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From the producers of the Emmy-nominated and Peabody-Award winning 30 for 30 series, ESPN Films creates exceptional sports stories from some of today’s finest filmmakers.

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User Reviews
Cosette15 2018-04-11
ESPN should goto jail for trying to sell Jimmy Johnson/Jerry Jones "Before they were Cowboys" video and instead switched it with some sort of SJW Documentary about Basketball. I will do everything in my power to get someone thrown in prison over this fraud and larceny!!!

ShinySpaceman 2015-02-21
Like 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story starring Barry Pepper. I would love a chance to buy it.

eboogie34 2012-03-17
Poor Steve Bartman. That film sucked me in so much I had to watch it 6 more times.

Archierocks! 2012-03-14
The best one of the 30 for 30 series. Had me in tears. Amazing.

speedykolt 2012-02-27
they need to put up the one on goose tatum that is the best one

Dmolloy777 2012-01-06
I grew up in Fall River, and therefore am probably biased. But every minute, every second of this film held my attention. The film doesn't seem to have any agenda, other than to simply tell the story as it is. Rent it. You'll love it.

1346877543246red 2011-11-23
Herren played for Boston College, not Boston University! As a BC alum, I had written off Herren years ago. This film provides thought provoking insight into the story behind the public persona. Herren is a compelling, charismatic guy. I wish him and his family well.

magic32and1 2011-11-03
One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves the resiliency in people and a great story to share with your family.

Jason's First iTunes Nickname 2011-10-10
Catching Hell suuuuuuucked, ESPN does the same crap it always does with their Boston bias. What should have been a story about the Chicago Cubs, 2003 NLCS and Steve Bartman ESPN turns into a 'gee the Red Sox won in 2004, aren't the Red Sox great?' story.

Wasn't his fault! 2011-10-09
Poor man he has to deal with this. He has to deal with this today too. Every day. I'm a cubs fan I know when we win a world series. 107 years of sadness will end, and me and him will feel better. Watching this made me think what could have been. It wasn't his fault. They could have still lost the series. Any fan would try to get a baseball. It's hard for me to think about this, but when Chicago gets a world series, there will be the biggest celebration in history

Crocc0 2011-10-07
ESPN never ceases to amaze me with what they do to enlighten us on sports. I remember that play when it happened. i'm not a Cubs fan but i was mad for them. your team has the oppurtunity to do something great and he got in the way of that. it was obvious interferance. should things have gone that far afterward.... probably not. but don't expect hand claps and smiles after you mess up a potential gamechanger. hope is what they had and hope is what he ruined for the Cubs

JavierR20 2011-10-04
If you are a baseball fan... Even if you are any kind of sports fan this is a must see movie.... Don't miss it!!!

30for30 2011-10-01
Every bit as good as the best of the 30 for 30 series. Definitely worth the watch.

Chad Breezy 2011-10-01
I actually remember seeing this incident with Steve Bartmen happen and now that it had been brought up recently, I flashed back to that moment. This documentary shows many vantage points from those who witnessed the infamous play that some would debate had caused the Chicago Cubs to go to the World Series. Too see how this unfortunate individual was treated after the questionable interference took place is beyond disbelief. The whole time I watched this man sit frozen in his seat being taunted with angry remarks and doused with alcohol, I was thinking "Seriously, it's only a baseball game". From watching the film, I learned that this man did what anybody else would do at a baseball game by reaching out to catch a foul ball. To say he costs the Chicago Cubs the chance to play at the World Series is ridiculous. I believe people sometimes fall and those whom get back up are the true Champions. As history shows us, Chicago let one play break them and It was the opposing team who capitalized on the opportunity to steal the victory. To point the finger at Steve Bartmen and rest the blame on his shoulders is unfair. You have to believe that the pitcher made many mistakes which would be the real reason the Cubs lost otherwise, how else do you explain the Florida Marlins bringing in 8 home runs? As far as the film is concerned, I enjoyed watching it. It was very educational and was very interesting but I do feel really bad that Steve Bartmen was treated so badly by the so called Cubs Fans. If anything, this film will teach you to treat others the way you want to be treated because you never know when you might be sitting in the same seat. You really have to stop and think about how this could have happened to anyone. Only then, I think you might gain an understanding of what Steve Bartmen was going through at that time. It could of happened to anybody. Unfortunately, it happened to Steve Bartmen.

PistolPete69 2011-09-29
This is a story of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How a lifetime Cubs fans life changed forever in the matter of a single play. Performing an act any fan in his seat would have done. And how it's haunted him for 8 years. Must See!