The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic
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This special ventures behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the origins and evolution of the

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This special ventures behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the origins and evolution of the Academy Award winning film “Frozen.” A breathtaking and fantastic saga – the real story of making of a modern movie based on a very old tale, that nearly overnight became a cultural touchstone for legions of young 21st century fans. Viewers will get a rare look inside the Disney Animation Studios. They will hear from the animators, director, composers and intrepid studio boss John Lasseter, the stars of the film: all of whom dreamed of making a cherished Hans Christian Andersen story into a big screen animated musical. We will take the audience to the beautiful Norwegian villages and landscapes that inspired the look of Arendelle, the fictional Frozen kingdom, and see the video journal made by the talented Art Director Mike Giaimo and his team as they travelled the gorgeous Norwegian north country to research the unforgettable look and feel they achieved.

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User Reviews
cats rule forever 2019-01-18

QueenoftheBigBlue 2018-04-17
This is, as many have said, the "special feature" that should have been on the Blu Ray release of Frozen- it gives a great. detailed look at how the film was really made (and not some silly, inane musical number that explained nothing of the process and answered the question "How did they make Frozen?" with a resounding "I don't know", probably the stupidest special feature on any Disney Blu Ray to date). Questions are answered, things are explained., yes- THIS is what I've been waiting for! I'm told this was originally broadcast on TV, but I didn't see it since I don't have TV. I only learned of its existence here on iTunes, and thank goodness it has this documentary- questions have been answered and wishes were granted. Disney could take a lesson from this- don't leave something this important off of a Blu Ray. People wanna know, REALLY know, how they make their magic!

Cfreeny 2017-06-25

!MT 23! 2016-12-08
That's gotta be the cutest documentary ever! It's one those I missed a couple years ago on ABC next to Marvel 75, but at least I saw Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe. Anyway this impressed me with its genesis story on Frozen and a preview clip from Big Hero 6. #GiveElsaAGirlfriend!

DisneyWildcat 2014-12-24
This version is slightly extended from the ABC Broadcast version, and what it adds is certainly good, as some of the interviews are extended and it goes a bit more into why "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" was almost cut. Although the bumpers before and after the commercial breaks have been cut, the cuts aren't exactly handled well. Still, for a great special that covers the creation of Frozen better than the BD (which didn't have a extra that comphensively covered the making of Frozen), it's definitely worth the TV episode price it sells at.

lknmjh 2014-11-25
I saw this documentary on ABC and thought to myself, "This is what's missing on my standard blu-ray and iTunes version of the movie." Then it came out on iTunes now and I just immediately bought it. This is a MUST HAVE if you are at all curious at the behind the scenes aspect of the film itself.