Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete
iTunes Price: USD 12.99
iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99

Continuing the storyline based on the hit Playstation® game Final Fantasy VII, two years have passed

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Continuing the storyline based on the hit Playstation® game Final Fantasy VII, two years have passed since the ruins of Midgar stand as a testament to the sacrifices made in order to bring peace. However, the world will soon face a new menace. A mysterious illness is spreading fast. Old enemies are astir. And Cloud, who walked away from the life of a hero to live in solitude, must step forward yet again…

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User Reviews
ajnaranjo 2024-01-16
I finally decided to buy this movie due to me having a flight n it was worth it final fantasy 7 advent in 4k n completed great buy👏🏽🎉

Jefferson - Brasil 2024-01-16
This animation is way ahead of its time! Even better in 4K! But It lacks the japanese original áudio. Why, Sony? Why?

AndrewCovarr 2023-11-09
How Apple/iTunes only have English and French dub but NOT Japanese dub is BEYOND ME!

Cabron666 2023-07-23

Indiana Goof 2022-04-06
Years ago, I was one of the many who enthusiastically purchased this due to its promise to be the complete version only to have to ask for my money back due to the fact that it was not what was being advertised. I'm now happy to say that, finally, this is indeed the complete movie at last. :) The only reason I dock a star is due to the fact that it lacks a Japanese audio track. This isn't a problem for me personally, but I do know that there are others out there who would appeciate one being added. Oddly enough, while the complete version doesn't contain a Japanese audio option, the "original theatrical release" version, included as an extra here, does - in fact, it's *only * watchable in Japanese without an English track option! Go figure. Weirdness aside, it's great to finally have the complete version here on iTunes. ;)

hikaru1412 2021-08-20
This is just the same 1080p upscaled to 4K like the last one but they try to smooth stuff out. It’s noticeable. Plus they only have the English dialogue version. Tired of these releases not having the original Japanese dialogue. Put all of the dubs on the same release or release more than one version on the US iTunes Store.

MarioSkywalker 2021-07-02
For years, I tried to buy the COMPLETE version for my iTunes. But it was never offered as such. So glad at last to have the COMPLETE version. The superior version. Surprised no Japanese audio option. Nevertheless. Glad to have it.

quintission 2021-06-18
I’d rather have it in the original Japanese with English subtitles and not even having access to the original audio drops it 2 stars

Jerome arias 2021-06-18
For those wondering this is the complete version! Finally.

CharliemMBCR 2021-06-16
Finally they updated it to the complete version on par to the 4K physical release

Shadow_knight0 2021-06-14
I really enjoy this movie. A LOT. I bought it once last year because the picture says “Complete” but I got a refund after the first week because it was the original version. I finally re-bought the film in April because I finally caved. NOW, iTunes decides to put the complete version in 4K on the site finally without upgrading the original purchase? Ridiculous.

Ozhigwan 2021-06-14
Nice to finally have the longer version, and in 4K too!

BigFaceGhost 2021-06-13
For those wondering which version this is, it’s advent children complete…run time 2hrs 6min with added scenes and at 4K.

Malus92 2021-06-11
Great movie. Graphics are showing their age (15 year old movie), but it’s still a great time and the HDR is wonderful. Glad to finally have this in UHD.

Rdundne 2021-06-09
Bought this HD movie in April but now after it upgrades to 4K in June, the movie is gone from my library! And iTunes asks me to pay again, the nerve! 😡😡😡🤬 Other movies upgrade to 4K for free but not this one. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼