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The death-defying comedy genius of Rob Dyrdek reaches unprecedented levels of inspiration and laughter in the fifth season of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, along with familiar faces Chris "Drama" Pfaff, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, Scott "The Big Cat" Pfaff, Chanel West Coast, and his Ridiculousness co-host Sterling "Steelo" Brim. Dyrdek shocks the world in the Season 5 premier when he dubs himself “Supersonic Rob” and attempts a car stunt achieved by few men in daredevil history: The Corkscrew Flip -- a literal 360 degree “kickflip” car jump. Rob’s other adventures include: inviting Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius (Jackass) to train Drama in the fine art of getting “mowed down” by an angry bull, becoming an ordained minister in order to marry his sister to her boyfriend, and creating Dyrdek Day -- an official Los Angeles City-certified holiday celebrating kindness, hugs, and random charity toward everyone. Rob also reinvents his pop icon alter-ego Bobby Light as an overweight superstar named “Blobby” Light, emerging from retirement to record a new single with Big Black and company titled, Chunky as Charged -- a celebration of all big people. The adventure never seems to end for Rob and the Fantasy Factory cast. Season 5 proves that for every Fantasy, there is a hilarious episode of television behind it.

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User Reviews
Coolrockkid 2016-02-27
This season, was really funny and it also had some notable moments.

ROCcitycowboys 2013-03-22
Been a fan since rob and big, the only shows that have me laughing out loud are those with rob drydek. I hope rob has many shows to come and doesn't stop his comedic genius.

Flyersfan731 2013-02-20
Does anyone know if its uncensored?

kkpanda# 2012-11-22
This is the best t.v show ever it mekes me laugh so hard

Tyler6262 2012-11-14
What did u like better cookie or puppy

Dyrdefan 2012-09-08
I didn't watched it but is awesome

riley gomez 2012-06-07
Ha!eat my cookie!

Zzzzsssup 2012-04-28
I love fantasy factory its my favorite show…. but come on only 12 episodes this season i feel robbed

AntDaMan21 2012-03-22
Best tv show ever

Illinifan3 2012-03-11
Yes finally a season 5 and it's going to be Magical.

Han5200 2012-03-10

854gbw 2012-03-07
i love this show it is the best show on earthfive stars

D dog234 2012-03-06
Best show ever right next to Rob and Big and Ridiculessnes