It's A Disaster
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Four feuding couples meet for Sunday brunch only to discover they are stuck in a house together as 

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Four feuding couples meet for Sunday brunch only to discover they are stuck in a house together as the world is about to end. 

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User Reviews
Can't find a non-taken nickname 2020-03-14
This fun take on the end of the world will hopefully take your mind off the current disaster in the world.

Neesapad 2015-01-07

KatyLeigh22 2014-01-16
Random. The comedy is bleak and rough. I enjoyed the suspense. Ending is questionable.

The Mighty Mute 2013-12-13
If you like movies that are primarily driven by dialogue and character interaction, then you will likely find this one entertaining. The characters dialogue allows for sharp and comedic interactions between everybody involved. If you don't pay much attention, you'll still get the gist of the plot, but there are several nuances within the dialogue that are worth paying attention too and make the script one of my favorites to date. The cast is great (it's hard to go wrong with David Cross) and the ending is perfect.

waybacmac 2013-09-08
Old idea - small group of various personalities stuck together in a stressful situation. I've seen films that started slow and then built up to a crescendo, but this one just never seems to find the accelerator. I'm glad I got this as a 99¢ rental; I'd be p….d if I had bought it.

Okrossi 2013-09-07
I had high hopes for this to actually be a comedy. The darkness of it all subsumed some funnier moments, they were too far and few between. A great cast but horrendously awful characters written to be unloving, selfish, and boorish. The idea was good but sadly this film has no redeeming qualities other than the yellow tint of the Los Angeles skies.

Uses_it_a lot 2013-09-07
Thank goodness this was a 99 cent rental...spend anymore than that and you waste 1 1/2 hours on stupid B rated comedy.

Pastor_MH 2013-09-07
A couple of comedic moments but overall it sucked

Freefalling09 2013-09-03
We'll I do have to say wow weird movie but worth 99 cent. Funny movie in an weird way kinda long gated.

muso4hire 2013-09-03
for 99 cents it's ok, but if you pay full price and then get a refund you will still feel cheated. waste of time with 2 or 3 funny moments.. wow… but if a waste of time is what you're looking for you've found it!

JL Munk 2013-09-03
this was a decent flick. not a great ending but all in all not a bad flick. if you liked this you will love "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World"

Naparqalria 2013-09-03
the plot was fantastic and the characters were great. some say the characters were overdone, but that is what made the 'comedy' fun about this movie. the plot was simple and stupid, and it all worked out.

BrackAttack1 2013-09-03
Like a modern "My Dinner With Andre", if the world was ending while they were having dinner.

kellycat41 2013-09-02
Maybe a dark...really dark comedy written by a child. I just felt like the actors were all really good, but the plot was horrible. My 9 year old could come up with a better story line. : (

Karenchicago 2013-09-02
I saw something like this in...1990, maybe. Well, at the very least the characters were as dated. The premise of the film --end of life as we know it--has been done before but, with great writers, actors and directors on board, a twist or freshness can conjure a whole new way of looking at the subject. Not so here. David Cross and America Ferrera bring some welcome unhammy acting in "It's a Disaster" but I can't say the same for the rest of the crew. I do applaud the director, writer and producers for the title of this film. It is aptly named.

svburns 2013-09-02
If I could subtract 4 stars I would. A complete waste of brain cells. Honestly, PAINFUL to watch….Bizarre and PAINFUL!

GoGoYum 2013-09-01
It's something, worth 99 cents though

Jorge Córdova 2013-09-01
I rented this movie not really knowing what to expect but if you like a bit of dark humor, awkward comedy and a good ending, this movie is for you!

Gidget614 2013-09-01
The characters are poorly developed caricatures. The threat never feels real. This was a waste of time and rental money. Would not watch again.

NoCentsToday 2013-09-01
It had a few funny moments but for the most part it will leave you completely unsatisfied. The on going joke is how cheating is funny. Film shows how most self indulgent people are as shallow as a puddle. I would have rather seen a movie about the neighbor, the prepper, who warned them of the disaster. I wish I would would have rented it instead of purchase, or not seen it at all. Almost gave it one star.

MaddieMaddocks 2013-09-01
I'd be made if I'd paid the newly inflated SD price for a new rental though. I was expecting this to be sort of like Arrested Development & it was entertaining enough. The actress playing Lexi was over-acting though, or at least she seemed that way to me. I was at least slightly annoyed with her at all points. Anyway I'd recommend it for a 1-time rental.

JoeCash 2013-08-31
Enjoyable, funny, dark comedy. The characters can be annoying but you're used to that if you appreciate this genre anyway. Love the ending but others seem to think it was anti-climactic, i think its pretty realistic. What would you do in a world-ending disaster?

RyanMTone 2013-08-31
I thought it was pretty funny.

Skitz03 2013-08-31
This could have been so much better, especially with this cast. I appreciate dark comedy, but this wasn't even close..

DocCochran2 2013-08-31
The humor is dark, but most enjoyable. I had to watch it twice to catch all of the dialogue.

LunaGirl_777 2013-08-31
I only paid 99 cents to rent this & what a waste it was! I didn't like this movie at all! Very stupid & boring! Not funny at all!

eddardH 2013-08-30
This is a really smart movie with terribly quirky comic elements of a group of friends facing the end of the world...maybe. It starts with all the awkward "getting-to-know-you" friendship clichés, and atomically blasts most of them. Seriously, just watch it...

Khvvjin 2013-08-30
Really? This week to release this movie as the $.99 movie of the week? A light-hearted movie about chemical weapons? Shocked at the poor form.

comslash 2013-08-30
I'm no audiophile but the whole sound staff for this movie should never get hired again. I am offended by the sound quality of this movie, it's tinny, it echoes, it's just bad. Other then that I was entertained by this dark comedy.

mlcbliss 2013-08-30
For an evening of laughs and the truth behind the dysfunction of real friendships you'll be pleased. It's funny - simple as that.

Littlesigh 2013-08-30
Funny that so many others really hated this movie. Let go of all your preconceived needs and desires people and enjoy life. It is a funny movie.

Sallow Cheeks 2013-08-30
This is a great ensemble piece, could easily be a play. The Vacationeers (the LA comedy troupe whose web videos & indy film "the Scenesters" preceded this film) keep getting better. David Cross is excellent as well.

Undercross 2013-08-30
The title is very appropriate for a comedy that isn't funny at all. The premise is awful and it was a long 90 minute movie. If you watch a good or great movie then you don't want it to end or at the very least you can't wait for a sequel. Watching this movie is the real disaster. Rent or Buy something else. Uhhhh...anything else. I didn't laugh once.

Pecosa525 2013-08-29
I went in wanting to like this movie since I like Julia Stiles and America Ferrara. However....,I kept waiting for something to happen, just the same way the movie ended...anticlimactic! As Julia Stiles said in the beginning about listening to the 1812 overture, is dissatisfying when you don't see it out to the very end . Don't waste your money!

TLCESQ 2013-08-28
Had to watch it twice just to really enjoy all the funny one-liners. Great ensemble, quirky cast. Loved it.

Anastasia8099 2013-08-27
Absolutely must see, worth it to rent, definitely worth it to will want to watch it more than once¡!

ATMMD 2013-08-27
If there was a prize for the most stupid movie, this one would be in the finals. Avoid.

CrowTRobot2 2013-08-27
I liked it a lot more than my wife did, but even she thought it to be OK. I think the writers did a fantastic job with the characters and their little nuances. Like the buff, tattooed guy who always thought that duct tape was "duck" tape, and when it was pointed out to him that the tape was for sealing off heating and ventilation ducts, he just sat there a minute marinating in his own euphony. Anyway, it is a smartly-written comedy - highly recommend it.

Patthiras 2013-08-17
Love the plot and the ending!

STARMATES 2013-07-28

LouisHoerner 2013-07-22
if you are over at a friends house and they made the ill choice of renting this movie (please do not purchase you will thank me!) watch it, and just realize that this movie might have been made to help you recognize what a good film is all about!

Velacian 2013-07-14
it wasn't bad, but it was just very odd & not that funny. it was a good movie all around, but i wouldn't say i really recommend it.

Suddenly Newton 2013-07-06
This clever, independent comedy is less about the end of the world (the disaster happens off-screen), and more about the group of dysfunctional couples who meet for a "couples brunch" every Sunday. The entire movie takes place in a house, and the humor arises from the witty banter and comic timing between the characters as they try to figure out what's going on--both in the disaster outside the home and the disasters that are their relationships. This is a screenplay that would work as a Broadway stage production. A lot of credit goes to director Todd Berger, but it's the perfectly-cast, eclectic characters that make the material shine. Julia Stiles and David Cross play the "most normal" couple of the bunch (the comedic straight guys), and the other characters are introduced through their eyes. America Ferrera and Rachel Boston were both scene-stealers.

Zstrastee 2013-06-30
Watch and enjoy.

Hollandd3 2013-06-28

snider3 2013-06-25
I am a huge fan of David Cross and dark comedies however this movie gave me pause . Slow and predictable this cinematic tragedy was more painful than a dental procedure. I have to give the lions share of the blame to the script. It has to be hard to make lemons out of manure. Perhaps my disappointment stems from the eagerness that I had prior to watching the movie. Like a ruined surprise birthday party this movie flattened the tire on the wheel of the comedy bike.

guerraint11 2013-06-22
Very much on the comedy vein of Arrested Development. That kind of dry humor. Very funny and interesting.

zvonD 2013-06-21
Awkward movie overall. I got bored watching it 5 minutes in. Don't waste your time or money. Not to mention the acting was god awful. I could not be any more honest. I find it strange that people most people thought it was a good movie. And I am normally pretty open minded to movies. I kinda wonder I even watched the same movie.

mlhendy 2013-06-15
it's awful and lame. not funny. terrible ending.

Mattsul 2013-06-15
Very entertaining movie. David Cross is great.