Arthur Christmas
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Santa and his elite elf team use spy-like stunts to deliver billions of presents to all the world's children in one incredible night. So what does it mean if only one child gets left without a present? Everything! Now it is up to Santa's youngest son Arthur to fix this slip up and make good on the promise of Christmas. With the help of retired Grandsanta and a rebellious young elf, Arthur's on a last-second ride to give the final gift and bring wonder back to the holiday season. Deck the halls with thrills, excitement and fun in this instant Christmas classic!

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User Reviews
ekbd dksthsh s 2022-12-17
why do people love this film? i watched it on netflix and almost fell asleep.

Josefina Moreno 2022-07-28
This movie is a great tradition to the holidays, and a really good movie to watch for December, oh I really wish they’d make a second one

Just another movie review 2021-12-05
(Note: I give the movie itself 5/5 stars and you should totally watch it if u haven’t already. However, this is a review for the 3D Blu Ray version of the film and not of the actual films content) If u have ever read a Cinemablend To 3D or Not article, you’ll know what we’re getting into here. Arthur Christmas itself is a fantastic film with a clever script, lots of humor, and a good heart. However, for those of you wondering whether or not the Blu Ray 3D version of the film is worth picking up over the standard 2D version, that’s what we’re looking at today. So buckle up your seatbelt as we look into whether or not Arthur Christmas delivers a little extra Christmas magic in 3D. Does it fit 5/5 Animated films always fit like a glove for a 3D version. And Arthur Christmas with its landscapes, sleigh rides, and surreal settings is certainly no exception. Though some animated films work better in 3D than others, Arthur Christmas definitely has the cards to be one of the more impressive ones. Planning and effort 4/5 Arthur Christmas absolutely shines with the 3D transfer in ways that a lack of planning and effort simply can’t accomplish. I’ll get more to that in a minute, but the point here is that while a good amount of animated films are just in 3D because they can and aren’t given a terrible amount of p & e, Arthur Christmas 3D clearly has been given lots of good care because it shows. However, how much planning and effort exactly is why I’m docking a point because I can barely find any talk from the studio about this films 3D planning. And there are a few parts of the film that seem to work slightly better in 2D. However, a 4/5 is still a success. Before the Window 3/5 Arthur Christmas is more about depth, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t let things pop off the screen every now and then. The thing is, though, most of them are in the second half of the film and are sometimes pretty subtle. However, you do still get reindeer, Steve’s coffee mug, and some elves in the first half of the film, along with other pop outs. And the scene in the boat allows Arthur while rowing the boat to absolutely come out of the screen. I’m actuality, this film is more of a 2.5 in this category. But because of the sheer amount of stuff in the second half of the movie, I’ll be a little extra generous and give this one a 3. Beyond the window 5/5 I said earlier that Arthur Christmas is more about depth. And it is real stunning at times. Even the more modest scenes such as the one at Santa’s family dinner and the one in the reindeer barn carry much more depth than you would expect. And even mission control seems pretty vast. But it’s during the sleigh ride scenes and the parts with surreal landscapes that truly utilize the 3D to the max. At times, it almost feels like the 3D is Polar Express great. It isn’t though, but the amount of depth there is absolutely staggering. I can’t see how I can give this category anything less than a 5. Brightness 5/5 Arthur Christmas remains a bright and colorful movie, even with the slight dimness of the glasses. Glasses off test 4/5 Rule of thumb: the more blur you see with the glasses off, the more 3D you should see. I took my glasses off to test this periodically and the results are incredible throughout. Although there are a couple of moments where I feel that you could watch the film without the glasses, the rest of the film remains blurry. Audience Health 5/5 I’m happy to admit that Arthur Christmas 3D left me feeling 100% merry with no side effects from the 3D technology. Conclusion 31/35 Although I’m not entirely sure how much planning and effort went into making Arthur Christmas a good 3D presentation, the results are mesmerizing none the less. It’s not quite up there with the likes of A Christmas Carol or The Polar Express (which in another review, I mentioned it’s many problems). But if you’re looking for another great 3D holiday film, look no further than Arthur Christmas. With all of its depth it has to give with the settings it has to use it with, you cannot go wrong. If you already have the equipment to watch a 3D film with, do yourself a favor and pick this one up for the Christmas season. Arthur Christmas is a good enough movie as it is. And the 3D only makes it better.

1376209885 2021-08-02
I really love this movie so much that I actually have it on DVD and I watch it almost every day. And it describes how magical Christmas is in the year and I love Arthur because he is my favorite characters of all time and I love how the move has adventure because that’s my type of movie style. And I’m gonna give this move a 1,0000000 million star rating for this amazing movie.

jskso ns snjxk nx 2021-05-26
2 stars for me

Kkrystasmommy 2019-12-17
I’m very picky with movies and this was an absolute must watch. Very well done. Gramps is Hilarious !!!

Jolovesgum 2017-07-23
Arthur became Santa Clause and I can't believe that. I just loved this Christmas movie I watched last night.

TRodmonster 2016-12-23
Just a total delight and very worth watching.

Mic25RO 2016-12-20
My expectations for this movie weren't high going in but the film's original story line, character development and sweet message put a smile on my face. In an overly tired genre that's full of talking dogs and D-lust celebrities this family movie stands above the crowd.

stillachildatheart 2015-12-03
Simply perfect. Great story and captures the holidays perfectly.

AlecWallace 2015-11-30
I saw this movie by accident and immediately went out and bought it. One of the best Christmas movies I've seen and a plot that sounds like a tired cliche but manages to be refreshing and hilarious! All the actors are on point, the animation is beautiful and not one scene is wasted. A must watch if you love Christmas movies, family movies or just Aardman studio productions as they haven't steered me wrong yet!

Averagedog 2015-06-13
Such a fun movie, my children have watch this movie about 200 times already. They love it and so will you, very cute movie with a lot of heart and "Christmas magic"

luke12359 2015-03-01
Arthur christmas is the best animated film of 2011

sixfourandtwo 2014-12-21
Wow, is all I can say. This really was one of the best movies I’ve seen let alone a Christmas one. We were thrilled while watching it, thoroughly entertained and inspired and moved at times. A surprisingly very heartfelt movie .This brought tears to my eyes! ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH with the family.

Maribob123 2014-01-18
Super boring! All it's about is giving one kid a gift. It's good that they don't forget about the kid but does there have to be a whole movie about that?!

Acabani 2013-12-26
Its a very nc film for kids and adults for all the ages! Its fantasticcccc!! I love this moviee!

MaggielisGaithersburg 2013-12-14
A new Christmas Classic! Treat yourself to this, there is so much packed into this, so many layers, you'll notice more every time you watch it!

Evrowbri 951 2013-12-11
I rented this movie for my kids. I had heard from a friend's husband that it was really good, but my friend said he likes all kid movies. Furthermore, I thought the previews/trailers for this movie were very lame, and I had no desire to see it, other than to entertain my kids. BIG SURPRISE! It is wonderful! Great animation, humor, plot. Not predictable in the least. And last but not least, very poignant. We own it now, play it for family movie nights with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Most holiday movies are so cliché and sappy; this movie is fresh, but still holds true to the spirit of Christmas. WATCH IT!

nchighlandscot 2013-12-08
Not what I expected, and I say that in a great way :) Very cute holiday movie. Great one for the whole family.

Crisjinn 2013-11-19

baraboobian 2013-03-17
instant good or better than the the grinch, its a wonderful life, a christmas story, etc

Applppp 2012-12-28
Love the movie

Seventh key 2012-12-26
One of the best Christmas movies I have ever seen! Loved the animation, the creativity, and the constantly brilliant funniness. A definite must-see!

Marceltheshell 2012-12-26
This was such a cute movie! Surprisingly underrated

zoubin 2012-12-24
Arthur Christmas is a great movie for all ages! It is touching how Santa (but in this case Arthur) cares about everyone and makes sure that everyone gets their present for Christmas. I love this movie very much and recommend it to everyone!

weiwei107 2012-12-15
I love Xmas and I love how they made this movie! They gave Santa and brand new twist with modern humor and modern terms for the new generation kids but still kept the Magic of Christmas in the movie! I just love it! This is probably one of the best movie I have seen all year!!!!! It's a must watch!

Andi underpants 2012-12-13
I was so pleasantly surprised to find an alternative to children's holiday films that was not only entertaining, but touching and poignant without being sappy. This is a real treat for the whole family, and unlike other animated fare of the same variety, I think this is movie showed some real grown up tendencies, but wasn't preachy. I love the theme of family unity and the whole "spirit of christmas", and the joy one can obtain by giving and not just getting. I highly recommend this film for anyone, with kids, without kids, grown ups and grown up kids. A really cool movie and the animation is flawless and keeps you glued to the picture without too much over the top gimmicks. Feels a little like an old classic even though its innovative and new. Watch it.

ssck.savage 2012-12-11
We rented this for the kids and shortly thereafter mom and dad were sucked in as well. Highly recommended.

ChelsieTokio 2012-12-10
I love this movie it made me laugh and smile its great for little kids its definitely a great movie don't hesitate to buy!

phillipemac 2012-12-09
This movie is a great one. I really enjoyed it, especially the beginning. It's very clever and its a one of a kind movie. Trust me, it's worth it. You'll enjoy it.

AlolaAsh 2012-12-07
Arthur Christmas is an excellent film. The movie at a basic level is great for kids, but the beauty of the movie is in the details. This movie is so detailed, from props to facial expressions. An excellent animated film.

Tan007 2012-11-25
His is my favorite Christmas movie by far.

FunkMonkeyJ 2012-11-24
Great to rent, good enough to buy. Far from horrible as a parent to sit through. Certainly worth a rent if nothing else.

reefdog 2012-11-20
An entirely unnecessary and skippable movie. Nothing is outright terrible, but nothing stands out. What bits have energy lack enthusiasm or joy; what bits are comical lack humor; what bits are sentimental lack heart. It doesn't offend, it just… exists. Please don't waste your money. Spend it on Pixar or the stupid-but-entertaining Chris Meledandri instead.

Michael Glaub 2012-11-18
What a great family movie. No one gets left behind. Peace.

Ciarakaleo 2012-11-18
I love it and I will watch thru out this winter season

Marathoner33 2012-11-16
I watched this movie back to back twice (loved it!) This is definitely one I will be adding to my collection.

LulyBorla 2012-11-15
It is totally a family movie… It remind us all what Santa is all about in a very new tech world. I think we will watch many times through out the holiday season!

Personal game system 2012-11-14
This is a fantastic movie! I really enjoyed it because it actually made me cry despite the fact that I am 19 years old.

Coboy Chris 2012-11-13
Graphic design and animation picture is good. The best part is the story plot until the end. Good movie for everyone.

nerissalynette 2012-11-13
This was a great movie. I picked it out on a limb with no history on it and it is now my favorite christmas movie of all time. Creative writing, amazing humor and a well put together movie for all ages to enjoy. Enjoy! =]

Hey what's up girl 2012-11-12
I love this movie I wish it was free Don't you wish that

thompang 2012-11-11

MoniSofi1329 2012-11-11
I always forget! Is it Bambi? XD

Herbst'I' 2012-11-10
Haven't cried that many tears of happiness in a long time!!!

Broken Headphones 2012-10-07
Aardman Animation continues their winning streak of charming, clever, and imaginative animated films with "Arthur Christmas", a delightful holiday treat that the whole family will enjoy. It's the story of Santa's youngest son Arthur, who discovers that one of the presents his father was supposed to deliver has been missed. So with the help of a retired Grandsanta and a rebellious young elf, Arthur makes it his mission to bring the final gift to the child who deserves it before Christmas morning. What makes "Arthur Christmas" such a massively enjoyable movie isn't just the fact that its story is told from the heart, but its broad humor also succeeds by appealing to viewers of every age. From the visually inventive sight gags to the dry British wit, both kids and their parents can find something to laugh at. Another great thing this film does is give its main characters depth. Santa Claus isn't exactly the holly, jolly man we all think he is. Now that Christmas has moved into the 21st century, his role of hand-delivering gifts to the children of the world has been replaced by a crack team of operative elves who leave presents under the tree without ever making a sound. As a result, Santa has become a sad shell of his former self, eventually deciding to pass down the title of St. Nick to his oldest son Steve. It seems like everybody has forgotten about the true meaning of Christmas except for Arthur, whose eternal love of the holiday makes his mission that much more climactic and significant. At the end of the day, "Arthur Christmas" is easily one of the best holiday films I've seen in a very long time. With its amazing voice work, colorful animation, diverse characters, engaging humor, and surprising emotional strength, this is one animated family movie that's worth seeing at least once. The only downside I can think of is that it comes with a music video for Justin Bieber's cover of "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town", but you can always fast-forward through that part.

I Am Brady 2012-10-07
Even a grown man like myself was taken with the holiday spirit of this film. I'm happy to add it to my collection and it will be a yearly holiday tradition.