Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy In a Fake Underground Laboratory
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Popularly known as the voice of Gene Belcher on the animated comedy "Bob's Burgers," Eugene was

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Popularly known as the voice of Gene Belcher on the animated comedy "Bob's Burgers," Eugene was named America's #1 Noticer by Standup Magazine four years in a row (not true — he made up that magazine). In his first one-hour Comedy Central special, "Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory," Mirman tells stories, holds up pieces of paper, and gets people in the audience to pee on each other with a simple glance (this is the second and last lie). He doesn't care what it says here and is wiggle wiggle poddle wee wee lollipop. "YOUR MIND-G-SPOT WILL LOVE EUGENE'S HOUR SPECIAL!" — Ronald Reagan, right before he died.

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User Reviews
Kanivers 2017-03-30
Just rented this last night. Before you read this let me say I do like this guy. I definitely like him a little less though after this non funny, lazy special. His use of props and staging were just a distraction to the fact that he is reading all his material. His crowd work/ riffing of audience members comment cards was a fail for sure as well. Glad at least I wasn't an audience member that horrific night. Maybe he will use my review to make fun of me at his next show. (Hoping) Again I am a fan just a disappointed one right now.

Kevinsworth 2013-07-11
I find this guy likable and expected a solid 'B' level stand up special, but this seems phoned-in, and was substantially less funny than I would have expected from other clips and shows I've seen of Mirman. Save your money on this one.

OldeBostonBull89 2013-04-04
This is one of the only stand-up specials that I have ever had to stop watching. I like all kinds of stand-up comedy. This was not comedy. I found the routine to be annoying and so boring that I ultimately had to turn it off. Mirman produced endless amounts of props but even this didn't do anything to help the show. It was like a mish-mash of wanna-be Bill Maher political comedy and a light hearted version of Daniel Tosh. He can't pull off the political comedy AT ALL and his goofy/outrageous comedy is essentially at the level of a few 5th graders sitting in the back of a school bus. Even the crowd's reaction seemed strained and a few shots are of old men sitting with their arms crossed trying not to fall asleep. I for one am glad I only rented this waste of time...I feel sorry for anyone who buys this