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Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past.

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User Reviews
Brandonn831 2019-11-14
my favorite season this season is so scary

MyownmE 2018-12-26
My Fav. seasons of AHS are: S5 (Hotel) S1 (Murder House) S8 (Apocalypse). they really fulfil my expectations, not like the rest of seasons. Though, i Liked the musical number that Ms Lang did.

#1Jackster 2018-08-13
American Horror Story: Asylum had a morbid and tightly constructed plot consisting of unexpected twists and audacious cinematic elements, supported by motivated characters and disturbing scenarios.

andyisawriter 2018-03-03
I absolutely adore this season from the acting to the story it all blends together to make the series best season. 8.5/10

#soonny😂 2017-11-06
I watched it for like 3-4 times and it’s still amazing

Cooky Monkey 2016-11-20
Ok so after watching season 1 of ahs, I expected this season to be just as thrilling as that one. Little did I know that it is liTERALLY THE SCARIEST SEASON EVER IDK WHY IM ACTING LIKE THIS.

@KLuca143 2016-10-04
The whole cast is just amazing! Great season of AHS!

Coprobber 2016-10-01
this the the best season

Risingtrackstarkatie 2016-01-26
Such a surprising movie. There were multiple plot twists & sadness, but it is amazing!

kisertn 2015-11-16
Not for the feint hearted. But well worth it if you can hold on. Took me almost two years to watch all of this season: very intense (for me, ymmv)

YullzYullz 2015-11-07
Obsessed with this season is just a masterpiece 👏🏼

424Newmark 2015-10-25
This is by far one of the greatest shows of all time! The story is so engrossing, truly a master piece. I my opinion much more interesting than season 1, I loved it took us into a world that hadn’t been covered by the mainstream media. A look into the mind of a psychopath killer, and what terrible things “sane” people are willing to commit for their ambition and power.

Pony12344 2015-10-10
American horror story asylum,in my opinion is the ultimate best season. It has so many plot twists it's awesome! And the characters and cast are so brilliant. This season is very dark, but that's what American horror story is all about! this season has a purpose and a great plot. it makes you want to watch episode after episode. Truly a great season.

DominiqueLover 2015-07-28
this season is fire. this whole show is fire. and so is my mixtape.

stan_1978 2015-07-26
I bought 1 episode and was creeped out I don't think I'm going to buy another one. I kinda want my money back. You can keep the episode I hated it anyways.

Taylor167 2015-06-25
I've watched all the season of American Horror Story and this season was my least favorite. I found it kind of boring yet very suspenseful I do have to give it that but I did feel like it was missing something.

IWASnotHERELOLBYE 2015-01-02

Beepbo 82 2014-12-15
This is the only season that is worth watching. It's simple horrifying

Dulcevertigofey 2014-12-10
My favorite season is this. Lana banana and those songs are great.

brandon.2018 2014-12-07
Very suspenseful, wired show but very good! Get it. Won't regret it!

Ozzie929 2014-11-26
This season was really discomforting to watch, but totally worth it.

Thfirelilys 2014-11-19
I loved murder house, coven, and freak show, they show characters and their story's; but this was just horrid. I cannot watch this ever again. What happened?

Mrae999 2014-11-14
This season keeps your attention until the last episode. So much gore, shock, and horror but it is all great. I would recommend this show to anyone. Its a lot different than Murder House, imo better because it doesnt have that soap opera vibe. Definitely 5 stars!

jake hut 2014-11-10
SERIOUSLY this made my hart rush. BEST season to of the three.. absof**kinlutely worth watching!

Horsey9000 2014-11-09
The actors are all great and the storyline is awesome

JBLACKEY 2014-10-30
Loved it!!! A must see!!!

jen_shaw08 2014-10-09
This episode made the whole season worthwhile. Then again, the whole season is nothing less than perfect! Definitely the best! NOTHING WILL EVER TOP ASYLUM!

Not the Same as 33+1/3 record 2014-09-01
But I can't stop watching it. Like a nightmare you can't force yourself to wake up from. Lots of surprises. Its crazy GOOD!

Hidyyyyy 2014-07-21
In love !

Jazzhands83 2014-06-02
Asylum, in my opinion, is the best season of the three; while Coven is the worst. Asylum is dark, creepy, atmospheric and disturbing. I hope season 4 is similar.

SergeyLazarevFan 2014-05-29
SEASON 1 rocked awesome! Not my genre, but sat down to watch a few minutes & stayed to binge watch the season!!! totally hooked. SEASON 2 , not so much. can anyone tell me the name of the little kids FRENCH SONG that plays throughout the background? it is driving me nuts and now I will be creeped out everytime I hear it.....

Erikajade235 2014-03-22
Love this show! It's fantastic

justintimefortheparty 2014-02-27
If your looking for something creepy to watch then this is it. Even better than the first season.

Rino The Bouncer 2014-02-27
I wasn’t a fan of TV series before, but with this one and The Walking Dead, I got totally hooked. I bought all 3 seasons of AHS together and watched them all. I can say that this season is the best. Even though all of them have a unique taste and non of them is short of perfection but this one is definitely the best. There’s just so much focus on characters that you forget everything and focus on what’s going to happen to each one of them. From abductions to possessions to serial killers, nazis, religious fanatics, experiment clinics and torture chambers, you get feel more immersed than ever into the world of Briarcliff Asylum and it’s distinguished characters. There’s more character development here than I’ve ever seen anywhere else. You might think “the story has too many themes” and I’ll tell you: yes it does, but it fits perfectly in this universe and because of the brilliant characters and thrillers, you’ll find yourself embracing everything and just waiting at the edge of your seat to what will happen to the characters next. Jessica Lange is at her best, here. I’ve never seen such a strong female lead, brilliant acting and character development. Never waste the opportunity to watch this. Whether you loved or hated the other seasons, this one is perfect and you’ll surely admire it a lot.

Rwarren1211 2014-02-23
Best thing since Nutella was invented.

gmiller367 2014-02-17
Don't listen to all these people saying this was a horrible season. Just because it's different than season one doesn't mean it's bad. I LOVED this season. Kit Walker is by far one of my favorite characters. The Name Game scene was hilarious and a great way to welcome the series back after the holiday break. This season was definetly NOT a disappointment. The whole battle between God and reality is well portrayed. The creators of this show have an amazing talent of creating a setting and plot in which the evil resides deep within the walls of the asylum and murder house, rather than the people there. The flashbacks and such show this. Sure, you could get rid of Arden, Mary Eunice, the Monsignor, Tate, Chad, or Thaddeus. The evil in these places in much deeper than a human affliction, and the creators have an uncanny ability to create a flawlessly gory and twisted plot while still maintaining this.

Naturally Fabricated 2014-01-13
It shies in comparison with season one but is still a strong effort. Fortunately we all have a lot to hope for in season 3 which (witch) I'm loving so far!

weonlysaidgoodbyewithwords 2014-01-05
love the drama and horror! So Awesome!!!

NickMoulder 2014-01-03
The thing with season one is that I thought, contrary to a lot of people here, that it was VERY cliche. The first season, idk what it was, but it wasn't scary AT ALL. I mean sure, I jumped like twice the whole season, but that's it. This season was a lot scarier to me...probably because anything doing with the devil and demons is just, GAWD, scary to me. The only complaint I have with this season is that they tried to cram way to many things into it. I mean it was an insane asylum, then there were aliens, labratory creatures, the whole nazi thing, the possessed devil stuff, and just all of these things, and it somewhat distracted from the main storyline. I can also tell they were tring to show the somewhat controversial topics in the sixties like Gay and Interracial couples, not to mention that weird polygamy situation, which again, did they really need to include ALL OF THAT because it was controversial back then? Other than that, I really loved this season!

Reame103 2013-12-15
Season 2 had way to much going on to really get hooked. If they had just focused on one or two of the side stories it would have been great. I feel like a couple of the side stories served no purpose, they weren't scary nor did they add to the story in any way. Mostly these extra stories got in the way. Hopefully season 3 is better.

Bruce's problem 2013-12-11
I just finished watching this season and i have to say that this is the best tv seris I have ever seen (aside from Breaking Bad).

Violetbloodprincess 2013-12-08
Its wicked awesome however its pretty sadistic macabre as well as showing the dark psyche of the human being...its pretty much a hell house aka hellhole!

kobeeeceee 2013-11-30

Connorandhorror 2013-11-27
Recently i purchased this season for the plane ride to arizona. I only had time to get the first 10 episodes downloaded to my ipod. Im using my old laptop so i had to borrow my moms charger. I lost the last three episodes, i cant seem to find them maybe i lost them when my laptop died. Ive really enjoyed the series and cant wait to see the ending. Please reply

Rdubesq 2013-11-17
The show Itself IS an asylum...I get it...very cool concept & execution....but it's like a 13 hour psychotic break......ay yi yi yi

skeether 2013-10-25
I am a huge fan of American Horror Story season one. It did just about everything right! But season 2 was a definite misstep in my book. The plot was all over the map, the character's choices and ambitions were inconsistent, and I didn't feel there was enough of a 'punch' at the end of the story. Season One ranks among my favorite shows. Season Two does not. I'll cross my fingers for Season Three!

Joey de Mercure 2013-10-15
Left me speechless.

GKNYBonita 2013-10-14
I freaking looooove this show!!! This season is even better than the first & the first season is great!! Jessica Lange performance is nothing short of BRILLANT !!!! She steals the entire season it's BRILLANT!!! & Sarah Paulson performance is nothing to forgot ( not that u will b able too) you will be hooked once you start watching!! & this says a lot because I hate absol. Hate tv & movies today I prefer classics in both tv & movies , but this show is so well done & Jessica Lange is def on her way into the Bette Davis marlene dietrich legendary status!! Excited as hell for this new season!!!

EarthBoundPKfire 2013-10-12
I really love this show... Except the second season started to get borring to me after a few episodes. The first season was great I give it a 10/10. I hope the third season is better than the last.

Companion101 2013-10-09
Unbelievable script work, super unbelievable cast, and possibly the best mature show a mature person can watch. To be honest, the horror genre has gone to the dogs. This show is brings glory to the genre in its lowest era. Brilliant story, acting, script, screenplay, and music, too! Not to mention, this season can drive a person crazy! ;)