Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
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It's a smashing shagadelic party as Mike Myers (Wayne's World 1 & 2, So I Married an Axe Murderer)

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It's a smashing shagadelic party as Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley star in a non-stop, hilarious comedy adventure. Frozen in the '60s, secret agent Austin Powers (Myers) is thawed back into action to once again battle his archenemy Dr. Evil. With his sexy sidekick Ms. Kensington (Hurley), Austin must stop Dr. Evil's outrageous plot to control the world. But first, this time-warped swinger must get hip quick and discover that there's no free love in the '90s! An all-star supporting cast including Michael York, Robert Wagner, Mimi Rogers and Carrie Fisher make Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery a wacky, far-out trip you won't forget.

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User Reviews
1-j ] 2023-02-11
This movie is so so so funny I can’t stop laughing my head off it makes two others it’s funny it’s funny the entire time you need to. Show the movie with your family you’re be happy be on leaving the movie

sebcot1 2022-06-14
This movie is so funny. I laugh so much including the other two films. The first film is the best. Some of them have weird and inappropriate names.

Furutan1 2022-05-02
This could have been great but the film is frequently set back by juvenile potty humor. Meyers has always been on the immature side. This movie is a grandstanding of the fact.

crazydream11 2022-04-20
Hilarious, just like all the Austin Powers movies.

Store.D 2021-10-14
I just realized this is not the movie I used to watch when it came out. Indeed if you go to IMDb you’ll see there are alternate versions, unfortunately the US version is shorter. I don’t get why they cut out some great scenes at Virtucon. I had to buy the European version on dvd which includes cameos from Christian Slater and yes Rob Lowe (not referred as number 2), plus the security guard’s family called after he is run over by steam roller, you can find them on the deleted scenes in the US dvd disc, I hope there is a secret menu to watch the European version I am not aware of.

Rabinovici 2020-09-21

satertot9 2020-07-21
Mike Meyers is clever with corny humor that actually makes me laugh

Falling Lots 2020-06-25
Nowhere near as good as I remember it. Another 90’s movie with transphobic humor and violence. Two stars for the excellent puns.

Nicholas becerra 2020-06-12
Austin Powers International Man of Mystery isn't just a funny movie it's flawless and a laugh-out-loud masterpiece. Mike Myers nails as the sexy spy Austin Powers he is hailrious and wisdom baby! Yeah!

LucaQ13 2020-02-22
This is the best 007 spoof ever. Mike Myers performance should be given a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

Ublak82 2020-01-12
After all these years(since 1997), this film is still original and full of fun. Mike Meyers is a treat as Austin Powers & Dr. Evil. His side kick, Elizabeth Hurley, an English Rose, a sheer delight to watch on screen. Easy going movie, not complicated to watch. A must see by all.

Chachi0601 2016-06-14

Acts like Squirrelflight 2015-11-03
All i can say XD

Needs rent 2015-06-14
It's a great movie but it needs to have a rent option

Diego rocks 2014-07-01
Very nice movie I loved it a lot

Theater Chic 2013-07-07
I loved this movie!!!! It was sooo funny!!!

Add ic tive! 2013-02-11
Cool movie