The Counselor
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Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz sizzle in this action-

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Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz sizzle in this action-packed thriller from visionary director Ridley Scott and acclaimed writer Cormac McCarthy. A savvy lawyer (Fassbender) known for doing the right thing for the wrong people dives into a treacherous drug deal for some quick cash...but he soon learns that having it all could mean losing everything.

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User Reviews
App crashes don't upgrade 2022-12-02
I cannot believe this movie did not get higher reviews; Ridley Scott writing it says it all; the cast is packed with A listers; and the movie itself is what would happen everyday being involved in that lifestyle. Plus, the depths to where it goes um, WOW! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!

GlennBond 2022-07-14
Love this movie. Drama/Mystery/Suspense. The dialogue is unique. Written by Cormac McCarthy. He writes his novels like this. It’s intellectual dialogue. Great cast. Directed by the great Ridley Scott.

Assa$$in007 2021-03-12
A realistic look at just how brutal and organized the drug cartels are, this movie shows things so horrific you won’t be able to forget them, Brad Pitt is a step ahead of everyone all the time, Cameron Diaz is absolute evil...... enjoy

Nicki777 2020-02-18
Terrible movie, story and character connections not made clear.

MannyCAM2001 2019-08-15
***SPOILER ALERT***** Everything Scott Touches isn’t Gold.. A very sad effort on his part. It left nothing at all to the payoff in sitting thru this twisted tale. But I guess there are bad guys who love movies as well. This ones is for you, proving that bad guys can and do succeed. And also for those with an unhappy childhood who always roots for the bad guys in movies. But for those of us who still believe in the old slogan “Crime Doesn’t Pay” and that a happy ending is not totally out of style. That everyone doesn’t need to die for a movie to be “A GREAT MOVIE”. And that even great directors grow old and lose their way. This ones not for you. But even these people get curious so then watch at your own risk. At .99 the only thing you would be losing is a couple hours out of your life.

ipadempress 2017-12-19
This movie has a lot going on. It’s spooky, suspenseful and full of action. This movie should have gotten more attention. It’s a quiet masterpiece. The acting is STELLAR! When you get the best in the business together, add a great director you can’t help but get great results.

rsweetland 2017-09-19
The acting is great and it's very well directed and produced, but this is a horribly depraved and depressing film. The ending was utterly wrenching and awful. I wish I could get back the horrible 117 minutes I spent watching this film.

Eborden22 2015-01-07
I loved this film, the cast makes the film so much better!!! And Cameron Diaz was perfect👏👏👏.

sovietsoundmonkey 2014-07-21
Huge Cormac McCarthy fan, but Cameron Diaz's acting in this movie made me want to shotgun hemlock. This is no exageration.

RABBiT97CONEjO 2014-04-30
I think you have to watch it more that 3 times to understand the movie. I enjoyed the trailer more than i did, the movie. The trailer seemed like an amazing movie. Not what i expected

Nicoleawriter 2014-04-21
I liked this film a lot. It was bloody at moments which is not my favorite part, but made the points it set out to. The script lines were good, but there was a reverb sound of a room type tone during some scenes that were outdoors or near windows which diminished the meaning of some words in the early parts of the movie. One example was a line that was in an article in the LA Times as not working - “Truth has no temperature.” If Shakespeare said it they’d love it - a valid line for any writer, but yes it sounded like it was in a tunnel and that made it not sound realistic. Scott is an awesome director - you fear who you should, and question who you should. Those who lose their lives are part of the process of this lifestyle, as sad as that is - it’s something to be aware of. For those who don’t lose their lives, they are to question or fear for the moment. That’s life isn’t it?

Simm20 2014-03-01
I usually don't even take the time to write up reviews. This movie was so bad I wanted to let everyone know to not waste your time. Great cast and director but extremely underperformed.

AllOfMyFiveCents 2014-02-24
A film that is watched with high hopes…. waited uselessly for a turn or a twist, which never came. It tries to be an ‘intellectual’ movie, but fails. Slow. Meaningless.

Annoymuss 2014-02-23
This movie was nothing short of awful! All the actors in this film, some of Hollywoods best, should be ashamed of themselves!! Donate the rental/purchase fee to charity!!!!

killerbootsbro 2014-02-15
The plot never seemed to go anywhere and when it did I found it a rushed and not very clever. Overall it kept my attention but only for a resolution which never came.

lavocate 2014-02-14
I have nothing good to say about this movie. A waste of a good actors time and consumers money. Silly stupid season. Earned every rotten tomato.

DBATIA 2014-02-12
A MASTERPIECE!! The cast is perfect, and the directing is even better:)

Speedyboy9692 2014-01-16
After reading Blood Meridian, The Road and No Country For Old Men, I think this is a fitting entry in the Cormac McCarthy catalog. His stories are nihilistic and dark. I guess people can't accept this. Although I do think that maybe a different director could have done the job, still Ridley Scott did a great job here.