A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
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The new "Harold & Kumar" comedy picks up six years after the duo's last adventure. After years of growing apart, Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) have replaced each other with new friends and are preparing for their respective Yuletide celebrations. But when a mysterious package mistakenly arrives at Kumar's door on Christmas Eve, his attempt to redirect it to Harold's house ends with the "high grade" contents-and Harold's father-in-law's prize Christmas tree- going up in smoke. Reluctantly embarking on another ill-advised journey with Kumar through New York City, their search for the perfect tree almost blows Christmas Eve sky high.

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User Reviews
Xt4950 2020-12-17
As others have said, this movie is funny and has a lot of heart. If your looking for a good laugh with a Christmas vibe, look no further! Highly recommend!!

Inevitable Aftermath 2018-08-24
Barely remember. What I do remember is smoking with a buddy coming back and passing out at some point during the movie.

Rambo8649 2018-04-22
The first and second movies were good, too raunchy, but still good. This movie is too raunchy with too much cussing AND its really bad.

H&K Fan 2014-12-19
Fawking awesome!

nobeardgiant 2013-12-26
i do like the theatrical version, but all the other unrated movies i thought they would also have the unrated version of this movie in the bundle

Tony the Critic 2012-07-04
What a pleasantly surprising holiday treat this movie was! This has the be the best Harold and Kumar movie of the series, I laughed a whole lot. I thought the first two Harold and Kumar movies were very hit and miss, sometimes funny, but most of the time embarrassingly tasteless. But this installment however is absolutely hilarious from beginning to end. Also, one of the things i have enjoyed about the series is the dynamics between Harold and Kumar, this movie shows us an even more tender side of their relationship, and this being a christmas movie makes us fall in love them even more. The jokes just keep rolling, and they keep getting funnier with every scene, no matter how politically incorrect. Plus, NPH gives his funniest performance yet in the franchise. Seriously, he's fantastic in this. Its an instant holiday classic, an instant comedy classic, and its also Harold and Kumar at their very finest.

cmart-78 2012-07-03
The animation killed it .

Dreking1988 2012-06-29

Hion64 2012-06-06
This movie was awesome, Solid stuff

14368765469 2012-05-19
Title says it all!!! This is a very good movie i really recommend it!

helpful n 2012-05-16
i saw the first 2 harol and kumar movies and they are my favorite, but this movie was just....not good. not very funny and it was nothing like the other ones. it was not good.

Nonstop runner 2012-04-13
Harold and Kumar, all 3 of their movies were never a disappointment to comdey xD, people who didnt watch this are missing out alot.

Beep111 2012-03-23
Very,very funny!

Nobodys_Courage 2012-03-19
Best one of the series cant wait for the next one

MCPD32 2012-03-13
A special place in hell for y'all...

Con artist 11 2012-03-11
Sorry I don't date black guys

BDawg01 2012-03-08
Was no where as food as the last two. This felt like it was rushed and put out there to make a quick buck counting on the popularity of the first two films. Worth renting, but would not recommend buying.

pea227 2012-03-05
I liked the first H&K, the second was ok but this one was boring. Don't waste your money or time. It's time to put this franchise to rest, they've jumped the shark.

DrLazerHandzz 2012-03-05
also, a lot of good nudity so that is good.

Gnkfdk 2012-03-03
Probably one of the best movies i have ever seen

Tlindlahr 2012-03-02
I saw this in theaters i didnt laugh much because it wasnt as funny as usual, rather it quite stupid in my own opinion.

Bossman8$ 2012-03-01

adcohen88 2012-02-29
Laughed maybe once the entire movie and I loved the first two Harold and Kumars

Marilo143 2012-02-29
just like the other two, this one was very funny. i loves these guys, you should watch it in 3D if you get a chance!!

By: Connor 2012-02-29
Really funny! Need to see.

Xx500 2012-02-29

God fatha 2012-02-28
There was nothing funny about ...an embarassment to the other 2 h&k

Tylor Raphael BleAu 2012-02-28
Just Horrible

Unclepain 2012-02-27
I can't wait until this 3-d trend is over so they start working on plot over stupid effects. Not a buy , not a rent , not worth a s$&t

arabesq610 2012-02-25
If you're a Harold & Kumar fan, you know what to expect, and will definitely want to see this film. Not a must-buy, though, IMHO.

Circo63 2012-02-25
This movie is not a buyer. Save ur money n rent it if u feel like u got to watch it. Very disappointed.

Anthony Pierce 2012-02-24
The third Harold & kumar was hilarious. The 3D was pretty good. They definitely have gotten funnier and dirtier as they go on. I will watch this every Christmas season

Silent408 2012-02-23
This movie is hella funny but only if it was free

Luke_K 2012-02-23
It's good and has some funny moments but nowhere near as good as the first two in my opinion.

myi05 2012-02-22
it was awful . only one neal patrick harris seen .

Russaholic 2012-02-22
I wish I had two more hands cause I would give this movie four thumbs down. This was an embarrassment to the other H&K films. I can only assume they were trying to squeeze every drop of money they could get from the series. Even NPH's character was a let down.

BaydenCevonte 2012-02-21
So Much Stuff Made Me Laugh

101kcuf 2012-02-21
When I think of what the top heist as movies of all time are 20 years from now this will still be #1 on that list! Nothing compares! Hahaha Oh and to anyone reading this who has also read the other comments talking about how it's "crude" or "swears too much" I just want to say, "what the F&$@ were they doing watching it if they have an issue with crude humor. If that is not your thing then Harold and kumar is clearly not a movie that you should be watching so stay off of the comments blog. And to all of you who feel it necessary to take offence by a couple of humorous moments developed from themes in christianity I want you to think about how many times you've laughed at political cartoons smashing on Muslims or fat buddha jokes, or the giggles you get when someone in the media pokes fun at Scientology! Really people! A joke is a joke so grow up! This movie is great but definitely not for everyone. If you are one of those people then don't watch it.

Hbbcc 2012-02-21

R0bb 2012-02-21
Very good to spend a funny evening.

Jazzdchhv 2012-02-20
Funny az fuhh!!

Moi53 2012-02-19
I was expecting it to be much funnier than it was. It was cheesy. Compared to the other ones they shouldn't of bothered.

Bobby Pollitt 2012-02-19
This movie is very boring dnt rent it I had a strait face through the whole movie

deathnote37 2012-02-18
My mom and her boyfriend took me out to see this movie best movie ever I loved it and still do :) my boyfriend is going to love it to ha :)

Jarengalo 2012-02-18
One of those movies I wish I could "unwatch."

mileidys santiesteban 2012-02-17

Drunken Chicken 2012-02-16
This is one of the worst comedy ever. Extremely bad acting and execution. Not to mention the terrible chosen cast.

Sem-Pro 2012-02-15
Harold and Kumar could make 10 movies and they would all be funny. The new actors that they put into the movie were great and funny also. If I could make one thing happen in this movie is. More NPH!!!!!!!!

Lexie A. 2012-02-15
The movie was good. I really liked all the different elements filmography that they used, like the claymation scene that they did was really cool in 3D.

Kiddarknessbmx 2012-02-14
Can I have my money back wasn't up to the other two