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ESPN Films’ Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning 30 for 30 is an unprecedented documentary series, engaging some of today’s finest storytellers to tell incredible stories that capture the core of how sports inspire and entertain.

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User Reviews
Prophet Amos 2016-08-14
Good stories. I liked the Bo Jackson, and Brian Bosworth story. I like Bo Jackson, but it is asinine, how the commentators said, "Bo ran over Bosworth, it was good verse evil, and good won. In football, anytime a 220 plus guys runs into you, you are going to go somewhat backwards after the collision, obviously the people hate Bosworth, and wanted to see him fall flat on his face. An unprofessional lot, who do not know or do not care, that Bosworth knew how to market himself to the fullest. In the end, Bosworth apologized to his teammates for his stupid mistakes. We must remember that young athletes make stupid mistakes, since wisdom comes with age.

jayray1112 2013-04-07
The episode I would like to purchase is 9.79, I have been waiting for this episode to appear for the longest and it is STILL not on here. Come on iTunes. I need you to come through and get this episode on here. I have checked first 30 for 30 series and now this one and it still is not on here.

Myzelle Jenkins 2013-04-02
You don't even have to be a sports fan to be moved by each one of these documentaries. So well done on so many levels. Thank you, ESPN, for giving the stories behind each of these the outstanding treatment they deserve. Really, really impressed...

alaskanlute 2013-03-17
Very interesting subject ruined by the upbeat style; it didn't feel like journalism, it felt like a Vh1 'where are they now'. Subpar for 30 for 30 standards.

x5girl 2013-01-02
Very well done!

Drereed2489 2012-11-29
Theirs no point of the 30 for 30 without the 9.79 that involves Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson. That's the best one in my eyes right with "broke."

Tdirty777 2012-10-28
This story is so real and very sad. Chicago all my life and grew up hearing about this story. What makes it even worse is that here in Chicago it's only has gotten worse. Thank you to ESPN hopefully these people see this and make a change.

Wiltfreak 2012-10-26
The ESPN documentary 30 for 30 is highly interesting and provocative for the audience. This was also conveyed on Tuesday's showing of Benji. By the way, is Benji on the way because I am very eager to download it as it was the best 78 minutes of my life watching a sports documentary.

Benatown 2012-10-26
Where the F is Benji???

FREEenesUK2K 2012-10-25
Where the hell is 9.79*? They put "There's No Place Like Home" and "Broke" on here the day after they aired. I bought "Broke" and would of def bought 9.79*. But "There's No Place Like Home" was awful and like i said it was on here the minute it aired. Come on get on your game I tunes, nobody wants to watch some idiot go ask for money from stuck up alumni. Except the Jayhawks who lost to my WILDCATS last year!...I mean you guys don't even have all the Volume 1 episodes on here. COME ON! 9.79*? Benji? PLEASE!!!

lbaz 2012-10-11
These are some of the best sports documentries going around - but why do they costs $4.99? Most TV shows on itunes are $2.99? What's the deal? Additionally - they take forever to release them? 9.79* was on two nights ago and there is still no sign of it on itunes (this isn't limited to 30 for 30). Sharpen the price and increase your speed to market. 5* for the content, 1 * for Apple and itunes.

DangerD4n 2012-10-10
anyone know if '9.79' is gonna be up???

Watchoutttt 2012-10-03
Another Billy Corben masterpiece!