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Filmmaker Ridley Scott explores the biography of some of the most renowned science fiction visionaries and the formation of their imaginations and ideas. Find out how they revealed themselves in their writing and screen projects, and finally how precise their predictions of the future are ultimately proved this season on Prophets of Science Fiction.

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User Reviews
TheImageWizard 2013-02-09
I'm hoping that Discovery, Science or History will be continuing on with this series. The productions are exceptional and provide the viewer with insightful information on the authors that brought us the future, long before science even thought it possible. There are many more authors to cover, so I'm hoping for more! If you're on the fence about purchasing the series, jump off the fence and buy it! You won't regret it! Jeff Knutson

edisonjones 2012-03-09
What a great show! You get solid profiles of a collection of amazing sci-fi authors, plus a look at the real science inspired by their fiction. You really appreciate the forward thinking of 19th century writers like Verne and Wells , plus 20th century geniuses like Asimov Clarke and Phillip K Dick. Only episode I haven't seen yet was the Heinlein and I look forward to watching it.

jeremiah2329 2011-11-25
This morning I watched the episode on Philip K. Dick and found it to be very insightful and interesting. Afterwards I watched the movie A Scanner Darkly, based on one of Dick's stories, and it was very interesting to see the movie through the lens of what I had learned about Dick. It made the whole thing more intriguing and understandable. I enjoyed both. Over on the Science channel website there is plenty of discussion about who is missing from the list of subjects (William Gibson, Bradbury, Ursula Le Guin, Frank Herbert, etc.). Also a lot of discussion about whether George Lucas should be on the list (mostly negative!). Overall I'm hopeful that we haven't seen the final list of subjects they will include in this series. But, I'm very glad they included Dick - who has probably done more to influence the modern face of science fiction in both literature and film - as well as real science - as any other fiction author.