who can take horror.

Naturally Fabricated 2014-01-13
To all great horror ever made. This show floored me. Fantastically done.

Jessica8794 2013-12-09
This is how real horror stories should be finally something that keeps people interested I can def see this show running for a while and I love how every season has a different theme:-)

Horror Story Fanatic 2013-11-30
This show is so unique. It's full of suspense and horror. The script is well written and each season is so refreshingly different. This season is my favorite so far. I love the relationship between Tate and Violet, but the ending is kind of a cliff hanger!!