The Counselor (Unrated Extended Cut)
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Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz sizzle in the UNRATED

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Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz sizzle in the UNRATED Extended Cut of this action-thriller from director Ridley Scott and writer Cormac McCarthy. A savvy lawyer (Fassbender) known for doing the right thing for the wrong people dives into a treacherous drug deal to make quick cash...but he soon learns that having it all could mean losing everything.

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User Reviews
jiujitsu brasileño 2023-06-16
Watch it several times if you can stomach it. The movie is really well written and acted by an all star cast. Give it a chance and expect to be thrilled.

App crashes don't upgrade 2022-12-02
I cannot believe this movie did not get higher reviews; Ridley Scott writing it says it all; the cast is packed with A listers; and the movie itself is what would happen everyday being involved in that lifestyle. Plus, the depths to where it goes um, WOW! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!

Rambo8649 2022-08-07
I thought this was interesting. Certainly not perfect, but it gets better with more viewings.

RubensRealReview 2019-07-26
Great cast but way too much dialogue.

North-Light 2017-07-25
Yes there are some low spots in this; but, defiantly not the tour de force perfromance by Cameron Diaz........outstabnding work.

Pfeif11 2016-10-01
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

RobMorales 2016-01-30
Hollywood powers that be cut about 18 minutes from the film , the extended cut flows better and makes more sense, great actors and great dialogue with a great story that is probably many the real life nightmare of many people caught in the same situation, give it a chance, not an action movie!

Imagination 2015-12-28
This cast could carry anything except this script. It’s unfortunate but still well worth seeing.

donoflee 2015-10-18
Diamond Dealer: This is a cautionary stone. Counselor: A cautionary diamond. Diamond Dealer: Of course. Why not? Although I suppose every diamond is cautionary. It is not a small thing to wish ton however unattainable... To partake of the stones endless destiny is that not the meaning of adornment? To enhance the beauty of the beloved is to acknowledge both her frailty and the nobility of that frailty. At our noblest we announce to the darkness that we will not be diminished by the brevity of our lives. +++ A "Cautionary Tale" points out a "danger" then gives an illustration of the danger through the fate of a character who does not heed the danger. Early in the tale the counselor visits a wise man who happens to be a diamond dealer who explains that the diamond business is very cynical and looks at a diamond only in terms of its flaws. All diamonds have flaws. As the dealer explains a diamond can tell a story and we are the beings capable of bearing witness to that story. The first diamond the counselor is shown has a well known flaw called a feather. With the wise dealers guidance the counselor is finally able to see the flaw. Later the wise dealer pulls from a drawer a stone we can imagine he keeps with him as a reminder. What is the flaw that even a very old hard diamond can have that would serve as an illustration to the danger that even the strongest wisest and most durable of us can be susceptible to? The wise dealer like the wise author can point to a perfect illustration of the danger but he cant make others see it. The rest of the film tells the tale of what the counselor (and our society) doesn’t see. I recommend the unrated extended cut of this excellent lilm for the full scene with the diamond dealer. You may want to buy a copy of the screenplay as well. [Reposted after deleting by mistake.]

Field-light 2014-10-29
One of the worst films I've ever seen. Ridley's brother, Tony Scott, died in the middle of the making of this movie and one would wonder maybe he just completely lost his grip on this one. BAD!

songthief 2014-06-30
I was really excited for this film, until I watched the first 20 minutes. The acting is horrible which coincides with a worse script. Its deceiving because the cast is great and the director is great but the execution was dreadful. The plot was as they say “up for grabs”. I'll also add that the film was rushed. If they would have looked at the script and changed it maybe the outcome would have been different. 8 words to some up the movie: deceiving, disappointed, and DO NOT waste your time!!!

Dairoles 2014-06-23
I guess I have to click a star, but the movie does not meet the requirements for not even 1 star Bad movie

Lyon01400 2014-06-08
As much as I like all the actors, I was bored after 25 min waiting for some actions.. Very disapointed. I am glad I did not go and pay $14.00 to watch it at the Movies Theater.

bennylovejones 2014-06-02
The film has so many issues it is difficult to begin this review. We are huge Ridley Scott fans and the cast is amazing. I am sure this film sounded good on paper. However, every performance is weak. Fassbinder, normally brillant, is not capable of playing a Texan. Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt try to play over the top villains we are supposed see as edgy caricatures - but they miss. As for the Unrated Directors Cut marketing label - do not believe the hype!! There are two scenes which likely trigger this rating - neither is worth watching. Kinda like the film.

Damassi 2014-05-30
If you like long dramatic well-thought-out films and books, you’ll love this. Takes a second, but its very, very good.

De Savoie - 2014-05-26
Could have been amazing if script was finished… What a waste of time and probably a nonsense movie to play for the cast as well, at least they got paid :)

L.R.V. 206 2014-05-11
This movie was stupid, I was left thinking what the f$&K? I just don't get it?

Firmenchef 2014-05-07
I watched this movie while traveling so I was captive in my airline seat for more than a few hours. This movie helped pass the time but that was about all. The story line was just too predictable and there were really no surprises to the movie. If you are expecting to enjoy a fantastic movie based on the cast, then pick another film.

hipoman2 2014-04-27
Endless, "extended" boring, one of the worst movies i´ve ever tried to see (I could´t finish)

ECMIV 2014-04-20
Great actors terrible movie……skip

AFG215 2014-04-13
45 minutes in, I still didn’t understand at all what I was watching these characters do, or why they were saying what they were saying. Zero plot line, ridiculous acting (Cameron Diaz with a “20% of the time” Caribbean accent?), laughable scenes…and, the worst, absurd dialogue. You’d think with this cast, this director, and this writer, we would’ve been provided with at least a decent standard of quality. I want my 6 dollars back.

Dimples005 2014-04-13
What did I just watch? I truly felt like I wasted the time I set aside to watch this. I think even Brad Pitt knew it, that is why he did little, if nothing at all, to help promote this movie. The only upside was the acting. I am surprised the actors even took this movie seriously when making it. I would not recommend this to anyone. Save your money and time.

S Gayles 2014-04-12
The wordy dialogue got in the way of a subpar plot

Cartoonguy 2014-04-10
Such good actors in such a bad movie. Boring beyond belief!

GriffinPH 2014-04-03
This film is fantastic. Seems like it was mis-marketed, but I thought it was genius. From the elaborate set pieces, wacky shirts, buggy sunglasses, heavy jewelry, beautiful cars, and cheetahs, we are presented a delicate Rubik's cube around which the characters dance. The acting is great. I felt like Cameron Diaz's acting should've been more grounded and less like a superhero villain. Some lines were stale, a couple of scenes were unnecessary, in my opinion, like when Diaz goes to the confession booth. But overall, I was on the edge of my seat, thoroughly entertained, through pages of badassery, convolution, and philosophical discussions between characters who are stuck in an embroidery of terror. Of course some people won't like the film. My personal taste guides me towards films like these. Although the two films themselves are very different, I can't help but compare The Counselor and Spring Breakers. Both of which suffered hype and inaccurate trailers, and who knows what else. Knowing Korine's past work VERY well, however, I went in a little more likely to predict what I would see on screen. Same goes for The Counselor. It's NOT a thriller. It's more of an art film. Or a drama. It's "boring" to people who can't stand movies that do more than titillate you. Only watch it if you want to watch it. Also, there are some incredibly violent scenes, which definitely shocked me.

Clifford Johnson 2014-03-30
One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Do not waste your money on it.

SIUCHEER 2014-03-29
no plot….no direction….such an awesome cast ….pointless and dumb

jrhustler 2014-03-22
Two friends had recommended this god awful mess and despite the scathing reviews i actually paid to see this piece of crap. i can only assume i missed their sarcasm. ps Shame on you iTunes store for charging $4.99,

Thelonious Funk 2014-03-20
then this is the film for you.Exceptional acting, the evilness of Cameron Diaz, the incredulity of Javier Bardem, Fassbender's naiveté, etc. Intriguing filming reminiscent of The Misfits or Bonnie & Clyde. A morality play involving serious contemporary issues. Good dialogue … yes words spoken by actors to other actors evoking reactions and emotions. Like the classic movies, if you get distracted you miss important plot twists or character relationships. I'll be watching this film 25 years from now, long after American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave are long forgotten. We need more films like this

BeingSerious 2014-03-19
Having patience while waiting for something to happen is part of life. Unfortunately, with this movie, nothing happens. Waste your time watching and waiting. Or take this review seriously and stay way.

CEM2007 2014-03-18
The longest meandering movie ever!!!

fabulous178 2014-03-16
Couldn't even get through the first 30 minutes. HORRIBLE is putting it lightly.

ZombiesAreGood4YourHealth 2014-03-16
Writer and director should be ashamed. With a cast like this, this should’ve been the movie of the year. Terrible job. McCarthy has nothing to say here. He’s just being weird for being weird’s sake.

goobsfam 2014-03-16
I had such high hopes for this movie with all the talented actors. I could not be more disapointed. What a mess. It was plain stupid.

This is acting…... 2014-03-16
I want my money back….so sick of these people…should have been rated for more information for a viewer's choice.

Leancoyote 2014-03-14
It started right out with sex between 2 characters that had not been developed, so it took on the flavor of porn, which just added to all the misplaced unnecessary sexual discussions throughout the movie. I like sex but I paid to see a story on film. About an hour into the film you could figure out what was going on with the story line, and I use term ‘story' lightly. There wasn’t much of a story and what there was of it was very creepy. Brad Pitt was a draw for me but his part was small and he no longer resembles the beautiful young actor he once was. Don’t waste your money.

Hamany 2014-03-13
I have been waiting for the last two hours for something to happen ????? Guess what !!! Nothing happenned wasted my time, my mind, and my money.... I am still dizzy after watching this none sence.... Don t buy it, don t rent it, don t nothing.. don t get fulled by all the big shot actors it s a scam i know i was !!!!! READ THE REVIEWS AND COMMENTS IT S WORTH IT!!

Anastasia8099 2014-03-10
Movies that flop, still get 2-3 * for camera work or a slow but well written script. I give 1* here, the counselor is a double flop.

mackinchese 2014-03-09
This movie had good casting, a well known director and a producer that is also pretty well known. Unfortunately, that's about all this movie has going for it. This movie is long, boring and honestly just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm pretty surprised that the cast members even decided to even sign onto this film. Don't waste your time with this one.

Vaifan777 2014-03-06
Slow till the end of the movie. bored me.

Polo-et 2014-03-06
Worst movie I have seen in years, great actors with a possible great story. No clue of what is happening in the movie, storyline just jumps around with no direction or purpose. Was a waste of my time to watch.

lunne22 2014-03-04
Thought it was action because of the trailer, but it’s a long movie with a lot of talk talk talk. Only watched it to the end because I had payed for it. Would NOT recommend it.

via-ar 2014-03-03
I wanted to like this movie considering the cast, director and writers. Ultimately it was way too long, predictable and overwrought to be enjoyable.

lanny Thomas 2014-03-03
My one tear is for the actors who were obviously blackmailed into making this movie.

Lanetastic 2014-03-02
This movie was so boring and i was confused the whole time. I had no idea what the story was. For some reason I watched 1 hr and 57 minutes before I realized this movie was too awful to be watching.

NYC7501 2014-03-02
Pretentious dialogues in a movie without a real plot.

SARA MACBOOK 2014-03-02
Don't watch. Rushed plot line, too many stars, zero character development.

jc152003 2014-03-02
worst movie of the yr. scenes were dominated by long diatribes-all meaning was lost. yikes this one is bad.

jtinurel 2014-03-01
I cannot think of any other words then turn off the tv and watch dead space for 2 hours. Cameron Diaz should be ashamed

YeroesAndOnes 2014-03-01
again, WHAT?