National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
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Clark Griswold, the well-intentioned, walking disaster who has dragged his family through the

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Clark Griswold, the well-intentioned, walking disaster who has dragged his family through the horrors of traveling in two previous National Lampoon Vacation films, has decided to stay home for the holidays--and the neighborhood will never be the same.

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User Reviews
Itsmericci 2024-01-01
I already bought this. What a scam.

jacks 6 plus 2023-12-24
Great movie!!! Apple greed showing

LandoCarlsJr 2023-12-04
Give us the upgrade. Steve Jobs would never allow this. Tim, do better.

Your last true fan 2023-12-02
I bought this movie from Apple. Now it’s saying I don’t own it. It’s ridiculous that one of the richest companies in the world attempts to pull tricks like this for more money. The more this happens, the more 1 star reviews I will leave. Great movie by the way, it’s unfortunate that greed prevents us from enjoying it for the holidays.

apintrick 2023-11-28
Best Christmas movie ever

GodsNu 2023-11-25
So much fun, no woke influences on this movie. Love it

AA_ronTX 2023-11-22
This is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies

TheAceOfCubs 2023-11-20
For all of you complaining about the movie getting removed or not getting upgraded to 4K need to cut it out. I bought mine through iTunes about a decade ago, it’s still there and upgraded to 4K for no extra charge. I’m not sure why you guys are lying on a regular basis. I don’t think you all even check through the Apple TV app before blowing a fuse.

yellowfox3,960 2023-11-14
I’m very surprised this movie got bad views. I love this movie and watch it like every Christmas or something. If I were to describe it in one word it would be—HILARIOUS.

Lioneye9 2023-11-13
No 4K upgrade for customers who paid, won’t buy movies that are likely to get upgrades in the future

Sammish(go big or go home) 2022-12-25
I watch this every year sometimes 2/3 times. But it never gets old and is probably my favorite Christmas movie. Absolutely worth checking out.

BA? 2022-12-25
Already bought. Now they want you to buy it twice. B.S.

hobocamp1 2022-12-21
Enough said.

Catman0788 2022-12-16
Sounds like there is a greed problem here! Really wanted to buy this movie from iTunes but seeing how their customers are treated I can’t!

SaltStorm007 2022-12-16
EVERYONE..PLEASE CHECK YOUR LIBRARY BEFORE LEAVING A BAD REVIEW!! I thought the same thing everyone else did when I saw the price by the movie instead of the ‘download/play button’ that is there when you have purchased the movie & that the studio was trying to get us to buy it again when it was released in 4k and I ALMOST left a bad review. I decided to check my library before doing so because this has happened before & low & behold IT WAS UPGRADED TO 4K!! It is still showing the old art work/picture for the older version we purchased with Clark in the Santa outfit with the lites wrapped around him above the house with his arms and legs spread out & not the new picture with them by the fireplace. The ONLY thing that i’m upset about is the iTunes extras because those are on the new release and no longer on the old version! Besides that it is an AMAZING MOVIE IN 4K...IT LOOKS BETTER THAN EVER💯🤯The 4K release has given new life to this Holiday Classic! I hope that EVERYONE WILL CHECK THEIR LIBRARY AND CHANGE THEIR REVIEWS because this movie deserves 5⭐️....ESPECIALLY IN 4K...THE QUALITY IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! AGAIN....CHECK YOUR LIBRARY & FIX YOUR REVIEWS! People are way too emotional nowadays and jump to conclusions without looking first...they just ‘leap’ before ‘looking’! I thought the same thing with ‘EDGE OF TOMORROW/LIVE DIE REPEAT’ and when I checked my library it was upgraded to 4K. Apple has kept its promise to upgrade people to 4k for free💯THANK YOU APPLE....YOU ALL ROCK! Hope everyone has a Blessed Holiday Season/Christmas and a Happy New Year💯🙏

FrankCioffi 2022-12-07
Love this movie from back in the day. It’s even better in 4K.

Jaykay331 2022-12-07
Sad that Apple has chosen to disrepect all of it's customers that have spent their hard earned money, including me, to purchase this in the past and now won't upgrade it to 4K as HAD been their policy for years. SHAME ON YOU APPLE!!!!

PammyG15 2022-12-06
I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen this but still notice something new to laugh at each and every time!

th1s_nickname.1$,taken 2022-12-04
This is a scammy duplicate listing to get around the usual free 4K upgrade for HD purchases. Shame.

Bigdunn22 2022-12-03
Who would have guessed that all these years later it’s Uncle Eddie who is the smart one but Clark Griswald who is the crazy lame loon who needs to go away.

JoeHerf 2022-12-02
I own this movie on VHS, DVD, Blu Ray and purchased digitally last year. Now they want more for 4K when my other digits movies updated automatically.

brazenEF 2022-11-30
Don’t buy Apple will screw you.

drawcoder 2022-11-30
Warner Bros is at fault, they make new SKUs for same titles to get around the auto 4K upgrade, lame! They have done this with pretty much every title for a couple years now when they do the 4K, they make it some other WB division that posts a new SKU. Ridiculous! WB hates movie collectors.

Zach1234565656 2022-11-28
Hilarious. Watch every year.

spraypaintedgold 2022-11-24
Cue’s team is failing loyal customers.

RealxNicky 2022-11-23
My entire library was able to receive a free 4K upgrade, why wouldn’t this movie? I shouldn’t have to pay twice for the same movie. Way to be a Scrooge

Paurian 2022-11-22
They promised free 4K upgrades. Where is it? They keep delisting songs and movies then reposting them to be purchased again. When you call them, they blame the studio.

Frsinatrank 2022-11-21
The best for the holiday season. Painfully Fun! 4K version is a free upgrade for previous customers! Thanks Apple!

h0neyb3ll 2022-11-21
I own the HD version and seeing this available for purchase again. Why wasn’t this title automatically upgraded? iPhone and Apple TV both reflect the old version.

Mcdoopy 2022-11-21
What are you doing to loyal customers? 👎

bpowpow15 2022-11-20
I already bought this movie and now Apple wants MORE for a stupid upgrade to 4k? Nope, heck no

Yiphiphop 2022-11-18
Pure and simple. Another shady business tactic from Apple. I’ve already purchased this years ago for full price. Why do you de-list films or shows? This is really a low thing to do.

nshdjamchnsndc 2022-11-18
Have it - now to buy it again? Brilliant sales practice. Thank you.

fulltilted 2022-11-17
Where are the free 4K upgrades that were promised. Disgusting

GoldenGloves 2022-11-17
I thought the same thing that I had to buy again in order to get 4k version. However, like the other review says prior HD purchase is auto upgraded to 4k. I checked my own HD purchase with the old cover and it is 4k. Not sure if you only bought the SD version in the past as I’ve had to slowly rebuild my SD purchases from years ago, and when these go on sale, I buy the HD/4K versions. Fine by me. My loss for not buying HD version initially. HOPE THIS HELPS :)

vxtibjcfzrxjbkvgzhc 2022-11-08
This has always been my favorite movie! You’ll laugh the whole time 😊

Dstillo33 2022-11-08
My favorite Christmas movie. Why does apple say movies get free 4K update then they release a separate 4K version so you have to buy it again. False advertising to loyal customers. Not good customer service.

Baron1797 2022-11-07
I have the other version and now you want me to pay again? Horrible and lame

nowdsa 2022-11-07
To all of you who are complaining about Apple not upgrading previous purchases to 4K, you need to check your iTunes library. My old purchase has been upgraded for free, but it is no longer listed in the store to buy. This new version with the new art is for new customers. This is usually the case for most upgrades. So please delete your crap reviews that have nothing to do with the movie itself.

pholly 2022-11-03
Another example of the terrible business decisions of Apple. I own this on Movies Anywhere and I somehow don’t own this movie… And yes it does matter, if I search with Siri it’s as if I don't own this. Less knowledgeable people might be tricked into buying this again. I’m done with Apple.

justingone 2022-11-02
Studios were supposed to offer a free 4K upgrade to customers who have already purchased, but are now just making it a separate new release.

Jeff Edward 2022-11-01
Warner Bros is an immoral company. Bait and switch yet again.