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After 300 years of witches living in secrecy, new attacks have both threatened their survival and forced "gifted" girls to attend a special school for safety.

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User Reviews
LT435 2022-08-09
This season is one of my favorites. The story and the acting were superb! Shoutout to Jessica Lang and Angela Bassett, two titans on the screen. Those ladies crushed it.

kris4notw 2021-08-26
I donโ€™t think I need to say much and I donโ€™t know what a AHS is better away I love it all!!

Ms1e;}#โ‚ฌhuffs//22uiikgffdss 2021-07-13
Great show!!! Definitely recommend watching this one ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

soithpark 2021-01-27
I love this season so much if you have any free time just watch coven

Brandonn831 2019-11-14
but it wasnt scary at all but the witches did that

MyownmE 2018-12-26
My Fav. seasons of AHS are: S5 (Hotel) S1 (Murder House) S8 (Apocalypse). they really fulfil my expectations, not like the rest of seasons.

WeepiestKitty 2018-11-24

Chris Will Zam 2018-10-09
This season was by far my favorite!!!!

JuliBerC 2018-10-07
This is definitely my second fave from the seven seasons!! Itโ€™s just amazing!!

Mtkrug1 2018-09-20

#1Jackster 2018-08-13
American Horror Story: Covenโ€™s unwieldy plot was easily forgiven due to its brilliant production, original characters, creative thrills, and anomalous spirit.

#soonny๐Ÿ˜‚ 2017-11-06
The best season of all time including of all other shows....i seriously watched it more than 8times ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ’—

pinksquirrel 2017-08-28
Completely agree with "cejashouse" - in addition to that, I found the script to be beyond horrible (O.M.G.!!!! so and so, I like, am SO totally the Supreme, I mean, like, as IF!!!!!") Angela Basset was amazing as she is in everything she does and the opening titles are amazing as well as were the first one or two episodes, but then it became a mixture of Glee, Mean Girls and Clueless and not in any sort of good way. This season was a huge missed opportunity and I was so put off, I quit watching the show completely. Luckily, the creators can take comfort in the fact that today's consumers can't get enough mediocre crap like never before. Thank GOD for quality tv like Breaking Bad and Rick & Morty and Twin Peaks!!!!!

didiconl 2016-12-20
This is a remarkable series with an incredible season. Jessica Lange is perfect in every season, she's freaking good! โค

@KLuca143 2016-10-04
One word: AMAZING!

Evanbloom2000 2016-03-09
Amazing. My fav season

ya ahs lova 2016-01-25
ok ignore the stupid ppl saying it sucked. this season was absolutely amazing and I loved it. ๐Ÿ˜ I know it's $30, but it's worth it and it's also on Netflix so if you have Netflix you should just watch it on that. very interesting and just overall amazing season. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Pony12344 2015-10-10
American horror story is a HORROR show. Coven was so upbeat and funny most of the time. Which made no sense. it was like Sabrina the teen age witch on crack. It's cool if you love witchcraft and stuff. That's the only thing that interested me with this season.

DominiqueLover 2015-07-28
this season is what actually led me to the practices of witchcraft which is a plus for me obvi + many ppl say that this season isnt as scary as the rest but its my fav, i thought this was pretty scary tbh. scarier than murder house at least.

Thunderuptimes3 2015-07-11
Absolutely perfect in every way! Of course the phenomenal Jessica Lange presented an outstanding performance as always. No doubt one of the best seasons yet!

Coldplayer256 2015-06-14
The best season

laurababs 2015-06-03
Almost the same as the first season

Gloryishere 2015-01-28
The best tv show I've ever watched!!! It's so twisted! Gives you the rush of excitement and terrifying feels. I give this show the award of wickedness!

Brybarion 2015-01-26
This one almost got away from them. It started out good but got to where you can actually see where they were running out of ideas. Eventually it picked back up. It is nothing great but to me it is the best one so far.

Hahahaha17384047 2015-01-08
I am a teen and this season was all the rage at my school!!! I love the fashion, characters, and a show about witches LOVE IT! I am also an actress and would kill to be on this show!!! I love the amount of darkness and its soon my fav!

Ryryryananan 2014-12-26

jennaayyeee 2014-12-19
y'all are hella stupid why buy this on itunes when you can just watch it on netflix???

brandon.2018 2014-12-07
Get it. Very good show.

Ozzie929 2014-11-26
Out of all the seasons so far, this one is my favorite. Perfect combination of magical spookiness and romance. Just fantastic.

Rios Lightner 2014-11-15
Must watch!

I want to watch this movie 2014-10-28
This season had everything more depth and tones of twist and turns. This is the best season yet and a defiantly a must see.

roxy_skyy 2014-10-13
I paid for this show so I didn't have to have commercials but every episode has commercials. The show is awesome though.

Chelymuaxoxo 2014-09-23
But why you gotta be so greedy ๐Ÿ˜ซ !! $30 for a season ... Awe man you killing me smalls .... ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

DedIceCream 2014-09-21
It was fun and ! I wish I could rate it 6 stars... I loved how Jessica Lange acted it looked so good! And they surprised me with Emma Roberts in the casting. Awesome season!!

Hillstones 2014-09-21
What the heck FX??? If I had known there would have been a minute of commercials at the beginning and two minutes of commercials at the end of every episode, I would have bought the series on Blu-Ray instead of Digital HD! When I buy the series, I expect NO COMMERCIALS. So be warned everyone, Season 3 has commercials at the beginning and end. Season 1 and 2 did not have commercials. Shame on you FX.

CatherineFAJ 2014-09-08
I had never seen this show, and actually had no plans to ever, but my roommate loves it. Now I can say that this show is fantastic. It definitely isn't for the weak. There are lines that are crossed that made me cringe, but it is still worth it if you think you can handle it.

ScreaminAHS 2014-09-02
This season is so amazing you will love, if not where are your eyes?

victorave 2014-07-23
American Horror Story is the most well written television series of all time. Literally. Each season is better than the last, a seeming impossibility. The acting is superb and the characters perfectly cast. Anxiously awaiting the next season!

Ashley-1960(: 2014-07-22
Seriously it's worth the price! This show is amazing and very addicting!! Went through 2 seasons in about a week on Netflix and couldn't wait for Coven! Recommend this show to anyone ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’–

A 22 2014-07-07
AHS is really entertaining but scary. Asylum for me was what really proved how amazing this show could get. Coven is really good but definitely the worst out of all the three seasons. Jessica Lange once again is phenomenal in her bizarre yet extremely entertaining roles. Also, the introduction of Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates this year was genius. My only criticisms are that I really don't like the fact that Jaime Brewer is always killed off. She really should stay to the end in AHS Freak Show (Season 4). AHS is overall wickedly entertaining and proves that Ryan Murphy can make good television.

MrCrownCity 2014-06-19
I think the show is good. First two episodes I saw were fantastic: terrific performances from Lang (of course) Bates, Basset, evleryone. Now... why did it stop allowing me to download SD? I have the latest version of iTunes, but the SD button doesn't work. A "bug" that incidentally will generate extra revenue, as people who get hooked on the show will be unable to wait for Apple to fix this (which they probably won't) - what an interesting bit of happenstance. Well, I ain't buyin' it. I'm not going to pay more money for longer downloads. I watch these on my laptop and I don't notice a defference. If Apple is going to take SD away, they should be honest about it. I am so very very sick of apple. Not getting an iPhone next go round, phasing out my iCloud account. Tired of being expected to put up with their abuse and neglect for the privilege of being associated with a prestige brand, when they haven't earned the prestige at all for about five years. I'm so done.

asdfghjkl24 2014-05-17
While this season doesn't really put the "horror" in "American Horror Story", it's entertaining and has a great cast. The last four (ish) episodes were really lacking, though. I found there to be a lot of plotholes.

Hgfjhtjc 2014-04-20
What season is this????

RoMoBenCeasDee 2014-03-21
AHS Coven is my #1 favorite season, with Asylum being a close 2nd. Each season has it's own "living" personality, and S3 was refreshing, being dark in a kind of lighthearted way. While not as grotesque, the STORY and the character plots are what drew me in the most this time around. I would wholeheartedly urge any AHS die-hard fan like myself, or any newcomer to buy the season and binge watch it over and over and over!! Can't wait for Season 4!!!

mostlyriley 2014-03-21
The beginning to about the middle was fantastic! It had all the feel of the first two seasons and was great! However, it slowly became more about the drama between the witches and got a little redundant. All in all another great season however, hoping the next one will follow suit with the first two.

Kainoatise 2014-03-12
In addition to delayed episodes, this season seems to have missed the spooky cohesion the previous two seasons had. This season story was disconnected, the characters werenโ€™t consistent with their powers and it came to a rushed and sloppy end. I loved the first two seasons but would have skipped over this season, if I knew it would have been this bad.

Bpjrobert 2014-03-02
There are commercials in the episode that I bought. I should not have to fast forward and rewind something I bought.

justintimefortheparty 2014-02-27
This season is very different from the last two and probably the least scary, but it was still good!

Rino The Bouncer 2014-02-27
Iโ€™ve never been a fan of TV series but this one and The Walking Dead gripped me into the world of T.V. series and iโ€™ve never been so grateful. I bought all 3 seasons and watched them all together and I was totally amazed. In this season, there are a lot of subjects intertwined into the story, just like the previous season, Asylum. However, the characters bring all these elements together so that it all make sense. Jessica Lange is absolutely perfect along with Sarah Paulson. I encourage you to follow this along with the other 2 seasons because itโ€™s one of the most remarkable series ever.

vfxtodd 2014-02-26
Loved the first episode of "Coven". Great writing and performances. Jessica Lange is deliciously devious. I don't get people using this review section to complain. It's irrelevant to the purpose reviews serve. Looking forward to the next episode of "Coven".