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American Horror Story: Freak Show is the story of the performers and their desperate journey of survival amidst the dying world of the American carny experience.

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User Reviews
oOf LoL 142810 2020-04-08
I liked freak show I thought it was really interesting and I also like hearing the characters background story’s

Brandonn831 2019-11-14
this season is sad but its good ending i was waiting for dandy to die

MyownmE 2018-12-26
My Fav. seasons of AHS are: S5 (Hotel) S1 (Murder House) S8 (Apocalypse). they really fulfil my expectations, not like the rest of seasons.

Mtkrug1 2018-09-20

Mohsen7899 2018-09-14
The worst season of ahs

#1Jackster 2018-08-13
American Horror Story Freak Show’s bizarre narratives and chilling cast were squandered by lethargic writing and repetitive characters.

@KLuca143 2016-10-04
One of my favorite seasons of AHS for sure, once you start watching you won't be able to stop!

alex-bito-nyc 2015-12-07
donde consigo los capítulos con subtítulos en español??

Lhamo62 2015-10-15
Seriously. Since Jessica Lang is no longer involved the show has deteriorated dramatically. It's all T&A and short on plot and acting.

DominiqueLover 2015-07-28
ahs is always perf no matter what sooooo

Ehhsjdkdkdoxoxkskz 2015-07-13
I was goad to see American Horror Story: Freak Show on iTunes. I was waiting months for it to be on Hulu and Netflix but I couldn't wait. This season has a good storyline, spectacular special effects and portrays how life was like for individuals with genetic deformities in the 1950's. However it didn't give me the creeps as in seasons one and two and the story line wasn't as great as season three. I look forward to season five.

Taylor167 2015-06-25
I've been watching the seasons of American horror story for awhile now and I just can't stop its so addicting and who doesn't love Evan Peters! Great show....totally worth it!

Bdndjdjhdhxjjdj 2015-04-25
I'm in love with this show,,& I can't wait for AHS:Hotel

kb_2312 2015-04-11
I swear, every season gets better and better!!!!!!!… #FREAKSHOW

fiveothegreat 2015-03-05
No central plot, no horror, no point. No thank you.

Dulcevertigofey 2015-02-21
Buy it. You won't regret it.

Cheyenne™ 2015-02-16
Once again, AHS has failed to disappoint me! Jessica Lange and Angela Basset played beautiful roles! I can never loose interest in the story!!❤️💕😍👌

twonlarone 2015-02-12
After fully watching the season. I give it a solid 3 stars... Something was missing with this season. It just wasn't that interesting. Honestly I only really enjoyed watching 4 of the episodes. Asylum was my absolute favorite season. 1. Asylum 2. Murder House 3. Coven 4. Freak show I really hope season 5 does a better job. PLEASE! I need good episodes of this show in my life

Violet6969 2015-02-08
Worth binging on. Puts shame into the spotlight of glory.

Kiki412luvd 2015-01-31
I understand that american horror story wants to have the angle of the show that does the unexpected, but killing off all the characters in such a horrific way just upsets the audience. Most disappointing season I have ever watched.

5SecondsOfBananas 2015-01-26
Some of you might think of me as too religious, but this show is pure evil. I'm 14 btw. I feel that this show is unnecessary because it shows a lot of blood and killing. Why do teens my age like this? Seriously it's disgusting, and a bad influence. Maybe the people who shot the children in Sandy Hook was inspired by this show. Who knows? I would sue this show if that's the case. Pointless. Awful. Disturbing.

Brybarion 2015-01-26
Unfortunatly, I went through a whole season of uselessness. It started good, but got worse as time went on. I was hoping to see freaks get crazy and twisted as the intro portrays, however it portrays weakness, neediness, and too much dependence on one character. I honestly cant take another lead by Jessica Lange. The finale was absolutley rediculous. It was Dreadful, I got nothing from it while they got ratings.

Marcus Barkac 2015-01-25
I've been trying to figure out what the actual plot of this show is and after the finale I still don't know... There were also never any "Freak" performances, just singing. And they did a Nirvana cover when the story takes place in 1952? That's forty years before Nirvana. I've really enjoyed all previous seasons but this one was bad enough to call it quits with AHS. It was fun while it lasted. Oh and FX if I pay for your show, don't put commercials at the beginning and end of each episode. It's tacky and poor taste.

Bravo318 2015-01-25
This season it's not the best in the AHS series. The plot it's bad and dump at times not worth the money here.

Twentysboy 2015-01-25
Perhaps the worst acting I've seen in a modern show.

No😐😐 2015-01-24
I think the finale especially pulled the entire season together after a series of events that the brilliant Ryan Murphy had created and I think this was a very very intriguing season and it wasn't just a huge plot and then cut off in the finale. Well done Ryan, I applaud you.

maris81 2015-01-24
Loved this season.

jharrington7 2015-01-23
Overall the worst season. Putting the comparison of other seasons aside, this season wasn’t horrible. It was still bearable to watch and enjoy it. I would give it a 2 out of 5, while the other seasons get either a 4 or 5. 1 and 2 (5/5 stars) - 3 (4/5 stars)

Timothy Hocum 2015-01-22
I thought Coven was bad. This season was worse than the last. What happened to this show? The first two seasons were phenomenal and the last two seasons have just been terrible. No cohesion this season what-so-ever. My favorite show is quickly becoming a show I could care less about... 😕

Snowy40912 2015-01-21
Too much killing. Not even scary. Dandy ruined the whole thing.

AK000047 2015-01-21
Can get slow at times but otherwise it is a great show. Never ceases to shock and surprise you.

Susyq1993 2015-01-19
This is by far the worst season I've seen. I had high hopes in the beginning episodes but now, one episode from the finale, it wasn't worth my time and it sure as heck wasn't worth the money. The story lines jumps around and has no meaning whatsoever. There's no shock factor like the other seasons. The flow is choppy like a 3rd grader did their story boards. Overall, so very disappointing. I wish they would have just continued on with the story in season 1, it was amazing. Don't slap it together people!

Tiny_Unicorn 2015-01-16
I got hooked on this show at the beginning of this season. So what did I do? Binge watch every season at 2 in the morning. This season is definitely the best. Jessica Lange is once again absolutely incredible.

Dr. Coughee 2015-01-15
i absolutely love this show but why is it that when it becomes available in the store for download its not initially available for season pass holders? The new episode is on iTunes however season pass holders have to wait on an email to download? ITs in the store if its available for download for anyone it should be available for everyone..This makes me hesitant to purchase season passes in the future…This has really angered and annoyed me and I never complain

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! 2015-01-11
I really loved the first and third season of AHS but the second and now fourth seasons are far inferior to the others. I haven't been very interested in this season, although I have watched every episode. With season one and season three I couldn't wait for the next episode, this season I completely forgot about the show for 4 weeks and only recently caught up. What is up with the inconsitent accents by Lange and Bates?! The spoiled rich is kid so intolerable that I skip his scenes. This season had such a great premise and seemed to be destined for greatness but, at least for me personally, it is my least favorite season thus far. Hopefully next season will be better...

StormFalcon836 2015-01-02
You know, there are ways to get ideas for a show without having to become a devil worshipper 👿🔫

SWAYZEleeXX 2015-01-01
I absolutely love this season! The acting is amazing! It's very well thought out and beautifully displayed!

Layla.ramirezz 2014-12-27
I love AHS it my favourite series but theirs rumours that Jessica Lange won't be returning next season her being the main stars so far after Evan peters and Sarah Paulson

Ezra'sWife 2014-12-27
Evan peters is so 😍😍😍 and don't even get me started on the show itself .. AMAZING !! 😍

Me.mars 2014-12-24
It's just point blank amazing!!! Next Season can we make it about vampires in the 1800 hundreds in New Orleans prettttty please :D

m7mmd94 2014-12-19
pure creative

Ghcdgtwsf 2014-12-18
Ep 10 orphans really got me , I love pepper and can't believe what a hard life she had made me cry so much

e_Seeress 2014-12-18
Jessica Lange! Oh my, and all of the other actors are just as amazingly brilliant...every single one of them. I have never been let down by an AHS season. LOVE IT.

Jerryalwayssmiles 2014-12-18
Absolutely love this season it has an amazing cast and it will open your eyes and see how people treat "freaks" so horrible

Therealpinhead188 2014-12-17
I don’t often buy whole seasons but because of work it does not allow me on wednesday nights to see it. I love getting home and there it is waiting for me. This is the best show going on. You never know what your going to get! and i love that. Entertainment should give you something different. 10 out of 10

franknbeans2 2014-12-15
I was a big fan of this series and looking forward to Season 4. But, 7 episodes in, this is just unwatchable and falls far short of previous seasons. The main problem is that there is no timeline. They kill someone and then they reappear as if nothing happened. You literally don’t know if you are watching the past, present, or future.

drpresident 2014-12-12
Started strong, but has been awful since. Notice that none of the good reviews are written in November.

Joshwutt 2014-12-11
the show is nothing what i expected, from the interviews on how the show is described sounds scarier than the whole show

Lindsay432 2014-12-10
This suspenseful show with a wide variety of characters and plot twists has me hooked! My new favorite show by far! ❤️👹

Bryce1989 2014-12-10
Great great great!!!!!