Men, Women & Children
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A provocative new drama from acclaimed director Jason Reitman, that looks at our world through five

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A provocative new drama from acclaimed director Jason Reitman, that looks at our world through five interconnected families in a small town and examines the question of whether the technology meant to connect us is actually drawing us further apart.

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User Reviews
TrstyFriend 2017-09-21
I think the people who gave this movie a bad review just didn't get the point of it. It is a very good movie that's provoking and worth watching. Please don't listen to the bad reviews just watch it.

SS090909 2015-05-24
This movie is completely creepy and disgusting. It's pervy, weird sex and not in a good way. There is absolutely no humanity, there is a strange alien-type voice that narrates it. I'm sure the voice is supposed to be artistic or clever but it's annoying and doesn't fit at all. Why the director of such good movies would direct this utterly depressing piece of crap, I have no idea! For once in my life, I wish I listened to the critics on this one and didn't waste my $4! God awful!!!!!

Bacon 100 2015-04-16
This is a movie I will always watch because I can relate to it

ca0779 2015-02-28
characters were interesting but just could do without the whole narration of space . ending could have been a little better. overall movie is good just to rent but not to own.

JessicaTaylor2114 2015-02-08
I was alittle shocked by this movie. At first I didn't care to much for it. I love Ansel Elgort and I wanted to see this movie, so I bought it. It's an ok movie, but i wish a hadn't bought it. It really does reflect on the world today with all the social media and kids these days. So.... yeah it was ok.

Farzad92 2015-01-17
I afraid when see this movie

Idiot for buying 2015-01-10
This was the best movie I ever watched. I was skeptical because of some of the negative comments but I gave it a shot and it was amazing. This is my favorite movie. Its about love, and suicide and adultery and sex and finding meaning in life. The ending was the best. Its like those movies that just end with the narration and plays music that just makes you just ugh. and right after the credits rolled all I wanted to do was watch the whole thing again. 10 out of 10. defiantly watch it. Some of the comments said it was gross because it was all about sex and porn. Apparently people who watched this movie was 10 years old. Yes, they talked about porn in the film but I wasn’t like the whole movie. Theres a reason its rated r. The film was amazing and I highly recommend it.

CPAgrrrl 2015-01-03
I really, really enjoyed this film. Can't figure out why films like this don't get more attention. You can ignore the rotten tomatoes reviews on this one. It seems like most people do anyway, but I normally pay more attention to those than the the iTunes customer ratings. This time, rotten tomatoes got it wrong and the regular ol' customer got it right.

CamdenMcBride 2015-01-03
After watching the preview for this movie, I thought I would go ahead and rent it. It looked decent. But I was so wrong. I barely made it 30 minutes into the film. The 30 minutes that I DID watch were filled with porn, eating disorders, video game addictions, and over protective parents. The movie left me with an unclean feeling and overwhelming disgust. I would recommend not seeing this movie. The preview is misleading and it is a waste of time and money.

isabellajanee 2014-12-28
This movie, although most of the way through May seem like a porno, but the last 5-10 minutes were absolutely astonishing. So breathtaking, so surreal, so truthful. It really shows what the world is today. Absolutely great.

Cocowin17 2014-12-23
This film showed me how small our world is compadres to our universe. But how large our problems and feelings and actions are. This film opened up a lot to me. May be depressing, but is a good slap in the face. Everyone needs to watch it.

leqm13 2014-12-21
First of all, Rotten Tomatoes has lost it by judging this movie by its director rather than by the compelling message it is trying to transmit. It’s been a while since I have fully immersed myself and even wanted to look back in a film. This one, although a little slow, does a fabulous job at questioning ourselves and the impact of our actions. I rented it, now I’m upset I didn’t just buy it in the first place.

bloodclay 2014-12-21
I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a performance from Adam Sandler. That is, aside from his role in “Punch-Drunk Love” a full twelve years ago. He’s an actor that’s always had a certain potential that seemed to be wasted on the pointless, raunchy comedies he’s churned out for the past few decades. But, hopefully his emotional performance in “Men, Women & Children” serves as a precursor to more interesting work to come. Despite its flaws, this is one of the most timely and deeply affecting pieces of work I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a movie that tries to tackle many subjects, all under the bubble of technology. At the forefront, we see Sandler’s character struggling with his marriage and trying to work out some of his various problems. There’s also several other intertwining stories, some that deal with infidelity and young love, and others that handle issues with self-image and peer pressure. They’re not all equal in quality (that being expected), but each one certainly has something to say. The most well-developed segment includes Ansel Elgort (who you may know from “The Fault in Our Stars”), playing a teen struggling with having just quit his high-school football team. We see him concerned over the meaning of life and this is only alleviated as he gets to know a girl named Brandy. Their relationship in the film is beautiful - and so is most of the movie - with a few exceptions here and there. It’s a film that starts off a bit rocky and doesn’t really find its footing until the first thirty minutes have past. But once it does, it proves to be shockingly true and current. These are issues that people are dealing with on a daily basis, and it handles them in a touching and true manner that can’t be rivaled by the majority of mainstream movies out today.

waaattcchheerr 2014-12-21
A solid entertaining thoughtful movie. Not a documentary, a drama. The internet is just used to center the plot-no big social critique-not finger-wagging or pointing, just a realistic bit of entertainment.

MediumRocks 2014-12-20
Do we, as a Western, “developed” society really know what we are doing? Our inability to be truly known in intimacy and relationships is baffling, and this film gives a brilliant glimpse into this depravity. I would have given it 4 stars, yet as one who is incredibly addicted to narrative, the conclusion given to the problem presented (the punch line, if you will) was less than satisfactory.

IndieLifer 2014-12-19
Great acting all around and was actually surprised as to how goo the movie was. The scene with the Doctor with the beard was extremely realistic and not over the top. Great movie

Moviefanatic1001 2014-12-18
I liked the existential theme in the film. The movie was pretty intense at times but overall it's an intimate portrait of human nature and the desire for connection.

Allantaé 2014-12-18
I think it captures an speaks well for our society and what teenagers go through today. Using technology for us as humans to be loved or liked. Great movie!

Glforever11 2014-12-17
When the preview sad about the technology age I thought it would be totally different. It was about getting sex porn videos. Now I see why it did not make much money or have any previews on the tv or anything b/c I felt like a was watching one big porn movie and I am sorry that I very off putting I did not even finish the movie because of how nasty it was yes I like ansel elgort but this movie was a total fail for him if you want one with him to for divergent or the fault in our stars don't waste your money on this

acarr943 2014-12-16
Believe it or not. I saw this movie because I heard Adam Sandler was in it like a week before it was released in theaters. So I thought I'd give this movie a chance. Sure it's nothing like Blended or other comedic stuff Sandler has done in the past. But he wasn't the only star of the film. Jennifer Garner did great as a caring yet a little too overprotective around her daughter and Ansel Elgort from the fault in our stars was absolutely great too. But what I'm saying is you should see this movie because it really shows you how much technology and the internet have changed our lives significantly. With wonderful performances from Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, and Ansel Elgort. Men, Women and Children is a movie that everyone should watch at least once.

TheChrisVolta 2014-12-15
Led by fantastic performances from everyone around, ''Men, Women & Children'' is an engaging, realistic, relatable look into the way modern kids and parents are affected by Internet culture and it has so much brutal honesty. I love it, and you should too.