Life of Crime
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When a pampered housewife (Jennifer Aniston) is kidnapped by a pair of blundering ex-cons in an

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When a pampered housewife (Jennifer Aniston) is kidnapped by a pair of blundering ex-cons in an effort to extort money from her sleazy real-estate tycoon husband (Tim Robbins), the perfect crime becomes the perfect opportunity for the husband to ride off in the sunset with his sexy young mistress (Isla Fisher)…until the housewife decides to even the score. From the author of Get Shorty and Rum Punch (which inspired Jackie Brown), comes this crime-thriller comedy where everyone's a suspect.

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User Reviews
Floridienne 2017-09-09
This movie had potential, but it was very slow and boring even for an Aniston movie. I can only think she lost a lot of money in bad investments and needed to make this movie to start recovering. There was really not even one funny moment. It should have been funny but it simply wasn’t. If you want to see an Aniston movie, watch We're the Millers instead.

Avion 2016-06-20
Don't buy this. There is no logic, no path to anything. What is the plot and what is the end game? Kept waiting for some logical story or end but the whole story makes no sense. Aniston decides to join the people who kidnpped her and maybe end up with the kidnapper? Give me a break! What a waste of my time and money.

The Brig Lexington 2015-12-28
Bette Midler and Danny DeVito did this plot back in the 1980’s. Way Better flick. Jen’s hot as always. Robbins needs to be back in the hole at Shawshank.

Debbie Gilliland 2015-01-10
Funny and suspenseful at the same time. I didn't care for the ending, but it was a good watch.

Gospeedracer3 2014-12-26
It's rare that both my husband and I enjoy a movie equally, but Life of Crime was a success! Great characters for a great all around film.

lisa'slovelylips 2014-11-22
Great plot, great acting. Jennifer Aniston was perfect!

The real actionjack 2014-11-17
That was me sleeping. Uhhg. What boring drivel, lousy dialog, and depressing scenes.

megyraff 2014-11-05
Beyond terrible. I wonder how these films get made??

Kattttt123 2014-11-02
Costumes great, Aniston great, Robbins great as a slime ball and I liked the ending. I have read and enjoyed several Elmore Leonard’s books, then seen the movies which I enjoyed as well. Perhaps, I expected too much from this movie, I didn’t know it was set in 1978 and I thought it was a comedy. However, it was better than most of the Movies I have seen in the last couple of months.

whiz1187 2014-11-01
Don't waste your time or money. It was idiotic and senseless.

Howleyes 2014-10-28
I don't buy many movies but this will be one to add to the collection. It's fun to watch, sort of bouncy the whole time. I find it refreshing and sexy and funny.

Jrheinz57 2014-10-28
Saw this movie at the theater on a whim and almost walked out. It was so stupid and slow moving. Don't waste your time.

CatherineTheGreat37 2014-09-24
Elmore Leonard is the best. Jennifer Anniston is very good, the rest of the cast superb.

NickM124 2014-09-22
Terrible and boring movie. Stupid plot. I like Jennifer Anniston, so that’s why I rented this. My entire viewing party was delighted when it was over. Save your money.

B33P3R 2014-09-22
Slow, boring, predictable, not able to watch through to end. Anniston should be embarrassed.

steedv521 2014-09-16
I thought this would be good looking at the cast. I don't know why it's considered a comedy. Boring story, boring movie. Glad I only rented it.

Wake Up Apple 2014-09-12
While the cast works well together, there isn't really any surprises. Not really worth the rental price. Better luck next time.

Samanthasaprincess 2014-09-11
I could have wrote a better ending but the movie was decent. Jen was beautiful in this movie.

sunstrikejill 2014-09-10
So stupid and slow I couldn’t get past the first 15 mins!

frinkle 2014-09-10
Well written, lovely acting, good well made movie - sit down, get beer, relax - no awful mistakes or artless clichés. Its all good. You’re safe.

Bossmans 2014-09-09
And badly put together. The pieces never really came together. It could have been done way better. Wish I hadn't wasted my time. Two hours I'll never get back.

Somebodyelsebuddy 2014-09-09
The film just goes on and on, not really funny, not very clever, one funny moment at the end of the movie. I watched the film with 2 other fairly diverse people, we liked the cast, we all left disappointed. I wish I could get a refund, pretty bad. I am giving this film one star as it was in color and the playback was smooth.

rcblanket 2014-09-09
Completely mishandled. Terrible cinematography. Lifeless music. Decent cast is completely wasted. Horribly under-developed script. So many negative feelings. Angry I spent my time and money.

Tony Maddox 2014-09-08
Aniston keeps expanding her talents into newer and unexpected areas. Great cast, Cool premise. Great directing, in a very memorable era. Hope Aniston picks more diverse movies like, what I consider a "dark comedy".......... Damned near a "FARGO" without the bloody murders.

Dandles 2014-09-07
There were interesting performances, I’ll give it that. It’s definitely not a comedy, certainly not one with big laughs. This is just sort of a slow paced movie, one that doesn’t make much sense. And not a lot happens. They sort of kidnap her, she sort of befriends them, you can’t tell if the husband wants to pay or doesn’t It’s dull. But, again, the actors are fun to watch, so it’s not completely horrible.

TheMadMacMan 2014-09-06
It’s a wanna-be Quentin Tarantino movie. And who paid off those rotten tomatometerers? 65% my aaaaa….

Twothumbs118 2014-09-05
Very smart and witty movie that mixes the best of kidnapping, road trip, romance, and comedy together. This movie mixes the best characteristics of the actors with a snappy plot. It is a mixture of American Hustle with a celebration of the 70s and romance that blossoms whenever there is a kidnapping and two attractive people find themselves alone together for long periods of time. It throws in a little of The Town with the masks and guns. All around a great time for a date movie.

rldeak 2014-09-04
Slow, unimaginative, painful, dumb. Not enough bad adjectives to describe it.

GardenKeeper 2014-09-04
The cast is good but John Hawkes and Jennifer Aniston fail to provide the spark that Clooney/J-Lo had in Elmore's "Out of Sight". Echoes of that film and "Get Shorty" can be found here but without the crisp dialogue or clever plot.

Trustworthy 55 2014-09-04
It just isn’t a blunt force utensil.

Chriscrutcher 2014-09-03
The acting was spot on for the story. It’s not The Departed, but it isn’t supposed to be. WELL worth watching. Saying it is humorless says more about the reviewer than the movie.

Preacher25 2014-09-02
Very basic plot -- nothing clever or novel in the script -- wooden performances across the board-- I've seen more affect and expression from mannequins or patients dosed heavily with thorazine. Tim Robbins must have one of the best agents in Hollywood for him to continue to find work --

NYCM 2014-09-01
I like to see Jennifer Aniston is more serious roles but this movie was just dull. Elmore Leonard usually packs more of a punch and while the individual performances were good (including Mos Def & Isla Fisher) there isn't anyone to root for in this lowkey snoozer.

Sadie D. 2014-08-31
This movie is a great mix of suspense and comedy! The cast really makes the plot come alive, kudos to jen aniston, she really did an outstanding job in this film.. As she always does!

MDRixon 2014-08-31
Not sure what part was funny. Has to be the worst movie I have seen Aniston in.

cpb1314 2014-08-31
Fantastic cast, and the perfect mix of story elements that I have come to expect from most Elmore Leonard adaptations. This is why I rent these independent films on iTunes. Most of the time they are better than what is in theaters. Worth every penny for the rent.

KayKay2111969 2014-08-30
It was absolutely amazing and suspenseful, but still a dark comedy. Jen was absolutely incredible, and gorgeous as always! Good job Dan! A great cast! Jen was perfect along with her co stars! The ending left me thinking! I hope there will be a sequel!

niya4199 2014-08-30
Jennifer Aniston is a fantastic actress!!! She does some really great acting in this movie!!!

tot tot 2014-08-29
Awesome movie. Totally loved the twist in the end.