A Christmas Story (1983)
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It's the final days before Christmas in early 1940s Cleveland, and 9-year-old Ralphie wants one

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It's the final days before Christmas in early 1940s Cleveland, and 9-year-old Ralphie wants one thing from Santa Clause more than anything else: a Red Ryder Carbine Action Air Rifle. As he trudges through the snow to school, faces the neighborhood bully and visits a malevolent department store Santa Clause, Ralphie connives, conspires and campaigns for the most fabulous Christmas present ever in this heartwarming, hysterical and sweetly nostalgic holiday film.

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User Reviews
Boiler2010 2023-12-29
I’ve watched this movie every year of my life over the last 20 years and I will say that it’s a classic every single year, I wish more people would watch this!

Wparker1339 2023-12-12
This is one of the great all-time classic Christmas movies. A Midwest classic written by the hilarious Jean Shepard. If you don’t like this one, I worry about you.

bluegiraffeHCD 2023-12-02
The story was funny but they say the F word a couple times this movie shouldn’t be PG. but they’re are some funny moments

Davis Thompson 2023-11-29
Last year, Apple accidentally remove Xmas songs and movies and turn it upgraded 4k however they forgot to upgrade owners who purchased the movie previous years ago. When apple realized that they found was a bug that hasn’t been squashed for one year, they wanted to update the ITunes Store Christmas products and apologized to us to know that it wasn’t your fault and they will have to release National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation album with Mavis Staple singing Christmas Vacation. Merry Christmas Apple and Happy Holidays!

Dried blood of Gomorrah 2022-12-27
Trash. The kid moaning and wailing throughout is nauseating to say the least. 💀💀💀

porter Montgomery 2022-12-25
I’ve seen that movie a lot as a young child. I feel like it’s gotten even better now!

Abqzutplsn 2022-12-24
Truly a great classic.

Davidtiberous 2022-12-23
I have so many happy memories watching this movie as a kid, with my family. It’s still a joy to watch all this time later. So funny and quirky.

team vp 2022-12-15
My girlfriend raves about this movie and how it doesn’t come on television the way it used to when she was in her childhood and up until her late 20’s

OtakufromAZ 2022-12-12
I never understood why people liked this movie. I find it boring

JoeHerf 2022-12-05
Another classic I’ve purchased many times and bought digitally last year being resold with a new SKU to trick folks into buying it again.

fulltilted 2022-12-05
Already bought and movie out of library.

Edward Lynn 2022-12-03
If you previously purchased HD from iTunes, you probably CAN access the 4K upgrade by going to the AppleTV store front and then playing the movie from there. If you try instead to play from your purchases, it will only play in HD. However, as I indicated above, I am able to access the 4K version by going to the iTunes store front on my Apple TV and searching for and playing the movie from there. I discovered this by calling Apple support. Apparently, Apple has a glitch in its systems right now that is causing only the HD version to show in purchases. I hope this helps someone.

DrScreenplay 2022-12-02
The best Christmas movie hands down. So we’ll written. Enjoy it every year.

Kenny calpin 2022-11-27
I Bought this movie already. WHERE IS MY FREE UPGRADE TO 4K.

dougp 2022-11-24
Warner purposely removed the version that was on iTunes and then added a separate listing for the 4K version to force users to upgrade to the new version (Apple has promised a free upgrade path to 4K movies) and to make it appear to people who already bought the movie that they don’t own it (you cannot search for the movie to play it, you have to use Siri or go to Purchases). Please see Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for how to treat paying customers well. The 4k version of that movie was just provided as a free upgrade to previous buyers.

Gauntletwielder 2022-11-22
I already purchased this on iTunes. Now the copy I purchased is no longer among my movies in the Apple TV app. If Apple thinks I am going to buy the same movie again, they better think again. The INTELLIGENT SOLUTION would be to give customers who purchased the HD version, the OPTION to pay to upgrade to 4K at a REDUCED PRICE… instead of removing something already paid for. I hope Apple gave a credit/refund to EVERYONE to whom they stole this movie from. Just plain NASTY. Another reason to stay with physical media. Best Buy never showed up at my door asking for a Blu-Ray disc back. This is also why I buy combo packs. Previously, for me to buy a combo pack, the digital copy had to be available on iTunes. Now I am a lot less concerned about the origin of the digital copy.

justingone 2022-11-02
Once again the studio is up to its grimy tactics. This was promised as a free upgrade and is now being sold to us as paid upgrade. Do not buy.

Em_dee_aitch 2022-11-01
UPDATE: The fixed the missing 4K days after launch. If you don’t see it, refresh everything. If you still don’t see it, call iTunes support. Original post: Major ripoff from Warner and iTunes! Prior purchasers who have it in our library are being denied the upgrade. Tim Cook personally issued an entitlement to this upgrade. Fix this!

KCBYO 2022-10-30
Purchased this movie a long time ago, I just noticed that the movie disappeared from my purchased library…now it’s back in the store for almost $14.00…looks like another attempt from Apple to squeeze money from people who ALREADY PURCHASED this movie. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to download the movie when I originally purchased it.

Kubrick4277 2022-10-28
I am with everyone else in saying that these “new” versions of the same release making the previous version obsolete (but still locatable manually in ones collection and in some cases if purchased on iTunes, also receiving the 4K upgrade) is garbage. But for those who aren’t in the know, it’s the studio’s fault. This is their way of combating iTunes policy to give free 4K upgrades for HD titles that were purchased on iTunes. So, if you want to complain, contact WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I know from experience. iTunes has ZERO control over this issue. They’re paid to carry the title. That’s it. If it’s in the wrong aspect ratio or doesn’t get the free upgrade, it’s the studio’s decision.

Jeff Edward 2022-10-24
Just stop this. Nobody likes this behavior and it’s quite despicable to be Frank. So can we stop removing and relisting titles from iTunes? Thank you.