Child 44
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After a friend's son is found dead, Soviet secret-police officer Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) suspects

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After a friend's son is found dead, Soviet secret-police officer Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) suspects his superiors are covering up the truth. When Leo dares to raise questions, he is demoted and exiled to a provincial outpost with his wife (Noomi Rapace). There, Leo soon discovers other mysterious deaths with similar circumstances and convinces his new boss (Gary Oldman) that a deranged serial killer is on the loose—and must be stopped before he strikes again in this electrifying thriller.

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User Reviews
inkflamingo 2018-08-18
I am glad I disregarded the reviews. The movie is a slow burn, and kinda old-fashioned, but very good and has staying power. There are suggestions of deeper subplots, but the plot stays focused on the main story line. My opinion is that the focus makes a movie more thought-provoking. Other viewers might have wanted more details on the subplots. However, the movie's opaque story lines are set in Stalinist Russia, so why would all our questions be answered? Anyways, a good movie with good acting.

Crist_2001 2018-01-02
This movie, though not as great as the novel, may be one of the best cinematic experiences I have seen. It simultaneously moved me to tears, filled me with hatred and disgust, made me proud and loving, and caused me to be afraid. It is very rare that a simple 2 hour movie can stimulate all emotions. This movie fullfilled my expectations and in some ways exceeded them. Do not hesitate to watch this film. It is truly a life-changing experience and I wish that every single person could watch it and read the novels. It is not boring, nor does it "lag." The only criticism I have for this film is for it to have more colloquial Russian language in it, perhaps with English subtitles. It would have been perfect.

dr lisa: not bad for a girl 2017-11-25
I've seen this twice and now own it. This film touched my heart. It is both painful and filled with tragedy taking place around Stalin's hellatious rule, the war, USSR/Russia and German drama of the time period of (1933-1953). Though dark, this film is beautiful because of Leo (Tom Hardy). I am disgusted by those who criticised this film and by Russia who banned it (typical)! But thank you iTunes and cable TV (where I first saw it). There are several subplots which give the film depth so it is not a fast paced Tom Cruise action movie. It is a film to witness. It is a mystery and situated aroiund the horror or the Ukranian genocide, the USSR and Stalin's propaganda. I do not care if it is not perfectly accurate and if it is acted in English. I would have watched it done in Russian with subtitles, but lets face it, Russia was never going to accept it anyway! So it is for discerning Americans to watch. It is NOT a documentary. But a story that shows enough to make you want to learn more of what happened during that time period. What is spectacular is Leo, due to his childhood in an orphanage, he remembers. Based on his determination to escape it and the kindness of a REd Army commander, he is taken in and becomes a sort of icon/hero. He lives in Moscow, captain of MGB, arresting dissedents. But he does it with as much integrity, fairness & compassion as possible. He falls in love and marries Raisa, who it becomes clear, is terrified of him (& not in love). Therefore, she behaves detached and even unfaithful to him. He adores her and is a gentlemen throughout the movie; loyal to a fault. Leo begins to fulfill his destiny to capture a serial child killer allegedy affected during the German camps to hunger chilldren's flesh. Though Leo's task is extremely difficult given Stalin's law that there is no murder in his so called paradise (ironic when 5 million innocent people starved and/or executed by his reign and order), he is not supposed to be a detective seeking a murderer. Later in the film, he is exiled and demoted for his morals and perserverence, his previous enemies & the deception of people that Raisa trusted, make Raisa see/appreciate/love/defend Leo for who he is. They do have an ally or two (with the help of a General Gary Oldman) and a bit of luck but it is always risky. They violentely fight to protect each other again and again to protect his quest to find/bring a child murderer down. The end comes full circle with Leo & Raisa unified and adopting the two children his enemy assassinated earlier in the movie.

Its not like it was a bad film, it was in the words of TRUMP, slow, so slow. But the acting was good. It gets 3 ✨ because of that. But, it gets 4 ✨ for story and acting.

Mistyrega 2017-05-20
This has to be one of the worst five movies that I haver seen! Misrepresented is correct!! IF you are interested in the serial killer - Andrew C. - watch the dang documentary. This movie is slow & depressing. Also - of note- the real Andrew/serial killer - was a cannibal and much scarier than this actor portrays. I thought it could not be too bad with Tom Hardy in it - I really like his other movies - but even he couldn't make this work.

Appappel 2017-04-11
As a police story and life under that regime Beautiful for a very dark story

I cannot believe this has 2 to 3 stars on som reviews .. It's well it's a thriller of sorts .. I can't go into it without giving it away .. Really #GaryOldman is brilliant as is Tom Hardy and the rest of the cast ... Definitely held me in suspense .... Fantastic Film ...

Justsomerandomguyfromoutthere 2015-12-13
When I started to watch this movie I felt relieved that the critics had pegged this one wrong and it was going to be quite good. About half an hour into the movie I had the sinking feeling I had been hoodwinked and by the end of it I was certain. Visually intriguing, the atmosphere presented is certainly cold, ugly, without much human warmth at all but that is one of the biggest assets of the movie. But the story lumbers along and several times I had to pause and rewind to see if I’d missed something because suddenly there was all that bustling and expectation I felt was unwarranted. Even the children didn’t move me much with their story. I love Gary Oldman and his character had the most depth. Tom Hardy’s wasn’t bad and I could have lived with him just fine if not for Noomi Rapace who I think is highly overrated as an actress. Their chemistry was absent from the beginning and how their story ends had me shaking my head. The killer I think they got at the store for 99cents tax-free. No mystery, no depth, laughable reasoning and conclusion to his story. I haven’t read the book but the movie comes across like a very bad Reader’s Digest version with most of the main plot still being there but only just. And most of the subplots just sprinkled in here and there without concern if they made any sense at all in the form they were being used. A failed attempt in my opinion.

Gauri1 2015-10-20
And then blew it. I loved the book it was emotional and well written but I didn't see that in this movie.

tab0429 2015-08-29
This was not only an amazing performance, but also beautiful filmed and well told. My husband and I really liked the movie.

PR 89 2015-08-27
Tom hardy does it again.

Fhei' 2015-08-26
What a miserable piece of production

T-Rock79 2015-08-20
My wife and I saw this preview awhile ago and thought it would come to the theaters but, it never did. Surprisingly we saw this on ITunes and really wanted to see it. Great movie, kept our attention the entire time. Not your typical movie, when you think it's going one way it turns around another corner which was very good to us. The acting was superb especially the main actor, he's accent, his acting was extremely good. I definitely recommend this movie for a movie night. Disregard all the negative feedback you have read and please be sure to check this movie out. Well done!

Samie Di Lorenzo from NYC 2015-08-14
Wickedly cool movie. The story lines moves quickly and before you know it your cheering for Veronica (Abigail Breslin) to keep on kicking a*#s! Awesome Flick!

Shenanigans on this 2015-08-13
Just awful. I wouldn't watch for free.

AndyHally 2015-08-13
This movie is dark. The lighting is as dark as the atmosphere and they story itself. It gives a good look at the harshness of living in an authoritarian society, where even the existence of murder is denied. It develops the two main characters well, played very well by Hardy and Rapace, and you get to know them well. The three supporting roles, as played by Oldman, Kinnaman and Fares are less developed, considering their importance in carrying the plot forward. On the other hand, this story is mainly about the plot of catching a killer, but a story about the persons trying to bring justice to a society where justice doesn’t exist, and right the wrongs where no wrongs should exists. There are no murders in paradise. Good movie and good acting, and the professional reviewers really have it all wrong.

YH9264 2015-08-12
Great story and superb performance. Enjoyed every moment of it!

moviejunkie456 2015-08-12
I really enjoyed this movie. Great cast, great performances. It felt really truly genuine. It had good pacing and was beautifully filmed. Tom Hardy can do no wrong!

gigifresco 2015-08-12
Tom Hardy proved to be an amazing actor...the movie is well done and thrilling.. I recommend it.

Belindag1023 2015-08-12
Had me on the edge of my seat. Some great suspense, action . Highly recommend.

sad9scrumhalf 2015-08-11
I think rotten tomatoes gets it right often, but not in this case. This movie is a nearly fantastic. It is worth watching. I struggle imagining how this can get bad reviews.

Cicici07 2015-08-10
I gave it two stars for the lead actors, they are all excellent and I enjoy them in other movies. But, much like True Detective 2, I watched the entire thing and still have no idea what the story was meant to be about. Muddled, confusing, and slightly ridiculous plot. Beautifully filmed and acted.

Fuzail Shaikh 2015-08-09
I don't really do reviews but this movie is exceptional and the best thing about it is Tom Hardy's acting.

Spartan Todd 2015-08-09
Having read the book, I thought this movie did a great job of bringing the book to screen. Enjoyed both the book and movie. The acting was top notch and this movie surprised me! This is not a movie for those that have a short attention span or like to start and stop watching. Lots of detail and a story that requires the movie goers attention.

Lyon4ik 2015-08-08
The movies absolutely terrible and is a total waste of money and time...

casperbeta 2015-08-08
As usual the critics wouldn't know a good movie if it fell on them. This was a well written piece, and the acting was well beyond my expectectations.

Lucky Spacetramp 2015-08-08
a great, great movie!

Dragon77989789 2015-08-07
The acting is very good BUT this film will BORE you to the bone .. it's a timely Anti-Russian propaganda film .. it's not worth watching even was rentable for 10 cents .. you would get more out of watching grass grow ..

snowmobilejer 2015-08-02
Absolutely unbelievable!

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 2015-08-02
its amazing any one could have survived in a time a simple lie could have turned your world upside down in that time in russia. Anyways i thought the movie was good.

Nottil 2015-07-26
Just finished watching. Really enjoyed this movie. Was gritty, often bloody and kept me and my fellow watchers captivated. I will watch again by myself.

angelofmyeyes 2015-07-26
I love the suspense of this movie, it had me on the edge of my bed. Figuring out who was this strange person with a brief case, and murdering these boys was truly a suspense. The ending was very powerful with much action, and showing the dedication and love they had for one another. Awesome movie. I enjoyed it very much

majorthomas 2015-07-24
I'm both a serious movie freak and I have a degree in History so this very interesting movie was an example of why Tom Hardy is becoming the best actor of the current movie era; and when you add my favorite actor of all time, Gary Oldman, then allow a good book to become a good screenplay, then allow Hardy and Oldman show us what acting is all about. The movie is long and was a bit bleak for a period, but the plot and action followed an upward pace. I think this movie will also be a bizarre lesson in the crazy times of the Second World War.

luckeday 2015-07-23
ignore the bad reviews. this movie is worth renting. the actor Tom hardy plays a powerful role. i love how this movie was taken place during the cold war.

Janie Jae 2015-05-22
This film was marketed as a mystery but it isn't. It's an exposure of authoritarianism by exploring the right most people have never considered losing: the right to prosecute murder. The other side of the story is the relationship between the two leads who very effectively navigate reconstructing a marriage between strangers. It is clumsy but well meaning.

Bake wicks 2015-05-20
This movie sucked