The King of Comedy
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Oscar® Winner Robert De Niro gives a mesmerizing performance in Martin Scorsese’s timeless, darkly funny satire as Rupert Pupkin, a deranged comedian who will go to any length to gain the spotlight. Teaming with an equally imbalanced woman (Sandra Bernhard), Pupkin kidnaps his idol, jaded TV talk show host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). The ransom? Pupkin gets one appearance on Langford’s show.

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User Reviews
DannyOceans95 2019-10-30
Just a wonderful cinematic experience.

zag378 2018-02-12
i wish that girl and the talk show host would have gotten down to business. jesus i was waiting the whole movie for them to blow out those candles and get it on... maybe if she had more candles he would have been game.... idk tho.... i dont know much about romance tbh... but i do know a lot about candles. my mom is the CEO of Yankee Candles

HankMustard 2017-04-20
"The King of Comedy" is genius. De Niro is perfect, unlike anything he's ever done. But the film itself makes you feel uncomfortable the lengths people will go to for "success". And it's oddly inspiring for the exact same reason. Scorsese is awesome.

BarneySandwich 2013-05-05
Before I saw this movie, I thought DeNiro's best work had been in "This Boy's Life." But in "The King Of Comedy," he might be even better. He's just a great actor.

mombetsu 2013-05-02
De Niro is amazing (and amazingly irritating) in this quirky Scorcese gem. I'm not surprised it isn't so popular (too quirky and irritating!) but I've watched it 3 or 4 times and will happily watch again. Jerry Lewis plays the straight man for once. And it is an all-too-depressing illustration of America's obsession with celebrity, and predicted the "famous for being famous" trash celebrity culture of Kardashians et al.