Life of Pi
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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this visual masterpiece from Oscar® Winner Ang Lee (Directing, Brokeback Mountain, 2005), based on the best-selling novel. After a cataclysmic shipwreck, young Pi Patel finds himself stranded on a lifeboat with only one other survivor – a ferocious Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Bound by the need to survive, the two are cast on an epic journey that must be seen to be believed.

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User Reviews
Facoriolano 2023-12-18
I've been read a little text about that book inside my english class in 2012 in London After few months when I've been finished my Exchange I saw on tv the trailer about that amazing movie at cinema Nobody talks about that but the original stories was written and created by brazilian guy from south of the country This movie was a great serendipity in cinema and few months later I bought for ever be mine in my heart and itunes as well

ilistentomusic(obviously) 2020-12-23
Ang Lee revolutionizes visual media with a haunting, thought provoking and ultimately beautiful and timeless film anchored by astounding visual storytelling and gorgeous cinematography. The compelling character of Pi Patel is brilliantly portrayed by Suraj Sharma as well. Overall, maybe a tad rushed, but Life of Pi paints a majestic piece and makes its case for the best motion picture of that year. 9.5/10

Nicholas becerra 2020-04-07
A beautiful rendering piece of artwork the chimestry between the lion and the man is wild and a masterclass of perfection.

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2020-01-14

macaw star3 2019-12-18
This is a really good movie I enjoyed it! 😁

Orlanca 2019-04-28

I_AM_SAXGOD 2019-02-24
This movie was amazing in the theaters and amazing at home. I own a 3D version of this film and it’s beautiful. I don’t understand the hate for this film but clearly they don’t understand what amazing cinema looks like.

JaeThomas916 2018-10-19
This movie has so many levels to it! Spiritual parrallels and life lessons on self-discovery make this movie a classic that you can watch again and again, unraveling a greater revelation each time. LOVED it.

It's very very good great 2018-08-29

elizzycortez 2018-08-17
this movie has my absolute whole heart.

Titsch 2018-05-22
The screen zapps back and forth like it wants to adjust to a new ratio every half a minute. Really annoying. Ruined the entire movie! What a waste of money :(. Is it really too much to ask to just stream a simple movie these days. It used to work 5 years ago just fine, how come nowadays it doesn't any more. Seems like apple takes a step backwards every day.

Lover of the 60’s 2017-12-20
I have seen many movies in my time and very few fit into this category. This is a movie that while watching it, It will make you part of it. It's hard to say but this movie is oneyou will never forget and if you love happy animal stories this will make you cry!

Bakesiee 2017-09-12
This is a beautiful deep movie. If you can't find something meaningful in this, it's probaby gone over your head.

GreyTimberWolf808 2017-08-22
It was emotional and amazing story I really love it it kept me engaged on what was happening during the movie . The amazing part of this movie is that it believes in itself

Shrnskekd 2016-12-21
This is the most incredible, inspirational, and emotionality the best movie of 2012. This made me feel happy to have a life to explore, create, and experience. The graphics in the movie was incredible and outstanding. We should have more movies like this. This is the movie for people who want a better life. This is for everyone....

Monge💁🏻 2016-10-09
Top ten best movies ever made hands down.

pccoder 2016-08-02
Too many films today focus on the hate and violence in the world. This movie embraced the true spirit of love and survival of a man with all the odds stacked against him. With the company of an unexpected friend and rival, he triumphed and learned to never let go of his faith despite the difficulties he faced. This is a great feel good movie, with a message to embrace life, to cherish every moment, and to find compassion for ones adversaries.

Mr. McKenny 2016-07-13
I absolutely loved the book and was so looking forward to the movie, only to be overwhelmed by the admittedly beautiful visuals, and little more. The depth and the layers of the book are simply consumed and overpowered by Lee's need to show how many special effects he could insert into one movie. Truly, a disappointment and a lost opportunity from an otherwise talented filmmaker.

Canomatic 2016-05-30
Peter Jackson's interpretation was garbage. This was crap, not a single scene had a pie or even a mention of a pie. Ridiculous. If I could, 0 stars.

P4PA515 2016-05-29
I've read reviews of the book and event considered purchasing it. Additionally I've read reviews of the movie. After watching the movie I can see why others have rated this story so highly. It truly is a magical tail.

Janelle B. 2016-04-09
I watch it a few years ago with my little brother, this movie hand down was so amazing, I live every bit of it . Sea scene was beautiful, it look unreal at first but dammm it was magical.😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Albvs 2016-03-30
Hey, I'm a tiger. I can see that most of you are humans so, yeah, I get the "great movie" comments and all... Personally, I don't see why Richard Parker didn't just eat the kid. He had plenty of chances. They should make a Life of Pi, Part 2 where the tiger eats him.

Xavier Sharp 2016-03-20
This is the type of crap that critics love that isn’t really that great. It’s not terrible. It’s incredibly well-filmed (deserved best cinematography, but absolutely not best soundtrack), the acting is mesmerizing. But the spiritual aspect is really undercooked. I feel like this could have been amazing, but I’m not really sure how.

Wizbang Trainer 2016-03-17
This is a movie that is very good, but you have to be willing to learn about another culture and their point of view. Accept that some scenes are meant to get the viewer to feel how the character feels (bored, tired, trapped, helpless, are all feelings bad reviews have mentioned... well that's what was intended at that point in the film because that is the way the character felt!) Most bad reviews are very simply the inability to consider how another culture and faith deal with situations, the right-wingnuts don't want to see the world through another's eyes. To really get this film #1 You have to pay attention at the beginning, it explains the characters point of view and some of the choices he made along the way that affect their decisions later.. #2 This isn't an action adventure film, it's a drama (if you want something like, Jurassic Park film this isn't for you) #3 Accept that some sections are intended to convey the feelings of the character to the viewer. (Helplessness, boredom, repetition, trapped) Cinematically, it is shot, directed, and communicated in a way reminiscent of Titanic. The story draws you in and you feel for the characters and in many ways can relate to their problems and challenges. The ending gets a little disjointed, be patient and watch it through till the end. (I had to watch the end twice to get it) If you paid attention you will realize the message of the film, but it's up to you to figure it out yourself.

ShaffandBake 2016-02-05
I just like the pictures it just expresses magic in me.

Your Standard Customer 2016-01-14
Though I wish I could have seen it in 3D; something I usually hate. Didn't feel like two hours; it went fairly quickly. The special effects were often obvious with the animals, but the director did a good job of covering this by making the whole movie dreamlike, so they weren't too distracting.

Jonesfdgnjj 2016-01-06
Life of pi was a awesome movie.Filled with beautiful scenes,it also kind of has the same theme as Unbroken but I will always prefer Life of Pi.The story was awesome.5 out of 5

Machacino 2016-01-04
The guy telling the story as an adult is a bad actor. It kept distracting me from the story. The ending wasn't the best in my opinion

Jolovesgum 2015-08-20
I watched this movie a month ago and I really know that it is way a great movie for everybody to watch.

Bedour BinShaieg 2015-08-02
When you want to prove yourself and be better to have a wonderful life .. Watch ( Life of Pi ).. it’s amazing movie

sobrgl 2015-07-09
Why did I wait so long to watch this enjoyable movie! Just Loved it and all its gifts!

cutlerw 2015-07-06

-=( THE DOCTOR )=- 2015-04-29
I can't even describe the beauty of this movie. It shows you how to cry, feel, and when you watch you are pi, you feel like him you think like him, and you cry like him, this is the most beautiful films that I have ever seen in my life

Tyger 86 2015-04-09
Love it so much.

justLuckey1 2015-03-10
I had heard that 'Life of Pi' was a good movie, but for some reason didn't have it on the top of my watch list. I finally got around to watching it and glad I did. Excellent movie throughout! Highly recommended.

JoshTheAwesome101 2015-03-04
It was pretty good

747whaledriver 2014-11-17
I failed to get the point of the story. Somewhere between being a Buddhist-Hindu-Christian-Muslim, this young man is stranded on the sea facing dehydration and starvation with a Bengal tiger. Okay, interesting CGI, but so what? What’s the point? Somewhere between the first third of the movie and its ending, the film’s story line and intended message get shipwrecked and hit the bottom of the ocean with a resounding thud. Duh… what a rip-off!

Ningún Ibarra 2014-09-24
De las 5 estrellas, yo le doy 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286208998628034825

Zyclonb 2014-06-03
Nice job

LRG5! 2014-05-17
This a good story based on true story they might have not believed him but it's not what you believe in its what your mind is accepted to believe -Juan Ramirez

SHMORDiN 2014-03-17
I enjoyed this movie.

Mugz1963 2014-03-17
What a journey, pure epic.

Kylie hillier 2014-02-15
This is an amazing movie wish I had enough money to rent it again

21charro 2014-01-21
La historia es impresionante

Etrep25 2014-01-10
It's a very spiritual movie I'm not sure if the books any better but I liked the movie any ways

Sha Ja 2014-01-05
I saw this film in school and I just fell in love with it! It was incredibly touching (I cried at one point, kind of embarassed!)

Helrtpriteles554647 2013-12-30
It is not often that you get a simple story that is executed so flawlessly. This movie is both visually and textually brilliant. A must-see for all ages.

Tanyannette 2013-12-29
I love the movie! It's amazing! Like the part with the whale. And also the island. It sort of scares you in a way but also reached you lessons. However, I heard that the book was extremely boring. And I should know, my friend is the MASTER of books. She tells you what's good. So, if I were you, I wouldn't read the book. Heck, I don't know! Have a good one!

Twinklefeet22 2013-12-26
Very slow pace movie, hated it!

_kctracee_ 2013-12-26
I just got done watching this amazing movie with my family I hope I get this with the 12 days of gifts app cause I would watch the hell out of this movie