Children of the Corn
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A couple must escape from a town of evil kids in this Stephen King short-story adaptation that

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A couple must escape from a town of evil kids in this Stephen King short-story adaptation that spawned seven sequels. Burt and Vicky (Linda Hamilton) are traveling through Nebraska until an accident leads them to a town where twisted tykes obey a kiddie preacher (John Franklin, The Addams Family's Cousin Itt) who demands all adults must be sacrificed to an evil entity who lives in the cornfield. Mixing elements of the '70s horror classic "Who Can Kill A Child?" and Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"

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User Reviews
ES the horror fan 2020-07-04
No, it’s not the scariest movie ever made, but it’s creepy! Even though the short story is one of the scariest stories from Stephen King’s book Night Shift, his first collection of short stories, this film adaptation is better than the source material. The sequels were probably no more worth making than the lame remake; the only scary sequels are the first three. This one is recommended because it’s a good movie!

Mr. X the writer 2020-06-11
A creepy and unsettling movie. This cult classic is a horror favorite the whole horror fanbase can enjoy.

bennyyy890 2018-07-09
The story was very interesting and enjoyable. However, the acting of the leaders of the kids was absolutely horrific, the special effects were poor but acceptable due to when it was released. Don't buy it, just rent it and see how you like it

jer.clifford17 2018-05-18
Right creepy this one!

ADV1983 2013-10-30
This is my favorite movie ever!!! I have never seen anything like it! I love the people you chose to put in the movie and I love the red head you put In there (malachai) I don't know why I have a thing for gingers?! Oh well great movie!

shadowviper415 2013-01-20
I love love this movie!!!

Mightym25 2012-10-17
Well younger ppl ths days dnt knw a cult classic frm those new stupid horror movies today!!!!!

American Punk Dragon 2012-09-30
@Steven...Correction, it's "Praise God, praise the Lord", not "Prays God, Prays the Lord", you dimwit!!! I don't see the humor in this movie. It was shot really well for it's generation. The cinematography was great, the performances from John Franklin (Isaac) & Malachai (Courtney Gains) is superb. I honestly thought this movie was way better than the "book adaptation remake" from '09. As a matter of fact, most of the movies based off of Stephen King novels end up being superior to the book in which in came from. But that's just my own personal opinion.

Cometpoppy13 2012-08-13
I love this movie. It's really not that scary but the minute I saw Malachai I said i like this guy. He's my favorite. I love him.

Steven goldsmith 2012-07-15
It is not that scary movie but it is funny to see the kids going around with knifes saying prays god prays the lord it just cracked me up

Jayhawks #32 2012-06-27
This movie was hilarious!!!!!! I bought it thinking it was going to be scary and ended up laughing throughout it. When I tell people about this movie i tell them it is a comedy

mermaid97 2011-12-18
they are bosses! this movie is amazing, one of my fave horror movies of all time! c'mon buy it guyss

tld's 2011-11-27
This is a really good horror movie even though the movie was a lot different from the book. it 's a very dark tale with a lot of blood, horror and gore! I would recommend this movie to anyone! Also get Children of the Corn 666 Isaac's Return it's a good movie!

Mr. Freakman 2011-10-19
i love this movie.... every time i see it ... it brings back my childhood when we would run throu the corn and chase the neighbors kids and make them yell rednbocker